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  1. The question is a little vague, how would the casino take the money without the documented evidence? Like simply removing some money from your account's balance? If so, then in theory yes, they should return it to you, but you'd also have to prove that they actually took money from you (history of deposits/withdrawals, calculating all your bets to the last one and in the end checking if they actually stole from you or not). Unless you document every single bet/deposit/withdraw you make, the casino is in huge advantage. Especially for online casinos, entries in the database can easily be made up in their favor if they really want to (reason why you should always play on trusted online casinos). But now your question is lacking some details to actually know what you mean and give a true response to that.
  2. I'm not sure why you're getting the false response, but I've checked it myself on the same website you've done it and it displays true for me, and if I check it on Stake it seems to be the right output. I suggest trying again, or someone else trying too, maybe one of us did it wrong. I'll leave here the data, as I had to copy write it by hand from the video, so others might not have the patience to do so: Client seed: 9e6cc206625fa0ed Server seed: a69eb6bcf7d33f78138699874a4d5f7016a4c648deca14f966cb3408e3bf812e Server hash: 0dc6a81a14947bce7fb41a68f9ef388ab5e6d06c1c13319ea78c0c7c27d5e3db Nonce: 42422 Also, there is one tool on the forum that does all the verifying by itself (some browser addon), which might come in handy if you want to check every single bet you make I suggest trying again, there might've been some problem when you did it the first time, but don't rush as it's a serious accusation.
  3. I'm here since October 2017, which isn't that much after the release of Stake actually It's been 4 nice years that I enjoyed watching Stake evolve so much, it was nothing compared to what it's now. I'll still be missing the old leveling with background and avatar features, but other than that it's just been better and better Overall I enjoyed my stay on Stake, even if now I'm not as active as before, I still spam check the forum every few hours to see what's going on around here
  4. I'm not really sure how you've got the script as I've taken it down from drive. If you have it since before me taking it down, you can at least tell me what happens for it to not work (any error, message, anything). I can't seem to find the Stake API Help thread to redirect you there (might've been taken down). So your best chance is to use any other tool that does the same (there was some site made by a user of Primedice a while ago, I don't know if it's still up, but you can search for it)
  5. Recently this year I got a new job which I applied being certain I won't get in but tried my luck and it turned out that I got in. It turned out to be the best "mistake" to ever make, it's my dreamjob, really good payment, benefits, the stress level is just a little above 0, the colleagues are just awesome people that I even connected with and made friends out of it and I can finally sustain myself from my job income and even have much more than I wanted on the side. Taking what already happened, now I'm making plans on getting a car in the next few months for which I dreamed of getting in the next few years but as I got this job I can now afford it in a matter of months. And after getting the car I'm even considering on leaving the current rent for buying an apartment/house to move in either this year or the ones to follow. My last wish for this year is to use my extra funds to help my parents with their problems that have been struggling with in the past few years as a support for them carrying me through University, which wasn't easy for them at all. Oh and one wish of mine that will probably happen next year, but with some luck it can be this year too, I'd like to go once more in a trip to Japan with my sister and a few friends of ours. I'm saying with some luck as this is a little out of my hand with the current regulations that kind of interdict it, so I'd have to wait until better times come for that This pretty much sums up most of the things that I'm planning for this year and next one as well, basically starting my life
  6. So all I can see in your screenshots is you harassing the support team and demanding funds for your own fault of losing them. If you wish to get help, go on Stake's main page, down at the bottom where links are, in the "Support" column you'll find "Gamble Aware" hyperlink. I strongly recommend you using it. I'm serious, I really wish you'll get some help solve your issues (and I'm not talking about Stake), because you are addicted and it can be seen in the screenshots above. And I'm sorry to say it, but since when the "big boys" are the ones that wager more? It seems pretty iresponsible and totally opposite of a "big boy", but I'll take it Hopefully you'll have a chance to calm down, reflect over what happened, what has been said and how you reacted to it and correct it for the future.
  7. I don't really get what you're upset for, please bring arguments to your affirmations rather than threats of long lists of screenshots. What did the Stake Support Team do/didn't do that makes it so not satisfactory? As for my experience, they've always been highly available 24/7, always getting a response in less than 10 minutes (exagerating with 10 minutes, usually instant), were always kind, never said something that might cause any kind of conflict and were always prioritizing the problem to be solved. Not to mention that they're also building a closer connection to Stake through chat so besides them being the Support Team, they're also a part of the community. Now let me ask you this: how did you find out Stake's Support Team is so "shitty" in 1 month since you joined, and I didn't find any flaw in the Support Team for over 3 years that I've been here?
  8. This isn't like the "net worth" you're thinking of. Stake used to pay for every post you make on the forum, but that feature isn't a thing anymore for I think a year now.
  9. 7$ for 1k$ is actually pretty good. Flat betting would definitely not work, you'll end up losing way more than you currently are. Another strategy of "lasting longer" would be Fibonacci, but that's still going to eat up your balance after a while of playing. Even martingale can hold you for a while if you're lucky enough not to hit that long streak to kill your wallet. I don't really think there is some "set strategy" to wager a lot and lose as less as possible, as people are looking to win a lot and fast, not lose low and slow.
  10. I can't say I didn't like the first one, but thinking that it was in middle 2017, that design kind of was popular back then. As of now, with the "less is better" and "simpler is nicer" trend, Stake again fits perfectly with very clean design, easy to follow interface and buttons that are very well done. What I did say in the past and I'll always keep saying; the only thing I really miss the most from old Stake is the Achievement system with Gary avatars and backgrounds that you could choose from and the leveling system. Those were functionalities that I really miss.
  11. It only deposits to vault, so it has nothing to do with xrp's tag. You're not required anything additional on Stake to deposit to your balance
  12. In the first part, happy that I hit a 8 XRP x8 multiplier. If on overall profit, then even happier
  13. The last addiction that would replace any other casino website that I'm currently using is if they'd add some PvP games, such as Rock Paper Scissors, Coin Flip, Crash PvP, etc.
  14. skywallkee I don't really play slots nor like any favourite, but if I were to pick one that I'd play I'd say it is Pragmatic Play (which Stake currently doesn't have), or Relax Gaming (if I'd choose from one Stake has).
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