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  1. I like to see high-roller tab to see who getting unexpected win with small amount. like 100x to 5.2m x with small bet amount. Even i m placing some bet for getting such huge multiplier win but still now i didn't got any big winning. Person who have big bank roll can be in high roller tab easily. but i like to see crazy multiplier where people with 100$ or more from 0.01-0.1 cent.
  2. Hi guys, I always prefer to play on keno - low risk. how many of u play keno on low risk mode. how much maximum loss streak u got in low risk mode. Recently i got unexpected 7 continue losses on keno - low risk (playing with 10 number selection) i busted around 50xrp i.e. my entire balance that time. (loss is ok as its not big one)
  3. I never got big winning like 100x or more as unexpected. My biggest unexpected win is 3.5x on keno and 3x on wheel. When i m playing keno with low risk i expected 1.10 or 1.20 win when i put my all 80 xrp in bet i got 3.5x. Another instance when i got 3x while i m using martingle on wheel medium mode and after continue losses of 5 i put all my balance in bet 23k doges i expected to recove loss of 11k doges but i got 3x and i won 46k doges. Hope i hit another good hit in near future.
  4. Martingale is bad strategy to use on gambling. bot always tracking ur strategy and it going to give u worst result specially if u using Martingale strategy. One time i got around 16 losses streak on 2x in first 20 bets as unexpected and i loose around 50k doges.(as unexpected) Currently i use martingale strategy very rarely.
  5. Yea, same thing was happen with me before 2 month with my old account. But hacker not enable 2fa hence i recovered my hacked account with forgot password option. I didn't loose any coins because i don't have coin that time in that account. but hacker made anonymous chats leads to my account muted permanently. and so i decided to make this new account. but still i m not using 2fa. I want sake to introduce mail verification for new IP login because i don't like to enable 2fa for all different website i m using. i have enabled 2fa to my mail id thats enough.
  6. how much reward we will received. How much time does it take to credit reward in wallet.
  7. I never prefer big bankroll. but sometime it really difficult to make good profit from rains amount. Even i m not able to accumulate rain. From last few day from day when i busted my 25k doges on 16th of August, Everyday start with 0. Then up around 2-3k doges. and End with 0. (Around 10k doges loss in 5-6 days) I make plan but greed want profit over planned and that result in bust.
  8. hahaha I always make small withdrawals like 100xrp - 200xrp. It happen with me some time but not as big as u told like 3000$. small gambler like me never expect big amount like 3000$ in any gambling session. it might possible in future when i have good amount . But clearly say i m always control myself so many time and make withdrawal if i win expected amount. last time i won 70k doges unexpectedly and my mind say now u have good balance and u can make it to 100k. but i stopped over there and first withdraw 60k doges and later continue my play. If we not going to stop gambling at particular interval it result in bust. on single day we can get good luck as well as bad luck. Entire Day is not lucky only small part of it lucky. one day i busted around 16k doges (i thought now its difficult to me to achieve same amount in next few day) but unfortunately i got tip of 10 xrp from friend and i made around 250xrp from them. this thing just happen within 15min of time.
  9. Hey guys, Plinko and keno is game for unexpected hits. so hitting 1000x is quite hard compare to other games like dice, Limbo, Crash etc. If someone want to hit 1000x i would give him tip to play on limbo or dice compare to keno and limbo. Keno and limbo is giving good result to some people and bad result to some people continuously. I never hit 1000x in plinko and 100x or more in keno till now. I like to play keno but never expect big hit like 10x or more and still not got any big hit. Hope keno give me big hit someday.
  10. Hi Guys, we all involved here in gambling as extra source of income. Because u all already involved in other work like job, business etc 1.How u all manage ur time for gambling ??? 2.How much time u spend on gambling daily ??? 3.what is ur prefer time of gambling Morning, Afternoon or evening ??? 4.What is ur prefer place of gambling Home, Office, cafe etc. ??? 5.What is ur prefer device for gambling Mobile or PC ??? 6.Do u like to gamble in from of family and Friends ???
  11. To play with bitcoin is always 1st choice of all gamblers. But as i m playing with more than 1 gambling websites i can't afford playing with bitcoin because of transaction fee of bitcoin is differs from 0.5$ to 5$ from different websites. So i preferably play with dogecoin which most preffered coin of all websites and even transaction fee is too small. Even dogecoin transaction speed is fast considerable to bitcoin. I would like to play with Stellar coin which still not available on stake.
  12. If we borrowing money for Gambling then probably its worst decision of our life. Even i had take some amount like 150$ in last year from friend for gambling. what happen i busted same. and worst time of my life started from that time. same thing continues till approx 1 year. i became down around 1000$ in one year. Later i realize i m doing gambling in wrong way . i m aware i can make money with gambling but we need to do this thing with proper plan, target and withdrawals in some intervals. From last 3 month i m doing well and get profit of 600$ using my plan. (250 $ in last week) Hope i continue earning with same plan for long time. Wish u all good gambling sessions.
  13. In My opinion, Yes we going to bust our balance if we going to play for long time. I already have such experience of bust after playing for long time like 30-40 min. Bot track out strategy and try to trap us to loose balance. so its my suggestion to play for small time sessions like 10-15 min and take rest of 30 min and play again.
  14. Hey buddy, Ur right , Keno and plinko are giving good result to some people and worst result to some peoples. I never try to play keno and plinko challenge because i aware that not going to give me profit. I never play challenge where we need to hunt 200x or more and any challenge on keno & plinko.
  15. As this is game mode like player vs dealer. there is 50-50 chance to win and hence 2x payout is correct. (1.5x is unexpected in case of Full house) Even winning with 4 of kind or 5 of kind is race situation were we can expect big payout like 2.5x or 3x etc. (like we getting 2.5x in blackjack) Hope stake will notice this and make some changes.