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  1. [Exchange] Stake ↔ Primedice Transfer

    Hi @Carollzinha, if I'd send you my 44k balance on the forum, would you exchange it for 30k on primedice? (not the forum but the site )
  2. Seeking 200k

    I'll send you right now
  3. Anyone taking any vacations in 2018?

    I'm planning to go this year in Japan, but I'm still a little afraid as it's my first trip out of the country and out of Europe too.
  4. I'm unveiling my latest strategy, only for you

    But do you multiply it or something? Will this work on a long run without any multiplier?..
  5. Add Loan command to stake chat

    Since I started loaning, I saw that many users lose their borrowed balance and need some extra loans in order to win back what they lost and be able to repay. Many would ask for the same lender in order to borrow a little more, but sometimes it's not that nice to ask again for a loan and would do it to another person. That's why it somehow makes paybacks be done harder. Also, this thing could be exploited and if let's say someone would want to hurt stake or it's members, they should only make a bot that would send the minimum amount to everyone and absolutely no one would be able to borrow until they pay back, but even if they do so, the bot would lend them back. The idea is somehow good but has to be developed a little more.
  6. bitcoin

    It's much harder to get rid of it and exchange it haha
  7. bitcoin

    1. By buying it. There are a few websites that sell bitcoin for money. Or you can buy it from people that already own bitcoin and want to sell it for money. 2. By mining it. Just google it, you'll find how you can mine it, what programs you need and if it is actually profitable for you to mine it. 3. By using faucets. There are sites that provide a few satoshis with every a few minutes/hours/days and you can withdraw them. The only down with this is that it takes pretty much and you have to be really patient until you withdraw. 4. By being active on stake. Stake rewards players for their post on forum, so you can get a few satoshis in here, which you'll be able to withdraw in future. Also at stake there are many trivias rewarded with satoshis and there are also moderators or even users that just give away their money after they were lucky or just want to help others too to grow. 5. Gambling. With this one you already have to have a few coins, so you can use them in gambling and you can try your luck to multiply your bitcoins. But be aware that many gamblers get greedy easily which gets them to lose even the small they had. 6. Giveaways. There are sites/streamers/forums/etc. that make giveaways pretty often and with amounts that are pretty large. 7. Challenges. On stake, there are a few challenges (like the blackjack challenge, where you must make a blackjack on stake, but it is done, so maybe next time) and these challenges are rewarded with coins on stake. 8. By working for it. There are a few sites that pay you with bitcoin. Some freelancing sites with a withdraw method with bitcoin. I guess that these are the main ways to get bitcoin...
  8. Blackjack Basic Strategy

    I looked only for the tables, the rest of it is my explaination of how to use it. ^^ I don't think you can actually find so detailed info anywhere..
  9. Blackjack Basic Strategy

    It's pretty similar to the one I've posted, but mine is a little more explained on how to use it so it won't be confusing:
  10. Trade Forum Stake Balance to Stake

    Use this link to send from mobile: https://forum.stake.com/index.php?app=points&module=points&controller=dashboard&do=send&curr=1&bank=0
  11. Stimubate Seeking 200K Loan

    I'll send you the coins. Good luck!
  12. Seeking loan 200k

    I'll send you right now.
  13. lolgato

    Hi, he owes me too, but he just has a problem and can't visit the site yet. I've lent him before and always paid on time, as soon as he'll be able to come back he will pay you and me back, don't worry. I don't know when he will solve his problems.
  14. Hi, I come back with another problem. Sraboni is another user that is very hard to reach and that postpones his payback date for more than 3 weeks already. This is the post where he asked for loan (2 days - 50k) Since then, I tried reaching her in private: And on stake: And now it's been more than the last week she asked for and she hasn't been online for 7 days... I hope this will be solved without any problem and sorry that I had to post this but it's been already pretty much and from her replies, I don't really have any guarantee she'll come back.
  15. I've sent you the coins on stake too.