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  1. As far as I know, Moderators don't benefit from bonuses or things that can put Stake at their favor. I don't know which Admin said, but it was mentioned that Moderators are doing the job here voluntarily and they aren't getting paid for it (might be wrong, or things might've changed) so they aren't getting anything than the "power" and the ability to keep Stake a safe and nice place to play. It is not professional, I actually find it professional. Think of it like this, if you're an employee at Nike, is it unprofessional to buy Nikes? Not really. (you might say it's not the same thing here, but it actually is very similar)
  2. No matter what kind of bankroll you have, after those 500 bets I mentioned this strategy "can last" you'll start losing as it won't give you any kind of recovery method. And as I said, trying any kind of strategy for 100x is simply a waste of time. Best use case of 100x is just doing it for fun. My recommendations for some strategy would be anywhere around 1x-10x, anything more is simply not worth trying a strategy and can be proved easily with some probability calculations. This next reply kind of proves what I said
  3. The "safest" way of this strategy is like this: 100 bets with starting bet of x (whatever amount you seem to fit) 50 bets of 2*x 33 bets of 3*x 25 bets of 4*x ... 2 bets of 50*x 1 bet of 51*x 1 bet of 52*x .... 1 bet of 100*x From this point, even if you win you'll be on - if you follow the strategy so you'd have to combine it with some sort of martingale or something from now on. But this strategy and any kind of strategy similar for 100x won't work at all in the long run. Maybe once or twice if you hit 100x, but not seeing 100x in 1000 bets ain't that uncommon. You have 0.0047% chance to lose 1000 times on 100x, which is as often as seeing 15 loses in a row on 2x (0.0035%). So if you have the money to do 100x, you'd better do 2x with these odds... It's simply not worth it. My strategy described above will give you about 500 "safe" bets. Combining it with something else... maybe you can hit 1000 "safe" bets that will grant you a recovery. But what's the point in doing that? It isn't logic investing in a strategy that surely won't work much or at all.
  4. I didn't really have any big win or something on stake as I'm more of a slow peaced bets, but during these two years, seeing stake improving so much regarding the UI, the speed and games, it is really a pleasure to call myself a member of stake 🍰
  5. I'd be happy even with 1 satoshi coupons. Really the amount isn't the one that is important but the fact that Stake actually gives us coupons we are allowed to withdraw if we have minimum necessary for withdraw. I know a few casino sites that give away lots of 100$ coupons, but require you making a 1000$ profit in order to win. Stake doesn't have such rules. It's just free money that you can stack and in the end you can actually make a bet and withdraw some FREE money. Of course it is Stake's birthday, but just think how many players stake has. It seems little for an individual when we see 1$ but 1$ times a few thousand already stacks up to 1 BTC. And besides those with 1$ there are also the VIPs ranks that gain even more, meaning Stake has to pay even more. Let's just be glad that Stake gives us something instead of nothing, as it is not something MUST do, but something that Stake WANTS to do. They could just save those thousands of dollars and live their lives out of our pockets without even caring, but at least they give us one more chance to gain something, to win big and drain their wallets
  6. Not that it was anyways very well on point, if you know what I mean... There's literally no excuse for banning crypto than the will of control over people and having the power to do with them whatever they wish. The lead of India still counts that indians won't make anything against it, but I won't be too surprised if there would be some kind of riot sooner or later, not because of cryptos necessarily, but because of other flaws in the system that gain a lot of hate among indan people.
  7. I'm not really the one to bet on normal sports as I don't watch them at all and don't know anything. On football I don't even know what an off-side is, so imagine if I'd actually bet anything on it. On basketball I know the rules and everything, but more than the teams of NBA 2016 game provides, I don't know anything about the teams, the lineups, the players, etc. Tennis is on the same spot, and so on. That's why I would really prefer esports to be implemented. At least if there would be CS:GO, then I'd love it and would make a lot of profit ^^ I don't want to look cool or something, but I pretty much always get it right when it comes to CS:GO matches. Very rarely I make mistakes when there are new teams, or the teams are just throwing. Other than that, I've got a 86.3% rate of successful made bets on a CS:GO betting site and I'm proud of it. So yeah, bring them esports bets so I can love stake even more ^^
  8. If you're talking about which system will bring you the most profit, then surely martingale is the best with that. Martingale or any kind of variation of it (1.5x, 5x, etc.). But surely, it will bring you some income now and running it for a few hundred/thousands bets you might encounter a red balance. Martingale is the best system, but it was designed for infinite balance. And as people have limited balance, it won't work no matter what. There will always be one bet that will end up your balance, even if you'd start with 1 satoshi and have 10000 BTC balance. Don't trust me? Try running 0.00000001 DOGE martingale with over 10-100 DOGE coins. You'd surely bust, not in the first bets, that's for sure, but in a few hundreds of thousands you surely will. If you want a system that will bring you balance but is also safe enough, then you should find a more complex system that is dynamic and will do bets based on probabilities, series, past learning, etc. Maybe with the development of an AI you could try doing a few million bets on stake, the AI will learn the patterns and will bet optimally for you to win as much as possible. But that's just a dream, as it is only luck and random things, it will surely end up busting as well as you would if you'd learn how to bet optimally. So just don't stick to strategies and systems. Go have fun and bet just for the seek of doing something you feel good about. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose and see profit as a bonus of the joy gambling brings you.
  9. This thing is more of a way the country will know who does and who doesn't own cryptos and charge them or even arrest them for not declaring their income. If one of those 10.000 will do something like notifying the state about their holdings, then they'll be doomed by taxes and fees and bad things. It is known that countries do want to gain more control over people and gaining control over cryptos can be one of those ways. Right now they can't do much, but as it is done in India, countries can simply ban cryptos and punish with years of jail for holding any, but they also launched a crypto on their own and encourage people using it so that they can have total control on their ownings. It is not fair at all and I don't think that there will be a winner with this thing, not the cryptos for sure, but nor the countries will benefit from fighting against crypto and crypto holders.
  10. Why don't you just use Stake? It has realllyyy low fees for BTC and also the other currencies as well. The minimum withdrawal fees are again, really small and you also have the option to keep all of the currencies you own in vault so you won't touch them for gambling, but instead stack them until you have a nice sum over there. What I'm always looking when I search for a wallet is: - security (2FA, mail notifications, etc.) - low fees to withdraw - low minimum withdraw amounts - bonuses (and let's be honest, stake's bonuses are really generous) - low fees to deposit (stake having 0 fees on deposit) - fast transactions (3 confirmations being what I'm aiming for, and stake does it great most of the times) Definitely I'd choose stake over any other wallet out there, even though it still is a casino and you might have the temptation to withdraw everything from vault and gamble, if you are strong enough with your will, then you surely can make stake a great wallet, which I am already doing and won't switch to any other wallet anytime soon, until stake is brought down by an asteroid hitting the servers.
  11. I don't really know what to say about this increase in the past few months. Bitcoin is kind of really high risk right now as it is targeted by many countries and many of them want to ban it, punishing people owning it, many countries are trying to make it's price more stable, so it won't fluctuate as much as it does right now and some countries even try to bring it's value down as they try to launch their own crypto and promote it and gain more control over the people. This is why I wouldn't bet on Bitcoin right now, I still own some just in case, but going back to $20k would be still a dream. We're half way through that price and we're still facing problems and lots of hops and downs. If India will really start punishing people for owning crypto, then I really see Bitcoin going waaay down, maybe worse than it was last year with the $4k value. I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin might reach a "minimum fall record" of under $1k with a drop from the current value, just because of the thing from India (as people will start underselling it with prices that will be waaay less than on market, and will influence it pretty hard as India has pretty many crypto owners). Just, don't put all your faith in it. Keep your eyes widely open and take care. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose, it's like gambling.
  12. Do you want to do some kind of partnership with the person willing to help you and will share the profit? If so, what you will contribute with, what he will contribute with? Or will you pay that person to build the website for you or do some part of it? You'd need to give more details for it. I am a web developer and I could've been interested, but with just an idea, I can leave it like that and see my own projects, you know? I'm not trying to be mean or something, but more details about what the "help" means to you would be awesome.
  13. You definitely can go accepting crypto currencies too, but only if you'd accept other ways also. Main reason being most people don't want to get into the crypto world, even if it's just one button away to click send and the exchanger will do the job for them, it's just the easiness to pay you cash or paypal or something they're familiar with. This way you can find some kind of balance, like be paid normally, with cash or bank or whatever you wish to be paid with, and also have SOME (but not most) income with crypto, and if the price rises, then hurray, you're a great man, if the price goes down, you'd still have what to buy a bread with.
  14. So far I've tried with: car, boat, train, bus and bike. From all of them, I do like trains a lot. They're cheap, fast enough, relaxing, I can work on my laptop on them and also can fill a compartment with my friends and do whatever we want without someone bothering us. These are the upsides of the train The downsides... well, in my country at least there are a lot of delays, even if it does end up in getting at the location in time, it still isn't as fast as other ways of traveling (as in here it goes with only 40-60 km/h) and the quality of the comfort is pretty much a luck (sometimes the power sockets won't work, the AC, the seats will be too close one to another making a sardines compartment and so on). But I think the upsides beat the downsides. When it comes to other ways of traveling, I did love the car for a while as it is really fast, you can go as fast as you wish (let's be legal though, might be cops on this forum), the comfort is way higher and again, you can do pretty much whatever you want. Though, if I'm not the driver, I'm getting pretty sick and will start feeling bad, same on the bus, reason why I hate traveling with a car when I'm not driving. And when I am driving, for long distances it can be pretty exhausting and I won't enjoy the travel as much as I should. This is why the car won't be really my first pick, but surely after the train. I totally hate the bus, we are totally sardines in there, it also smells like that as many people don't know it is not good to bring meat in a bus as it can be pretty warm in there and it will start smelling really bad, giving me sickness instantly and if I know who the granny with meat is, you should watch out, I won't be afraid of vomiting on you for breaking my trip. The boat is okay, you can have nice views, you can relax, again nice comfort, etc. But it's not really the most common way to travel as you won't go on seas that much. (or at least I don't 99.99% of the time) The bike is only good if you go for less than 100 km as more can be exhausting and again, won't be as good as with other ways of traveling. Resume: trains.
  15. skywallkee

    Crash? Or Limbo?

    I'd go for Crash more. It brings up memories of old CS:GO betting sites and it is also nice enough. You can sort of compete with others and see who can last longer on Crash without crashing or things like that. It can be really nice if you have someone to laugh with and also adds some peace in your mind when you're thinking that even if you lost, others lost too, so it can't be unfair in any way. If someone in a round won and you didn't, then surely you aren't the one aimed by the "unfairness". When it comes to Limbo, it might be better if you want something faster. When Crash was for single player, the biggest issue was that rounds could take a few good seconds, like over 10 seconds with ease. Now you can play Crash that is slower indeed, but at least it is multiplayer and you can have that "tension" but there's also Limbo if you want something faster.