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  1. People Got Different Opinions about this since everyone plays differently, as you said ”people with bad internet is disadvantageous” but not many stake players have bad internet. And i persobally dont think crash is advantageous or disadvantageous cause you dont know the result such as any other game at stake. Its all about luck. Thats why its caalled gambling.
  2. there is no real way to play "cras" with a strategy. its just a game to play when you are drunk and feeling lucky. you might win, or not. Who knows?! 😁😁😁
  3. i honestly dont know how i pulled it off cause as i said there were times i had to go all in and such. i used to play professional blackjack 2 years earlier and stopped with it since it kinda started to ruin my life. but hey 2 years later i make 20k of almost nothing
  4. yes i did xd, i just dont know how to see like bet made months ago. but im mostly known for turnin 30$ into 20k$
  5. as most of you may or may not know, i turned 30$ into 20.000$ within 2 days. and it was all thanks to blackjack. a game i hope we all can agree on is easy. now back to the story. when i first deposited my first 30$ into staek it was great and i did bets worth 1$ or more until i took it serious. my tactic's would usually be bet a 1/4of your balance and if you lose bet a 1/4 of your balance again and if you lose again , u go all in. now with this i made 100$ within the first hour and just keept on withdrawing and depositing until i made 0.1 btc i remember the fancy flames i had next to my name and the hype chat gave me. now i turned thoose 0.1 btc into 2btc by doing the same tactics and oh boy i went all in with 1btc and the dealer had a 10 and a card laid and i had 13, you guys might know the pressure had. soall i did was stand and guess what. the dealer hit a 23 BUst boii. i was so happy and withdrew everything. and day by day i lost all of it. anyways,. thisi a lesson never be too greedy
  6. this is not an introduction of new games coming to stake. only games i think would be great to have. 1. Coinflip (PvP Game). coinflip is a 50-50 game where a player can choose the amount to bet, for example. i put up a coinfligame a requires 0.1btc to join cause that the amount i wanna bet in a coinflip. now a player presses "accept bet" and a provably fair coin is flipped and the winner gets the amount of crypto that was agreed on betting for now 0.2btc. and making players being able to bet different crypto against different crypto would be great. for example i bet 1 btc so if someone would like to play with eth, it should be available. 2. Blackjack (With an irl host) a blackjack table with an irl host would be so much better not only entertaining. but more of a equal blackjck game. since AI has the capability of winning easily rather than a human. 3. Lottery A monthly/weekly lottery where the prize pool increase on every bet and tickets bought. you can earn tickets by wagerin, buying, bettting, and having a yearly lottery would be fantastic such as freebitco . in.they have a yearly lottery where you can win 200000Β€ in btc or a lambo. a great choice if you wanna attract more people.