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  1. i forgot i was in the league lmao!!!. and i randomized everything tooo! Good luck i guess
  2. As usual. Drop your stake username and tiwtch username in the comment section in having a chance to win Crypto!!! (must be following my channel)
  3. Im Looking to wager a ton, is there a way to wager a fuck ton and not lose that much or even profit?! If you do know please consider sharing it
  4. ITDex

    Funny mistake

    did the same thing on dice yesterday. i forgot i had hotkeys enabled. and i made accidental 0.05eth bet. and unfortunately lost....
  5. As usual. drop your twitch username (Must follow my channel) And your stake username for a chance to win Some Cypto!!
  6. Come Join guys. Will try to turn Low balance to High balance! Put your Twitch usernames below to participate in forum giveaway! Must be following my Channel!
  7. Soooo, what i do is usually wait till i win 4 times on 2x or lose 4 times. then bet on opposite side. every now and then i leave it to win or lose 5 times
  8. ITDex

    Let's see...

    This is actually the Goddamn expensive fireworks we bought and lit on fire. it was expensive but goddamn worth it
  9. Come join! Leave your usernames below to be picked as a winner for the giveaway which will be drawn on random . org Lets have some fun
  10. 1) i dont understand the question, but i suggest there were only dark mode? 2) Introduction of Crash game 3) Slots,Crash,Sports 4) For stake advertisements? 5. darko, uros, irena, marija, jovan 6. 2,3,1 7. Happy new year everybody! Luck is slowly appearing to y'all, hope you all have an amazing year not only on stake but irl
  11. Just try to go for High payouts, it is very rare that the same card shows up twice or 3 times, but if it does, youd wish you picked the highest payout, happened to me once Lesson : never lowball HI-LO
  12. Dice has by far catched my attention, the Multiplier is enourmous, i usually lose my strat which is called "lose 5 times or win 5 time" which is based on where you either win 5 times or lose 5 times and then bet 1/8 of you bal on the opposite side, if you lose, then bet 1/8 again then bet 1/2 and if you bust rip, but it has 35x my bankrol from 0.0001 to 0.0035. so i tought id share it with you guys
  13. Lose streak fucking you up then later backfiring in allin, THE sensation is legendary and fucking epic