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  1. skywallkee

    What’s good about gambling?

    If you manage to get in that "addicted" zone, then there's a really big problem which won't just warm you, but the ones around you too. I guess that every gambler should get a warning of some kind from every site/casino when they get to lose all they've deposited. It isn't healthy at all... Gamble should be done only for fun and as wilbur said, don't gamble more than you afford to lose. If you gamble for money, then you already lost. You really can win from gambling, but not a stable income. In gambling, money go easier than they come and everyone should be aware of that.
  2. skywallkee

    How to use loans

    Those are gambled bitcoins. And about loans, the main reason of the implementation of loans was to play while you're waiting for your money. For example, you're buying some BTC, but until they reach your wallet and then stake wallet it might take a day or two and so you borrow the amount you want to deposit and once you get it in your wallet you just pay it. So, there shouldn't be "tips" for loan, because loan are just money you get until the deposit arrives, it's exactly as you'd play with your own money. That's why most gamblers default their loans, because they don't understand the reason of lending on this platform...
  3. skywallkee

    Chartbet plz no man

    I don't think that I've learnt that in the Gambling School 🤨🤨
  4. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

  5. skywallkee

    Loan 200k

  6. The giveaway is inside the stream When I go live, just follow me in there and you can see more details See you next week, on Tuesday at 3:00 PM (GMT)
  7. Yes, but on YouTube I'm only playing games
  8. The stream is going to start in 1 hour, I'll be waiting for you there!
  9. Hello everyone! Skywallkee here and as you can see in the topic's title, I'm going to stream for the first time on Stake! The stream is going to be on 28/08/2018 at 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM (GMT)! Don't miss the stream and be sure that we'll have some fun together! Everyone is welcome on my stream, no matter your height, weight, colour, race or planet! Haha, don't you think that I forgot what is the most important, I'm going to giveaway some satoshis and everyone has a chance of gaining. Every 10 minutes there's going to be a giveaway. (there are going to be some surprise giveaways too) Did I get you interested? If yes, then check out my channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee You'll be able to see the counter until the stream starts in there
  10. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

  11. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    BTC and ETH now available!
  12. skywallkee

    Best way to record overwatch

    Also one more thing to add: if you don't want the stream to eat your CPU (for example if you're already playing a game CPU-intensive) you can stream using your graphics card in the encoder section you select NVENC (for nvidia graphics card)
  13. skywallkee


  14. skywallkee


    Hi, I can do the trade right now if you're willing to. Leave a reaction to this post if you still want 0.00890571 ETH and I will send you the coins.
  15. skywallkee

    [Lending] Short Term BTC|ETH

    Eth still not available, if you would like btc then I can do it.