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  1. skywallkee

    [Lending] True Finance

    Sent back + feedback
  2. skywallkee

    [Lending] True Finance

    Username: skywallkee Amount: 100k Return Date: 24h
  3. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

  4. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    Hello stakers! I've restarted the lending service with something new! From now on, I'll be lending BTC AND ETH up to .002 BTC and .02 ETH! - Must have a positive trader feedback - You shouldn't have any active lending! Any borrower that has an active loan from another lender will not be accepted - I don't offer loans in private on the site or in the forum, you can always ask me if I have funds to lend, but not ask for loan, every loan will be made in here - I won't provide extenstions anymore! If you borrow, then you have a depo incoming and you don't want to wait for it, so there aren't going to be extentions anymore - The max lending amount is .002 BTC and .02 ETH, any request higher than this one will not be accepted - If you have a bad reputation between lenders, you will also not be accepted - The max payback time should be 5 days. In case of any problem, it can be extended for a period, but after 14 days a report is going to be made - The interest rate for all borrows is 10% - You must communicate! This is the most important, the communication between borrower and lender! Let me know if you have problems and we'll figure out a solution - I will not provide more than two loans for each coin at a time! In order to make a borrow request, please mention the following: your stake username, the amount you want to borrow and the payback time. Current borrowers: BTC: ( NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW ) Christy - .005 ETH: ( NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOW ) arteemosh - .02 Christy - .02
  5. skywallkee

    [Exchange] 0.00033 BTC to 0.003 ETH

    Hi! Sorry, not available anymore. I've already managed to move all the BTC I had to ETH. @maverick528 please close this topic
  6. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short/Long Term Loans with small interest!

    Received! Don't worry, it was a pleasure @maverick528 please close this topic. The offer isn't available right now.
  7. Still offering small loans? :)

    1. skywallkee


      Yes, just make a post in my topic :D

  8. skywallkee

    [Exchange] 0.00033 BTC to 0.003 ETH

    Yes! I would like to
  9. skywallkee

    [Exchange] 0.00033 BTC to 0.003 ETH

    Not really I don't think it's even worth it or even possible. I just want to try the site on ETH too ^^ // edit Just saw the min is .002 ETH, but just so we can be clear, that's not the reason at all
  10. skywallkee

    [Exchange] 0.00033 BTC to 0.003 ETH

    Hi! As the title says, I'd like to exchange 0.00033 BTC to 0.003 ETH on Stake.