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  1. Eye Tattoo

    I've seen only one in front of me with a red tattoo. I don't know about those who like them, but I don't find it aesthetic nor professional. I don't find a purpose for tattoos at all actually. They were used in the far past by tribes in order to mark their people so they would recognise themself or for haunting in order to get a better camouflage. But what is the purpose now? Or at least, if you really want a tattoo, get something that means something to you, right? I mean, what does those lines and doodles mean? I don't know.. maybe it's just my old mind that thinks tattoos aren't okay.
  2. Sraboni not done yet

    Hi, I just wanted to "reopen" the problem discussed here: As I haven't received the coins yet. I've responded to her private message and offered her an amount of 150k payback (50k was the amount borrowed plus 100k to pay back). I just wanted to let you know the state of the loan.
  3. strat

    For 1 sat bet, you'll need at least 0.7 BTC so you'll be able to cover 25 loses in a row (which is not that rare)
  4. strat

    It is known that martingale will let you without money no matter what. You'll experience so many lose streaks you don't even imagine. If you're using it, just stop before it eats all your balance..
  5. I'm invisible... since now.

    This issue has already been reported. All you can do, is try to clear your browser's cache or try it on another browser. If it doesn't work, then you'll have to wait for the developers to fix this...
  6. [Seeking] .0005 to .001

    I've sent it
  7. Death Note

    I guess that I would do the same thing as Light, but even better. He made a lot of mistakes I wouldn't do...
  8. Dice- auto or manual ? post your preference here..

    Well, you can't say that manual has fewer chances to lose all you've got than auto. In the end, auto makes exactly what you would do with the manual, but it is... automatic and faster. That's the only difference. The thing that makes you think it has fewer chances to lose is because, with automatic, you'd make 1000 bets in less than 20 minutes, while in manual mode in an hour and if you'd have to bust at 1000 bets, then you'd think that auto bet is riskier as it got you busted in 20 minutes, but manual mode in 60. But the only difference is the time because the strategy is the same, the number of bets is the same...
  9. Bitconnect - Best investment program

    You shouldn't. It's outdated and Bitconnect just went down and is going to die soon.
  10. [Warning] Torcash is a scam

    Well, at least you found out the source of the problems. I saw your posts when your accounts have been hijacked. Maybe from now on, you'll be more cautious before installing and running things on your pc.
  11. i lost money at bitconnect

    I actually won with bitconnect and I didn't lose any. I knew that it is going to fail big because everyone expected way too much from it. That's why I invested in it for a short period of time, back when it was ~10 dollars (on May this year) and withdrew it on August when it was ~120 dollars (12x profit).
  12. Which pet is better, Cats or Dogs?

    Always dogs! I love and respect them and I can't really support cats.
  13. Even if it was back in 2008 when BTC was still at its beginning, I don't really think that it is a reason to think that the creator wouldn't use a pseudonym as he did something new and he didn't want to really expose himself. The paper is also pretty informative, I guess that anyone that wants to know a little more about BTC (or is just a beginner and want to know what BTC actually is) should start with this
  14. ISO 100K loan

    I'll do it sending the coins right now
  15. As a programmer, I'd make a "Programmer Coin" (PGC) which would be earned by coding for certain tasks.