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  1. keno is good , you can play by your own choice unlike slots no scatters no win
  2. If you are VIP in stake does it mean you will have vip rewards in forum or it will be the same as normal players? Just wondering
  3. I prefer to claim it daily because not all the time you will be able to claim it sometimes you will miss so many hours because you are busy
  4. i don't have money at the moment . but i wanted to buy bitcoin because the market is really down
  5. It depends sometimes i withdraw from free money sometimes i bust too ,depends on your luck . When someone given me 10k satoshi i easily turn it to 300k by hittimg 500x in keno and it went to 0.05 and withdraw it . Sometimes if it is your day its you day if not then bust
  6. Sorry for your lose my dear , i also felt the same way sometimes luck is such when you really needed it but that time its no giving , i hope you will recover soon
  7. i prefer 1 mine its easy to play and you can get profit easily unlike 24 mines sometimes can't hit it in 50 rolls sometimes more and its not profiting at all
  8. Where do i see stake in 3 years.. maybe stake will turn to real life casino and will be the top casino gambler at all times
  9. That is the problem when your winning . You dont feel like to stop because you think its your lucky day but the thing is that you didnt realize that its not all the time you will be winning there will be times that you will lose all your winnings so you should try to stick into your goals and continue to have fun in the next day .