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  1. Rawci

    😴Crazy Dreams😴

    So there I was, it was 1775 and I was sitting in the saloon known as a Eddie's watering hole. My gang and I had a successful run in scamming local gambling halls and casino tents. They said we were crazy from who we were attempting to cheat from. The last person to try to scam Eddie von Riggs went missing and was never seen again. But this time was different we were professionals. After playing a long and making small bets we went for our chance to take them for everything they had. I had an ace up my sleeve and was ready to put it on the table. But to our surprise, Eddie von Riggs hit black jack 17 times in a row. We couldn't believe it, when we asked him if it was fair, he simply stated "provably". My crew and I screamed in protest, only to be told no caps and we were all silenced for an eternity.
  2. I use a phone for the sole reason I raged and spanked my laptop a little too hard and put the machine outa commission.
  3. All the perks of being a VIP are reason enough for me to keep playing here. When I'm broke and down an out outa no where comes a free promo with just enough for some food and smokes. Sometimes there a lifesaver
  4. Not the biggest fan of it. Haven't placed one sorts bet and don't plan on it. Seems to be the majority of it. Still waiting for the giveaways
  5. See here's what I do. I take the boost, I bust it. I take another boost, I bust that too. These are essential to the end result. After those 2 I head in over to keno, where I promptly bust that boost as well. Once 3 boost have been busted, I start cursing in chat. Than finally, I deposit 50k Sats. This method is guaranteed to net 50k Satoshi.
  6. Wow congratulations. Every single post you have ever made has been an absolute banger. The first thing I think of when I wake up is "I hope I didn't miss another whimsical post by my good friend SLFJ". Now what's next? 2000? 3000? Why stop there? I want you to quit your job and start posting on forum full time. No exceptions. If you want to be a forum hero than you must make the change to the forum lifestyle. Keep posting banger after banger of though provoking questions and I will continue to respond with incoherent rambling.
  7. Rawci

    Betting in 1 sentence.

    "be smart, don't be a retard" said by Eminem is his song guilty conscience.
  8. With the new button my phone will no longer change the simple phrase "rake" to "rape" right before I send the message. Is this a good thing? Depends on who you ask. Me personally, I found it hilarious. The cool down timer is lame, when I'm driving in my car going 85 down the highway, playing keno driving with my knees, I really don't have the time to wait after I keep busting.
  9. You see when you say profitable, it depends on what you consider profit. Profit in money? Maybe, but probably not, you might have more fun throwing quarters at cars on the freeway while you drive. Profitable in anger? Yeah, so much anger you'll be rish in no time. Profitable in skipping meals and late credit card payments? With out a doubt you'll see some nice profit from that. It really all depends on what kinda profit you are looking for. Me personally I don't play for profit, I play for the rish I get when I punch holes through my wall from busting money that I should not have gambled. It's exhilarating. So yeah, I'd recommend plinko.
  10. I hit 420 twice today while I was in court. Baliff told me to put it away, I just yelled bonzo and kept going
  11. It was hard for me until I thought up this trick. For every card, I simply think what "would Eddie want me to do?". This method works 100% of the time, 35% of the time
  12. Works 100% of the time 50% of the time
  13. I always say, I like my multiplyers like I like my women, huge
  14. I'm usually thinking about deez