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  1. Hey guys! I'm skywallkee with another race stream today! If you want to join the race, check out https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee You are welcome on my channel to see me climbing up the leaderboards, listen some great music you request (!sr) and also do some giveaways! https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee Unfortunately my camera decided not to focus today at all so this stream will be cameraless.
  2. Hey guys! I'll be doing a race stream today! Hope you're all around and up for a new day of races! If you'd like to join the race, follow up the link: https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee You can also watch me streaming on https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee
  3. I honestly don't chat that much. Almost never... I'd like to as there are many funny guys in chat, but simply I do not know how to get involved in the discussions so I just watch it by myself without much talking.
  4. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another stream on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee If you'd like to join me, let's play together in the upcoming race! The prize for the current race is $2500 so be sure to join! You can check me out in here: https://twitch.tv/skywallkee
  5. With pleasure, always here to support Stake and make people come I tried making a review as detailed as possible so people will have reasons to come in here just as I do.
  6. Congrats @Himiko for winning the forum giveaway
  7. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another stream on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee :D Today we're doing a race, we'll try to bet high and reach a good position in the leaderboards. If you want to hang out with me while doing so, you can do it here: https://twitch.tv/skywallkee
  8. These numbers aren't really a reason to be surprised or something. It is simply the value of those coins that is way lower than the usd. If you look out for 1$ to VEF for example, you'll see that it is 248487.64 VEF. Multiply that by 8000 and you'll get a BTC. Even if the number is big, the value is actually the same as in any other currency. Of course, in that country it might be a lot, but that only because of that country's economics.
  9. Instead of removing it, rather try making it this way: create a pop up where it is written in BIG RED that you should never give your user and password no matter what as no admin/contest/etc will need and ask for it. And when it comes to links, if people fall for it then it can't be stake's fault. There already is one warning that the link is leading to another website. I do have positive experience with private messages, it's the best way to reach someone. If they aren't online, instead of writing in chat @username @username @username from 5 to 5 minutes to check if they can see that message, you could just leave the message to that person in private and he'll respond as soon as he's online, getting a notification that you actually searched them. Also, one more thing the private message is good for is preventing spam and unwanted discussions on chat. On chat we're on "public domain" so we can't say absolutely anything we want, but in private we can say whatever crosses our minds. That's a good thing, letting us have freedom at least in one place. Of course that freedom can cause problems, but it would be more troublesome without that freedom than with it. One more thing would be the spam regarding the bot. We already had a lot of spam with crypto conversion, imagine putting it back. And as a last thing, people that are falling in private surely will fall for scams in other ways too. Scammers can try and reach them out through telegram and still scam them as before, or through forum private messages or any other way. It just happens, on every large community there are people that are trying to profit out of it and also people that will fall for those bad people.
  10. HILO: 5,885,544,722 placed by skywallkee on 28/05/2019 Wagered 9.65891733 Multiplier 5.7710700035095215x Profit 46.08333447
  11. Hey guys! I'm going live right now on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee so make sure to come and join me playing some challenges, listening to music and also the giveaways made every 5-7 minutes! Waiting for you in here https://twitch.tv/skywallkee!
  12. As any new currency in the world, you can't expect that as soon as it is created and implemented every single place is going to also accept it. Yes, it is a currency and yes, you can buy things with it. The problem isn't that you CAN'T but rather markets don't accept it yet and also countries don't accept it yet. Let me give you an example. In here, in Romania, 30 years ago we had ROL as a currency. In 1995ish a new coin appeared, RON. Until 2002-2004 absolutely nobody used RON and just in 2007 people actually moved on to RON and started paying with it and it is 2019 and we still tend to say 10.000 ROL instead of 1 RON (value rate being 1:10000) as we were used to them. If this is an official coin of a country and it toom over 10 years for people to accept it, how much do you think it will pass until BTC will be accepted as an actual currency? Especially because of the fluctuation and slow transactions and fees and all other pluses and minuses. For now, BTC is only a way to make money by trading, mining, etc. not a way to buy things. (but also, you can buy things online with it, many online shops actually accept BTC)
  13. Yes, but only on forum, not on stake. Sometimes even with one tab my browser would freeze (I tried Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu). If I open 2 tabs or even 3 then the whole computer 100% will get stuck and will have to force shut it down from the button or it will not continue working at all. I tried it on windows too, but I don't have this problem at all.
  14. Well, they don't need to know which one your wallet is, but only know when you make a withdraw. If you supply your bank account with 500$ from a source that contains the keyword Bitcoin/Crypto/etc. then it's for clear where that money comes from. Anyways, if you do not report your incomes then you're breaking the law, which in here in Romania is punished with 2 to 6 years of jail (if the sum is big enough it can go up to 15). That's why you'd better report the income and pay that 10% rather than letting them find out in any way and after that do jail time.
  15. But if you buy Bitcoin from 2019 and forward, then yes, in Romania you'd have to pay for holding it 10% yearly of the profit done through BTC's rise. It is yet not very clear how we're supposed to deal with this, but I'm a little afraid of the laws that are coming from now on. 10% as how it was said above, is a lot.