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  1. @Enzo Yeah, I thought that kind of a strategy might work. It's nice to see I'm not the only one
  2. @nattekut I am currently involved in some VR experiences. Doing an educational software regarding work safety like construction sites, locking and tagging dangerous equipment, what to do in a fire situation and similar... Sure, I'm definitely up for some ideas exchange. Is there a 'friends' thing here? I totally understand. However, these guys have proven to be legit. I am by no means trying to persuade anyone to use it. I'm merely starting a conversation - to see how other people 'breathe'
  3. I don't intend to make money from it, ofcourse. It's a source of LOW amounts of Satoshi to play on stake. The reason i'm mentioning HoneyMiner is precisely this minimum amount that is needed to withdraw. Think of it as a faucet. I let it run a few hours when I'm not using the computer, although I can do basically everything with the miner on. I have a game developer rig (since this is my job) and it can take quite a resource pull. Every few days, I have around 5k Satoshi to transfer. Keeps the game going The sites you mention are indeed crap, you need at least 30k sat to withdraw and usually you get 19sat per hour - the standard ROLL thing. It's not viable. I mine for two reasons: 1. Get miserable amounts of BTC, just for fun 2. Maintain the chain - I believe in crypto
  4. Haven't won anything significant to be able to spend it. Just joined yesterday, got the Crash reward on e-mail, managed to get it to 0,5 XRP, only to lose it all due to an input error in a Limbo auto-bet form
  5. Hey! I was wondering how you guys acquire crypto to play on Stake. I'm using HoneyMiner. It's been working pretty well for me so far. It's got a slightly lower mining output than other popular miners, like NiceHash (they usually mine cca 6000 sat/day). What separates HoneyMiner from the rest is the very low withdraw amount. Only 2.500 sat, unlike NiceHash where you need at least 0.001 BTC to withdraw to coinbase and 0.01 to other addressses. Not sure if this is allowed, please warn me if it isn't and I'll remove the link. If anyone is interested in trying out HoneyMiner (it's really dummy proof 😃) you might wanna hop in via my refferal link. You get a 1000 sat bonus https://honeyminer.com/referred/59klm
  6. Rawci, haha yes this indeed happens. I've seen crash multipliers go up to 300x, 200x and three times at 100x. All that in one day how long I've been around.
  7. I had a pretty good run by playing manually. I tried the Martingale method. Choose a starting bet and keep betting until I lose twice in a row. Then double the bet. Once I win, and got my lost bets back, reset. Sometimes, very rarely I let it go over x3 for just that little bit of extra profit. It's important to play with a small initial bet as the power of two can make quite a mess Speaking of mess, having doubled my coins quite fast on Crash, I took a blunder on Limbo All the way to 0 hehehe
  8. vlePa

    Virtual Reality

    I'm a game developer myself. Currently working on an educational software for Oculus Quest and Vive Focus. I got pretty intrigued by VR. I noticed even very simple physical interactions, like pressing buttons and throwing things, can be quite rewarding. Every vr set has an 'introduction game' that shows pretty stuff. Oculus Quest, in particular, has VERY rewarding radio-ontrolled zeppelin that you fly around with analogue sticks on the controllers. Pretty neat. I'm considering making a silly little space trader, an escape-velocity-like simulator, for the Quest. It would feature first person cockpit view, where you press buttons and navigate digital maps and a 3rd person view, where the camera is in space and you fly around a small spaceship (to collect minerals for example) like the said zeppelin.
  9. vlePa

    Noob arriving

    Thanks. Already joined discord. I'm not using Telegram, so will skip that one.
  10. vlePa

    Noob arriving

    Thanks. Glad to be here. The Universe is filled with energy, might as well use it
  11. Hello community! I just thought I'd drop by and say hi. No rhyme intended. I stumbled upon this site yesterday and thought I'd give it a try. Playing around and betting with crypto sounds fun. Stay well, hope we have some fun! Cheers!