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  1. This topic has been debated and redebated hundreds of times. Countries will begin banning it one by one until it will be banned world wide for more reasons, beginning with inability to track every owner of it, to the impossibility to tax it in any way. Countries won't support something that they can't benefit out of, so they simply will ban it. BTC and cryptos are simply a threat to each countries economy, or at least for now.
  2. Actually, I liked it more with email confirmation too and I always said that it shouldn't be removed or we should be allowed to choose in the settings to enable/disable it. The reason is that this way I'd have more layers of protection when it comes to my account, firstly the protection to login to stake, then the 2FA from Vault and then the 2FA from mail and possibility to block any login request on my mail. This way it's theoretically impossible to withdraw from my vault without hacking Stake itself or my mail provider. Hope that in the future they'll add a option to enable/disable that feature.
  3. As far as I'm aware of, those are all the columns you can extract from the API. You can determine whether the bet was a win or not by checking the payout multiplier (I think, am not home now to actually check it, but I believe it is equal to amount multiplier if you won or 0/1 if you lost). A result column would actually be pointless if you can determine it from the columns themselves. But you can check it out, there might be a result column, as I said, I'm not home to check it myself.
  4. Okay so as a few of you (and maybe more) don't really know how to do it, I made you a little script in Python that works. Use with caution, as I didn't put any validators, so if you run it with wrong data, it won't affect your account in any way, but the script will simply crash. Here you can download the script: (I don't know for how long I will keep it on my drive, might be for a few days, or years, so take it now if you know you need it) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VK_MCk5jjhlYuhN0D8wlTpCTrOpTV7zD And some steps on how to use it: 1. You will need to install Python (if you don't have it already installed). If you have Windows 10, then you can simply go to the Microsoft Store, write Python and you can select any Python 3.7 or Python 3.8, as any of them will work with this script. On that page you'll press Get (it's Free so don't worry about anything, no matter the country), and then Install. NOTE: If you have another Windows than 10, then you might want to install it from here: https://www.python.org/downloads/ (and BE SURE to check Add to Path while installing and Install PIP otherwise it won't work at all). If you have Linux or Mac OS, then I'm pretty sure you might've had it already installed by default, if not, the link provided above works for you too. 2. If you finished/already had Python installed, then you will also need Python Requests to use it (as in order to communicate with Stake's API we need to make requests). You can do it like this: - Press the Start Menu - Write CMD and an app named "Command Prompt" will appear. Right click it and select "Run as Administrator" NOTE: For Linux/Mac OS you just have to open the Command Line, which you should pretty much be aware of how to do so - You'll see a black box, in which you'll have to write: pip install requests OR pip3 install requests (It might vary, but both should work if you have Python installed correctly) 3. Now you have Python and Python Requests installed, you can proceed in using the script. You can open it with any editor (notepad works too, it doesn't really matter) and you'll see the code which will look like this: The parts of code I have underlined are the only ones that you should modify (if you don't know what you're doing). The 50 underlined are the number of bets to extract from history. The first pair of quotes will take your Stake username (the platform, not the forum username), the second quotes is the game you want to get your bets from; I wrote in this post all the available games: The third pair of quotes is the name of the CSV file it will import the games to and the fourth pair is your token you get from Stake's Account Settings. If you have your account on public then you can also leave that pair blank. 4. After editing the file by your needs, now you can save it and run as following: Open the Command Prompt again (check out the instructions from above) and write: "cd PATH_TO_FILE" where PATH_TO_FILE is where it is located at. For me, it is on Desktop, so I'll write: "cd C:/Users/skywallkee/Desktop" (WITHOUT quotes). Now, you can write "python3 StakeBetsToCSV.py" (again, WITHOUT quotes). 5. After this step, you're done, you have all your past 500 bets saved in a CSV file which you can import on Google Spreadsheets. From now on, you'll only need to edit the Game name from the file and the number of bets you want to extract and then simply run the app. (meaning you only need to do from now on steps 3 and 4). If you have any questions, don't ask me. 😂 (I'm joking) Feel free to ask any question. I might not modify this code for your needs, you can do whatever you want with it from now on
  5. Yes, the limit is 500 and that might not be really difficult, what might be a little more difficult would be to try with the Bet Archive. You can either download them manually (which I don't really recommend, but everyone does what they think is the best), or you can try to write a script to download them all, and you'll have a few json files, which are really easy to read and further write in Google Spreadsheets. I don't think there is of any use the API Stake has if you want more than 500 bets.
  6. Yes, you can. I just posted how to do so a few posts above: If this is not the problem you're looking for, please describe it a little better as this command will give you the last 50 bets in your roulette history. As I remember, the limit is 500, for more you have to use the archive.
  7. I believe you don't actually know how often 31 in a row can mean then. The "odds checker" did his job allright.
  8. You know... A casino's job is to attract people and to make them stay as long as possible. If they would implement things that would be the opposite of it, then it wouldn't be a casino anymore. Vault is more than enough to help you manage your gambling needs. If not, then Stake has links to gambling addiction help at the bottom of the page and users should use that one too. I strongly believe that hoping a casino will help you retain yourself will only make you move to another casino, not actually help you in any other way. Even if a casino implements all the limits listed above, you still have a gambling addiction which needs to be fulfilled and how other than trying another website? Stake and any other company wouldn't make a move that is labeled as 100% in loss of their clients just because some of the clients think they know what they want, without actually thinking about it.
  9. Nah, it's just in everyone's mind. Stake is just the same. Noticing more complains? Maybe. But that's not because Stake actually did something to make you lose, but rather there are more people playing now, reason why there are also more complainers. Seems logical, right? If from 100 players, 60% will actually play and 25% of the ones that are playing will complain for a loose, that makes 15 people complaining. But if Stake launches a coupon, the playing number will be 80%, and complainers 25% of that, making it 20 people complaining. That's a 34% increase of complainers, which is A LOT when you think of it on a larger scale. I don't know why, but people are still having doubt when it comes to Stake's fairness. Just believe it. It is completely ILLEGAL to own a casino that can affect the real outcome of it's games and declare that everything is fair. I don't think that Stake actually wants to get banned in countries that don't allow unfair casinos. And those countries would begin with all USA, to EU (am convinced that a big part of Stake's player base comes from Asia, but still the other parts of the world aren't a negligible number).
  10. This might be because you're using the wrong API key. The one found in the account settings will only allow you to do bets (and I believe search history and so, but definitely not withdrawing). If you want to find the correct API key, Dan did a comment on how to do so here: That explanation works with Google Chrome, for Firefox, you might have to look it up a little on the internet (as I am a Firefox user and it was a little harder, reason why you could try just taking it off of Google Chrome even if you're a Firefox user).
  11. Oh, with those $25k I might be able to do a lot of things beginning from paying my student debt, buying myself a car, starting to build my own house or even just going in a trip in a country I haven't been before. But the first thing I surely might try would be to bet it all on a 1.1x multiplier and with those $2.5k I would give it away in a few rains, so the prize won't make only me happy, but others from this community too.
  12. As far as I know, if you have multiple accounts on Stake it is perfectly fine. What isn't okay is when you start using those accounts for "illegal" actions such as: ban/mute evasion, scamming, pretending to be someone else, false trading, etc. Pretty much anything that could harm in any way Stake's image and it's community members. But cases where you are allowed to have multiple accounts might be: creating bot accounts (such as DinaBot, as an example), fund holding accounts (even though with vault this isn't really a reason to have an account anymore), etc. So pretty much, if you have an alt and it isn't a bot or something purely harmless, then you shouldn't and I do believe they should be banned, unless good proof are provided (such as for the excuses of brother's/mother's/dog's account, accounts "made by mistake", etc.) And yeah. If you have an alt, just report yourself to the support team so they can ban that alt, and just use your main. Don't try to "bypass the system" as you'll eventually be caught even if you have your almighty tricks of "don't talk in chat", because every single register is logged in the database, every ip address is being kept and with 2-3 clicks all the ips that have more than one account can be found. It's a big don't if you're not with a good enough reason behind.
  13. This should help you with your problem: query{ user(name: "username here") { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0, game:roulette) { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier amount currency createdAt } } } } } You can replace roulette with any enum from the game list (dice, limbo, hilo, keno, mines, plinko, blackjack, roulette, slots, wheel, diamondPoker, baccarat, crash, videoPoker) You can also find this on the first post @Dan did, excepting the "filtering" part with the game (but it isn't really that hard to figure out).
  14. Yes, it is really useful when it comes to "cheating". Most real life casino actually see it as cheating reason why if they catch you doing it they'd simply ban you there. The only thing is that if you'd want to do it on any online casino, you won't ever be able to do so. The decks aren't like real life decks, they can be shuffled and manipulated, reason why counting won't work at all, no matter how good you are at doing so.
  15. Of course it can! And just to prove it (as a former professional eSports bettor), I tried the Stake's sports book and achieved this: 5 losing matches and 17 winning matches (~23% loss). This might be put to 9% if we consider the first bet made on the platform was lost due to me trying the platform and just betting something as a test and 2 of them me trying the feature of multi-bet again with just trying the feature. With 9% loss (91% win rate), I made a 5x profit on XRP (long story short, my approach is on different coins, won't really explain it how it works) and 5.6x profit on BTC. Good odds, right? Wrong. Due to the lack of important events in this period and even Stake not displaying all the events I'd like it to, the number of bets is way smaller than it should be and the loss is way bigger than it should be. On the site I used to bet (with accent of used to, as I said, I'm a former bettor), I managed to achieve this rating, 83424 bets with 82981 correct (~99.46% win rate). This just to prove my affirmation that small cases don't really show up real data. But the data might bring you two questions: "Why did I shop?" and "How to achieve that level?". For the first question: simply got bored of it and found it too time consuming and might be better (and it is) to focus on something else. And for the second one: it takes practice, a trained analytical mind and a lot of probabilities, statistics and a little machine learning (which were also made by a program I wrote for this purpose, as doing each calculation by hand might take a while and surely won't be as accurate as it got me). Basically, using all the data I have about two teams (recent activity in-game, practice time, overall statistics of each member, statistics on each map for both teams, analysis of last matches and streaks resulting in moral and willing to win/throw, etc.) you can determine if a bet is a safe bet and not a safe bet. As an example, you might think this game was put just to win, but rather was made with 98% confidence of winning: Why so confident on a match that has such big odds? Well, what I did know and Stake didn't was the following: Big is an old team with members that usually play hard the first matches in the bracket until they get a safe spot in the next phase, after that they just play casually, not giving all they got. And this was the match in the second part, where they already had granted an place in the next phase. Ok, but why these odds if everyone knew about that? Well, because, Big was much bigger than Hard Legion Esports (which was actually a REALLY new team, made by some Russians on 17th October 2019), meaning nobody believed a fresh team would actually be able to beat an old playing with experience team like Big. So most bettors went with Big. Well, just with this information, I might've gone with Big too, as it is still a safe bet for Big. But why it turned out to be better for HLE? Well, due to the following fact: Big had 3 hours daily of preparation for this tournament in the last week, whilst HLE had over 8 daily hours, preparing on their map AND each enemies favorite map. Finding out this information, I knew that HLE had a strategy against each team in the tournament and also Big wasn't playing at their full capacity, leading to a really easy 2-0 map win (16-13 on HLE's map and 16-4 on Big's map) for HLE. A lot of text, right? Sorry, this is just for the ones that really wanted some details about how you SHOULD think if you want to bet for win when it comes to sports bets. (the details I gave you aren't even half of what I usually prepare before making a bet, but are some of the main points that lead to the decision) Now I've told you about the thinking behind it and you might think that it isn't that hard. Well, it is when more variables come, reason why my program came into my mind, being able to find some sort of formula via trial and error, doing input of all the data described above, resulting in a score. the higher the score, the safer the bet. The formula is like this (not going to show true data for obvious reasons, but if someone's smart enough they can figure it out on their own): (12.3 * practicedHours/days + 6.2 * average(SCORES(teamFavoriteMap)) + 15 * (2 if major tournament and team not qualified, 0.5 if minor tournament and team not qualified, -2 if minor tournament and team qualified and -0.5 if major tournament and team qualified) + ..... ) / (....) So pretty much this formula will give out a score and it is compared to the maximum it can give (for me it is tweaked to be 263 the maximum score a team can get if they play perfectly and train 24/7 and so on) and the winning % is compared to the odds on the website. if I have 80% certainty that I will win and the website has a 1.5x multiplier, then surely it is a good bet to place. But if I get 70% certainty with 1.1x multiplier, then that wouldn't be a bet I would touch. This is how I, 5 years ago managed to win most of the games I bet on. Now I found it funnier and more enjoyable to just bet small amounts on teams that I like instead of doing it for money. If someone would like to get rich, then surely Sports Betting is way safer than Casino Betting. But the reason it is called Betting is also due to luck. So besides all the help from experience/programs/statistics you'd still need a little luck to help all of that, reason why it can be a good way to sustain you for a few years, but not the safest way to do so. Variables always change and we're humans and can easily forget/make mistakes and everything can fall apart. Reason why even if it is indeed possible and not that hard, I wouldn't recommend it trying.