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  1. I have a tattoo on my back 5 years already, it's a bird and a letter. I am a big fan of tattoos and tattooed people, and would like to get a couple more of those (not big ones though )
  2. I love all animals, I adore both dogs and cats. But I prefer cats since they tend to be calm on the contrary to dogs. I have my pet cat Matilda, who is the recent mother of 3 lil ones
  3. Traveling with friends is the best kind of journey. I have recently been on a trip to Spain with a bunch of friends and it was awesome! We have became even closer. I recommend it heartily!
  4. It is pretty satisfying to know that after all days of work comes the period when you can let your brain and soul rest. Obviously, you will chose the best possible and affordable solution. I love to travel around my homecountry when those vacations are shorter, but when it comes to the longer ones I am eager to visit some foreign country, preferably the one I haven't been to yet.
  5. Check this one out
  6. Here is a bit of good Serbian music, I have recently heard this song and I been listening to it constantly.
  7. One of the best TV shows I have seen recently- Money Heist or La Casa de Papel https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6468322/
  8. My favorite TV show is definitely the sitcom Friends. I have watched all of the episodes at least 20 times by now, and I can watch it 100 more times.
  9. I can listen to everything, but lately I have been surrounded by rock music, and I am loving it even more
  10. ''One flew over the cuckoo's nest'' is a movie which I had to watch for college, but I ended up being thrilled by it. For now it is my no1
  11. Aleksandra

    Favorite song?

    The favorite one for ever and ever
  12. I would recommend Greece, midland is great, but the islands are fantastic! Lefkada is a nature's wonder!
  13. I have been reading the complete works of William Shakespeare for the whole month now... He is really the greatest dramatist ever born. Thumbs up for Shaky!
  14. How come I see this now :D Good one!