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  1. you can always use an app like this ExchangeRates.Pro to check what prices are the best for you, what are the fastest payments, most reliable and ofcourse "Best sellers" This place (ExchangeRates.Pro) Gives you an choice to pick whatever website you'd like. you can even customize the categories the websites needs for your needs! I have tried this site out to buy giftcards for BTC once. the site really helped me find a reliable and good website. in this case paxful. You should check this site out its really good. in fact i found this site in this forum so i gotta give cred to the publisher, ofcourse ExchangeRates.Pro alone Goodluck on gambling y'all. Have a good day
  2. What is vip challenge?? Do you have to bet a certain amount, cause i have seen people not bet anything but yet getting the prize
  3. I made 20k$ From 15$ in stake It all started out with me trying stake.com out with 15$ all of a sudden tthis luck rushes into b lackjack and i get addicted, later i turned those 0.0015BTC to 2.4BTC. But the thing was i was gambling depressed at night and didnt really care much for how much i was gambling. my trip ended when i decided to depo 1BTC on primedice and fucked up. Then i got frustrated and fucking all'ined on stake.com and you can guess the rest. i fucked up. However goodluck everyone, i have used up all luck of my life. i cant even hit a 1.1x anymore lol. or maybe i just should'nt have had changed seed This was in July 2019. Rip 2.4BTC Here are the Withdrawals as you can see, it was a wild ride tho ngl, and my current self is still impressed at my past self.
  4. ITDex

    New Here

    Yooooooo! Glad to see a new person joining the community! Pro tips: Dont get carried away gambling TOO MUCH. Try joining megarace or casual races if you have the resources And be active and it shall pay off Otherwise best of luck from me and see you.
  5. Very nice website and good concept. i'd definitely use this website the next time i need to sell or buy crypto. thanks for sharing int here
  6. i have seen many strategies like this. and what can i say. these are one of the "100%" working strats untill you leave it alone just to bust you. Really do not recommend playing 10% as he said but to play 1% or 0.1%. this will essentialy become profitable if you play like i told you to but, 10% isnt just gonna work its my opinion still. i may be wrong please consider to correct me if im wrong
  7. BTC will definitaly continue to rise and hopefully more than 20k this year! BTC is still kind of a baby, after a few years it will be the most used currency. all we need to do is keep out btc and "multiply em on stake" Goodluck y'alll
  8. 12 bombs and 3 mines is a very good strategy! i'd recommend it very much if you are seeking to profit! but this can also make you lose alot since its 12 mines. whatever happens, best of luck man! goodluck
  9. im doing the same haha!, but then im thinking if i can have like a time machine and predict wins to become rich lmao
  10. I did not really understand much about client seeds and server seed. and i never really looked into it. thanks for makiing it clear tho