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  1. My highest win was 11x on Keno. I am not really lucky at hitting high multipliers, but on the other side I do not like to hunt them. I'd rather bet on red/black on Roulette or something like that, just to have fun
  2. This issue is fully about your money management and self-control. I actually try not to play with more than 5% of my balance. If I bust it I just stop gambling for a couple of days. So next time when I come back I will have more chances to win (at least I believe in that xD)
  3. I tried this game a couple of times but I don't get it. I think that you should try all games on Stake and choose that you like and feel sure about. For me such games are Keno, Roulette, Mines and Crash
  4. If you play a long time you'll definitely lose. Good money management and knowing the point where to stop will save your balance. I would advice you not to play with all you have but use about 5% of your balance and not to hunt for jackpot, it's better to play safe and get profits not so fast but safer
  5. I mean Auto Pick option, it works quite good. Sometimes I manually re-pick a couple of numbers but all in all it is worth trying
  6. I used to try a lot of strategies on Roulette. Now I usually go there to double my profit quickly betting on black/red or odds/evens. For me it works perfect, as in long run on Roulette you start getting too much zeros which busts your balance
  7. Well, I think that playing Keno it's better not to get stuck to the same numbers. I usually change the number sequence after a couple of loses. Built-in random works perfect for that
  8. That would be great if there were possibility to create and save several custom presets of auto-betting for Dice. Sometimes when I change multiplier during the game I just forget to check all the parameters and make some bets before updating auto-bet settings
  9. ArmedRaccoon


    Martingale is the perfect way to lose your balance. On a loose streak you start betting too much to win too small bet. So if you like Martingale so much at least you have to combine it with another strategies
  10. I think that any strategy will bust you in a long run. So there is no point in auto-betting with any popular strategy. If you want to win you have to play yourself and analyze what you are doing during the game
  11. I think this feature could appear, but it should be able to turn off. So people with weak computers or those who like watching the game process could play as they've got used to
  12. If start to lose a lot, I quit the casino for that day, take a pause and come back later. It also works when I win rather large amount of money. I guess the point here is not to lose your mind and not to go all-in
  13. I think I will somehow split my balance for sport betting and gambling. Of course, it will depend on minimal bet on sports and sport events introduced for betting. Anyway, it will be great introduction and I will think of dealing with it when it will be introduced
  14. Mines is absolutely random, so you can only try to calculate the possibility of appearing of mine under the next cell. So "use the Force, Luke"
  15. To my mind faucets now are dead. They used to give something a couple of years ago, but now you have to put too much effort just to get a couple of satoshis