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  1. I'd make it rain so much so fast that I'd be muted for spam. The chat would be a non stop hail storm.
  2. It's bout to be wild. Chat moving so fast, rains flying every direction. Eddie just droppin coins like hail. Strippers, kegs, bottles, ain't no party like a stake party
  3. Glad to here but wish coinbase wouldn't lower my weekly rate lower and lower.
  4. I make it rain and chat a lot, I catch rains serveral times a day. Rainbot can smell leeches
  5. Rawci

    Stake slots.

    Would be sweet but I doubt it. Fingers crossed though
  6. Welcome bruh but get that tipping ish out here
  7. Welcome, care for a game of night crawlers? Watch out for the toe knife!
  8. Safe dice, ha now that would be something
  9. I'm absolute garbage at this, how dob you all so it?
  10. Rawci

    100x Dice

    100x is actually not that hard. It's my go too for high multiplyer on dice. 250x and of course 420x are my next best ones.
  11. Welcome brethren to the temple of Eddie
  12. Or better yet, what game could be revamped?
  13. Probably today. Hit 500x on dice twice within 5 minutes of each other. Each bet was 0.01 and 0.02
  14. Dice for the most part. Turned 0.01 ltc into .5 today in half an hour with some insane luck.
  15. Like anything about Trump I just ignore it and wait to see if anything happens. Doesn't sound like anything will