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  1. Yes there is so many new updates going from day to day. Its really nice job done by admin and developer to create most availed reckback button..
  2. Sometime happen thing which not expected. I never play with big bankroll. (always withdraw when having around 50$) In last week what happen to me i don't know. i got total around 200$ free money from coupons, giveaways and challenges. What i need to do is simple withdraw as i always do when i have bigger bankroll than 50$. but i try to my fortune and boom all money gone. all 200$ busted. After losing 200$ i released i need to happy with free 200$ not to try more at that time.(Greed leads to bust...)
  3. Yes.. Gambling is only single source of income for me. Gambling is my profession, business or job whatever u can called. I can't believe in fortune. i believe in plan. I m educated and doing job till last year. (but not happy with job so leave job) To Start business there is no capital. that time i getting involved in gambling... In start i face problem due to losses in gambling but i m happy with my last 4-5 month performance of gambling...
  4. I started gambling in june 2018. I were made big losses in initial stage when i started gambling. (made some deposit from pocket and busted it) From last 4 month i changed my strategy (never deposit from pocket) And see i have made good profit in last 4 month. ( ignore about profit one big thing is there is no loss if u never deposit) here is my profit June - 210$, July - 120$, Aug - 330$, Sept - 150$.(till half of sept month remaining) I really want to help others but i also have some debt life housing loan and some personal loan. This amount is help me to decrease
  5. I literally have worst experience with all in Bets. (its not bad it worst) I don't keep records of all bet but see 3 of them which i keep in my record... I never go for big multipliers All of below loss is on small multipliers like 1.25x, 1.03x, 1.01x respectively... (all in and boom) After these bets i scare to put all balance in 1 bet. LIMBO: 7,618,635,591 placed by StakePay on 03/08/2019 Wagered 7437.50000000 Multiplier 0x Profit -7437.50000000 MI
  6. I really don't like to talk much with peoples. so i met with 1-2 instance at time when i get some cool hits. (people still sending FR even it was not much big) i accepted few Friend request later i got why sending friend requests. And i removed them and ignored. Now i can't trust peeps other than 2-3 close friends on stake. I m not saying every one is bad but only saying everyone is not good enough to be my friend.
  7. I really like to play race. But last week i literally made big loss while playing race. I loose around 300$ which is more than my monthly target of 200$. Yea i got around 200$ free in last week but able to withdraw only 50$ and from 150$ i made 300$ and busted all. In race just to get 4-5 better position why we putting big bet. I know that is my bad luck and i recover some loss after that . But i m not gonna participate in race again. (no normal race and even megarace)
  8. Boost option is really nice. We all enjoy it for 3 Days. As it is only for gold and platinum user i really need to wait to till gold. I don't think i can reach gold rank even in entire year. Boost is really nice compare to Faucet. Faucet is just used by small users some of them just try to abuse them. In case of boost such thing is impossible.
  9. Don't know why people asking to think unrealistic. But bye the way. If i had only 1btc in wallet that could be from earning of gambling because i never deposit. and even not kept big balance more than 0.01btc with me in stake or in other wallet. I always cashout in bank and never deposit even profit. For me 1btc balance only possible when i hit 500-1000x in keno when i put some big bet like 10-50$. (till now there is no big hit when i play with 10-50$ bet in keno) other wise 1btc balance in just not possible for me. And i never use 1btc to gamble on stake even if i have 1btc i
  10. This Is really good to hear that Slots gonna launch soon. we seeing that coming soon from last 2months. We really excited to get early access as vip member.
  11. Nobody know when to stop. Its really unpredictable. but we need to stop from time to time to stop unpredictable loss. it might possible their may be good luck after we stop but as usual we need to keep in mind its Gambling. so don't be greedy be happy with small profit..
  12. Every one is excited to get free money. i also excited before the time of mega boost. but how amount is calculated i don't know. I think we are getting mega boost as extra reckback amount nothing else...
  13. Ohh its totally risky but also u r so lucky. and 1600xrp from 69 xrp is really nice. i take risk in last week but not lucky enough and busted like 200+ $. Don't know when to take risk and when not.
  14. This thing is already shared by eddie. but i still have doubt how much it working. I never tried this let me try this BJ strategy.
  15. Gambling is unpredictable. from last 3 months i making small losses but cashout small balance in certain time. current month i got so much free money from stake (coupon, boost) and from other websites also. (its around 200$ free money) 200$ is my monthly target i got freely in 1st week of september. but hell happen and i busted all of them. so we can't predict loss and even not able to control ourselves.(when we get some unexpected and still increase our expectation even after that.)
  16. Its totally crazy picture. it happen when screen goes on standby and cpu doing work on bg. but it really crazy to leave gambling in between rolls. Careless peeps with huge balance right???
  17. Rain is thing which beggers really want. so many peeps just came here to catch rain playing is never be their choice. i also doing same thing before 2-3 month. I really enjoyed same that time. Now i m focusing on earning through gambling and using chat less often to catch rains. I able to catch around 0.02btc rain in just 15 days in june 2019. (which is really remarkable) Nowadays i m not getting that much rain as i'm not active enough in chat to catch rain.
  18. Only some cases they ask for screenshot. In only such case i provide screenshot. I never provide screenshot in challenge where it not asked. As per me till now only in crash we need to provide screenshot because we can't pate bet id using insert bet id function...
  19. Blackjack is always bad for me. I never made profit with blackjack sessions. (win is not important, profit is important.) i also feel rigged while playing Plinko, Dimond poker.
  20. I really like to claim boost in last 3 days. but really busted all boost amount i claim in last 3 days.
  21. I never set target per session. i think i really need to set target per session because in last week i play like mad and busted around 300$ . I really need to set mindset. Hope i recover some in next few days.
  22. Overall i m in profit. because i never deposit. no deposit means no loss. But still made big losses (300$) in last week. (which i got like free money)
  23. BLACKJACK: 8,838,790,500 placed by StakePay on 12/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 BLACKJACK: 8,838,847,151 placed by StakePay on 12/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 BLACKJACK: 8,838,855,348 placed by StakePay on 12/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100
  24. Keno i always my favorite game. but as race is concerned i shifted to Limbo. so i played Limbo more compare to Keno. but i got more profit from keno only.
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