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  1. this is a okay update, cause we werent updated and it was silent and we got no bonuses which sucks :(. otherwise this may be a big difference to stake. we'll have to find out!
  2. sounds great, but it really isnt. you will lose eventually. the whole point eddie started a casino was to attract kinds of you and make you lose your money and get in deep addiction with stake. as someone said earlier. just gamble in your free time. or else its just not so worth it.
  3. i would choose btc, cause its the best currency to sell quickly and buy quickly to. to build up with doge or xrp is just nonsense. but thats what i think ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  4. i turned 30$ into 20k+$ in less than 48hrs. read it on my profile. i have a whole story on it. i took a very risky road to reach that.
  5. personally. eth and btc are good. ltc is just a side crypto currency just like any other sidecharacter in a movie
  6. i just think its about how we think when gambling. for me atleast. when im gambling i just turn into a new human being who just wants to have more and more money and the greed on top of that is cancer when betting high. anyways. a start i would reco is dice 1.5x win and roll over. and on loss 250 increase.really good strat. base bet should be 100000 divided by your bal
  7. i dont really think it has happened to me once but happened to my bud once who was betting very low like 100 sats eth and accidentaly pressed max and bust 100 usd on odds less that 0. if he won, that wouldve been dope but unfortunately no.
  8. i would say irena, she is really clever. helps you out the most and really just stands out from other mods. she should get a prize for being such a great and helpful mod.
  9. limbo, i dont really know why but i just seem to really suck at it, same goes for keno its basically cancer for my balance.
  10. People Got Different Opinions about this since everyone plays differently, as you said โ€people with bad internet is disadvantageousโ€ but not many stake players have bad internet. And i persobally dont think crash is advantageous or disadvantageous cause you dont know the result such as any other game at stake. Its all about luck. Thats why its caalled gambling.
  11. there is no real way to play "cras" with a strategy. its just a game to play when you are drunk and feeling lucky. you might win, or not. Who knows?! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜