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  1. mutation { sportBet( amount: 0 currency: btc oddsChange: any outcomeIds: ["7600ed57-eaf9-4b99-9640-d1d0f047dd07"] ) { id } } This should do the trick. It is not expecting any quotes, directly the value (same with oddsChange to any)
  2. No, it is not "changing", but rather you're given another one. While the new one is used, you can also use the old one too. A guess of mine is that it is an encryption and whenever taking the token Stake decrypts it and finds out for which user it is and what are the permissions it has. I'm not very sure though for how long one token is actually valid. In case you want the jwt token from browser, you can find it here for Chrome: Also for Firefox:
  3. skywallkee I don't really play slots nor like any favourite, but if I were to pick one that I'd play I'd say it is Pragmatic Play (which Stake currently doesn't have), or Relax Gaming (if I'd choose from one Stake has).
  4. By pressing this link doesn't change it? It might help.
  5. I've been a member of Stake for almost 3 years now and all I can say are words of good about Stake. Starting from their really trusted games, to the way they do hear and care what the community actually wants. A proof of that is simply the fact that no matter at what time of the day and which day of the year, Stake has 24/7 at least one (but I've always seen 3 online avatars, never less) support member online in support chat that will always be kind with you and treat you not only with friendship but with some level of gratitude for playing on Stake. Besides the awesome and fast support, their always asking community's opinion on every single change, so that they'll know what way Stake should head to and correct what they're doing wrong. Also, one last thing I MUST mention (could say more, but it's already a long post) is that the Administrators are really involved in the community. And when I say really involved I actually mean they are part of the community. On many other forums/sites the Administrators are just those figures that stay in the dark and watch over their profit, but on Stake they're involved in connecting to people. If on other communities the Admins barely know their mods' names, in here if you ask an Admin not only will know the Staff they lead, but will actually know to tell you about some normal members of Stake. There'd be so much more to tell about how well Stake is treating their users, but I'm sure that anyone that's been here for a little has already noticed that what I've said isn't even the tip of the iceberg.
  6. Depends on which game you play. If you play on something like Dice, then the bet doesn't depend on your connection at all, the bet will just be made. If you'll play Mines, then if you loose connection and refresh the page the game will just recover the state it was in before the refresh, without altering the game at all. But if you play Limbo/Crash, then you might be in trouble as the moment you click Check Out might not be the same moment the Server receives the Check Out request and you might miss it and loose money. I'm not entirely sure about the autobet though, I believe that it will just stop if the server looses connection from you.
  7. Hi, I'd like to suggest a thing that came alongside another post made on the forum regarding posts with a poor quality but high quantity. The suggestion would be a post quality counter. Something that would have a formula close to the one "Forum reward" had. To elaborate it a little, this will be a score based on how many posts a user has and also what is the quality of these posts. Just for the sake of the example, let's assume that the counter will be on a scale from -10 to 10. Each user will begin with a neutral score of 0. Now let's take two users: User 1: has 10 posts, but all made in Off-Topic/Welcome categories or are monosyllabic/really short posts in any other category. This user should have a negative score, around -1 or -2. User 2: has 10 posts, but all of them have been pretty long posts, even topics started, had images and also has some tutorials here and there. This user should have a positive score, again, between 1 and 2. Now if User 1 continues spamming, at 100 trash posts, he'd have let's say -5/-6 score, and on the other side User 2 would go up to 3/4 score in the same post count. User 1 might decide that he wants to make a really good post, something that would have an impact on the community. Well, that one post should actually not bring him that much of a score, setting him higher with only 0.1 let's say. But on the other side, User 2 got bored and did a "Yes" post. This should affect his score more, lowering it by 0.2 let's say. This way, it would be harder to get a higher score, but easier to get a lower score. Why should this be implemented? Well, mods can check out low scored accounts and be able to hammer them and also this score can be a better criteria for joining giveaways than the post count as it reflects how much the user is involved in the community rather than how many useless posts they can make in a short amount of time without getting caught. I know this might be a little tricky to implement, but I strongly believe that it should have a really good impact on the quality of the posts and how users behave on forum. Hopefully this might at least give the devs a better idea than mine to make the community a better place
  8. Those requirements aren't made just because the staff wants more posts on the forum, but rather from 10 and 250 posts they can actually see what type of user you are for the platform. In 10 posts, if a user posts only one-word spam but is willing to join a giveaway, then be sure they will have a really low to 0 change of winning. Also, for the 250 giveaway, if in 250 posts you managed to get a lot of warnings, posted only in off-topic area or even only at giveaways, then again, your chance of not being counted can be pretty high. Those requirements also are there to slow down users from making new accounts in order to gain winning advantage. I'm sorry if I'm being rude, but just take a look here: You've got 11 posts, from which 1 is on a giveaway (so it won't count). From 10 posts, the one from this topic is the most elaborate and actually has something to offer (not much, but something) from all of your posts. If 9/10 posts are simply spam and (sorry again) trash, then why shouldn't pug choose you as an example? He's not trying to get you banned, you're doing more than enough to do so, but rather he's trying to get your attention in rectifying your posting and giving you as a bad example to others. Don't get offended by pug choosing you, I bet you were just a random pick of a user with low post count and high spam/post count rate. I understand that you want to get that lower post count, but try doing it with some contribution to the forum. Have posts with at least a subject, a verb and some complements, maybe some adjectives too if possible. If you can even make more than a sentence or even a few phrases, then that starts becoming a good post. Have a few paragraphs and you're on the very good part of the "quality tracker". Add some images to display visually what you mean and you just hit the ceiling.
  9. I totally agree with what you've mentioned, but besides that I would like to add that whenever encountering some sort of post like that, you should definitely report it immediately and a moderator will take that into consideration faster. Sometimes mods won't be able to see each and every post that is being made on the forum, reason why we should help them and report what we think is not right and they will take the decision and delete the posts/ban the accounts if it is really against the rules. In case some don't know how to report, in the top-right of the post/topic there is a "Report post" button, which you can press on and will lead to a modal window where you can also put a reason for the report. Filling in the reason is also really helpful for them so the mods will know what they're looking at. Here's a screenshot of how you can do it: These types of posts are inevitable as many people would like to take advantage of the perks of having more posts (giveaways, challenges, etc.), but I think that if we will do our "job" and report each post, the community will become healthier. Especially if people will be "afraid" of posting something inappropriate.
  10. skywallkee Good luck with your stream! red
  11. You couldn't do anything with it anyways. You can't earn any anymore and it should be deleted from the accounts anytime soon.
  12. I actually like the new design, it looks pretty nice and makes it much easier to get from one point of the site to another, which is actually pretty nice. One thing that I am missing is the button to Forum from Account menu I want that back I had to go all the way down to the bottom of the page for the Forum link, it was nice having it up and easy to access Besides that, it might look a little overwhelming as there are 2 sidebars (one left and one right) plus some extra buttons (the search, account, sidebar and the left hamburger menu), but it has a pretty smooth learning curve, once you find out where everything is, it's kind of easy to operate. So far, I haven't found anything not to work as expected, I'm running Windows 10 with Firefox 78.0.2 in case it helps.
  13. I'm actually going to be the "exception" for this challenge. So far, I haven't had any kind of regrets of any kind. The reason for that is I am always doing what I feel is the best at that exact moment. I'd say it's pointless having regrets when you're living this way. Regrets might come when there is something that you should definitely do and is absolutely obvious, but you aren't doing for some reason. Well, I choose to not have regrets, not get mad and live happily. As some of my colleagues use to say, "I've got no idea how you can keep being so positive after so much shit going on". And it's true, even if something bothers me, I've got this "skill" for which I am actually proud of, and that is the ability to keep being positive and not let myself to be affected by what happens around me. Of course, I have my limits, but I'd say that if someone manages to make me angry/sad, then that person is a walking devil. Might say that I might regret it somehow that I wasted a few years in a really toxic relationship with a girl that definitely took advantage of me, but I also don't regret it as again, at that moment I felt good thinking I've got someone besides me that loves me and I can count on, reason why I'm looking forward as opportunities much better can come, past experiences allowing me to "filter" better from now on. I wish everyone here can go over their regrets and understand that life really goes on and much better is yet to come.
  14. skywallkee Good luck Green
  15. If you shoot the animal, it wouldn't be effective for 2 reasons: the virus would still be alive, even with the host dead, so it can spread to other animals too; second, the virus might have already been spread to other animals, so you'd have to kill more than one animal. As for the one who is the patient zero, even if you'd kill him before getting the virus, thinking that it would actually stop it from starting, you'd only delay the appearance of the virus. The patient zero just had the luck to be the one first infected, it doesn't mean there aren't others that didn't actually get in contact with the virus in the same time or through the same methods. I'd say you'd better go a few years into the future and bring the cure to the present