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  1. No, stake is not mining anything in the background. Yes, some people are encountering performance issues, it has been reported and stake knows about it. It has nothing to do with a miner, only with some optimisations that developers should make in order to be better for everyone. IF you think that stake is mining, then you should really check the followings: The change in CPU/GPU usage with stake closed/opened. As you can see, the change is not remarkable, it's actually pretty normal and nothing happens, if there would be a miner inside, my CPU or GPU should go at least over 50%, which didn't happen. If stake let's say made a setting for it not to influence that much the hardware, then surely they wouldn't get not even 1 BTC in 10 years. Okay, here is one way to check it, but let's say that maaaybe, we still don't know. Then try out this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/minerblock-origin/ (for FireFox) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/minerblock/emikbbbebcdfohonlaifafnoanocnebl?hl=en (for Chrome). After you've installed this, the app will block any website that is mining in the background using your PC. Want to check how a website looks when it is mining and when it is not? Sure: As you can see in the first screenshot, that website mines in the background and it also displays the pool, but stake has no records in mining. Still not convinced?... Okay, one more thing that might help you find out whether a website is or not mining. Checking the source code. If you find a mining pool in the source code then that website might be mining, if not, then it definitely isn't mining anything. Here's an example of a mining script: Even if they'd try hiding it in other files or with other names, somewhere still has to be the address of the pool you're mining from and I ensure you that stake has none, look for it as much as you want. I don't know if I was a little too harsh in this post, but I really got triggered when I saw an affirmation like this one, even if it was only a question with no intention to harm. You made some people think that stake is actually mining and that's not right at all, I hope that people will scroll to my post and see that they're safe. These accusations aren't okay at all and should be researched first before making them.
  2. BLACKJACK: 3,876,517,030 placed by skywallkee on 21/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 1.90000000 BLACKJACK: 3,876,722,514 placed by skywallkee on 21/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 1.90000000
  3. WHEEL: 3,876,249,523 placed by skywallkee on 21/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 35.72000000 WHEEL: 3,876,249,864 placed by skywallkee on 21/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 35.72000000 WHEEL: 3,876,352,106 placed by skywallkee on 21/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 92.15000000
  4. Hey everyone, skywallkee here with another stream on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee See you in there with some music, challenges and of course, giveaways! You can check out my channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee See you there!
  5. Technical Experience: *Are you experiencing any technical difficulties when you play on Beta? There is only one small detail that I encountered, it isn't affecting the gameplay but it still is there. It is about game's sounds, it is always set to ON, but when I want to switch it to OFF I have to double press the Sound button as it first is recognized as being OFF (even if it is ON), so I have to switch it to ON and then OFF again and just then it is OFF. Shorter, the sound is ON even if the Sound button displays it as being OFF and I have to switch it twice in order to shut it down. Other than that, Stake 2 is clearly an improvement when it comes to speed, lag reduction and animations, having no other problem than the mentioned one. *How is the game performance in general? Every game works fine, I haven't encountered any kind of performance loss during the entire challenge period, everything is smooth. *Do you have issues with any of the commands, bet speed, account functions or similar? Besides the Sound issue mentioned above, no, everything seems to be working as intended. *What device and browser do you usually play from? I have 2 or more devices that I play from. At home, I have a PC with Mozilla Firefox I'm playing on and a phone HTC Desire 530 with Google Chrome. At University, I have more PCs I'm using, most of them being pretty old. At my girlfriend, I have a laptop with specs a little lower than my home PC. *How are you pleased with the general design of the site? I like the new design, it being more modern and more eye pleasing. I have two changes that I would make to the design though. The first one would be the user menu that is white with grey text. I would like it to be matching with the theme and have a dark background with a lighter text to be a little more in contrast as sometimes I'm having trouble reading it and I have no eye issue, but thinking about those that do have, it surely isn't easy at all. Here's a photo of how it currently looks like and how I would make it look like and I hope that you can see the difference I'm talking about and maybe implement this colour change. On Stake 1 the top menu had a good matching colour scheme, Stake 2 doesn't. I bet you can see an improvement in my version compared to the current colour scheme of the menu. The white settings button being on mouse hover. The second thing that I would change is the scrollbars. In this version, there are two annoying scrollbars appearing and I would like it to be like in Stake 1 where the games did not have any scrollbar and only chat had one. Or at least you might consider changing the design of the scrollbar with something more modern than browser default scrollbar. I'll attach a photo with Stake 1's scrollbar and Stake 2 and a screenshot of a design that might fit Stake 2's design. Reports, Bugs and Suggestions: Use this section to report any bug or lag or visuals that you encountered and that you would like to have us fixed. Make sure to try and reproduce it, if possible attach a video or a screenshot of the issue that you are experiencing and explain how it occurred. Other than the sound, there isn't any bug that I have encountered yet. Stake 2 seems to be better in many ways and slight changes can actually make it perfect. Leave any suggestion that you would like us to add to the new version so that we could review it and implement if possible in some of the future updates. I would like you to implement the two things mentioned above, the menu change of colour and the scrollbars, solve the sound bug and I also would have one more add to make for Stake 2 that is missing and it is somehow annoying and I've been looking at since the beginning of Stake 2. This thing is the new Live Stats that are providing less information than usual. On Stake 1 there was a "Wagered" and a "Profit" display too, on Stake 2 there is only "Wins" and "Loses" but the other two are missing and I'm really looking forward to them as it isn't a feature for a "slight design improvement" like the others, but it is a feature that actually helps users, or at least it helped me a lot in the past so please consider implementing it back. One optional thing that I've been waiting for ever since I joined stake in 2017 is the new Faucet system based on wagered amount and day streaks, rewarding the players that play more on a stake instead of the ones that are here only to farm faucet. And also the levels that have been deleted with the profile background and changing avatar was one feature I really liked and I felt rewarded for playing more and doing more achievements, I really followed every achievement and tried completing them all, so I miss these features, maybe you'll consider adding them back in the future. Overall Experience of Version 2.0: *Do you like the original version of the Stake or the new Beta version? I like the new Beta version, it looks more modern and eye catchy plus it is smoother. *What is your feedback on the new games - Limbo and Video Poker? The two new games are great, I'm not really a fan of any since I never really liked chart and poker, but as I played them I noticed the improvement from chart that limbo has, now I don't have to wait 1 hour for a 1000x and I can quickly see the results and also the video poker is a nice idea, but as I don't really know how to play it well, I won't touch it that much, I'm not really a fan of poker. *What is your experience of the old games updated and would you change anything and in what manner? The old games had a worse design, the new design is much better and also were slower, I really like it that you improved the speed of games, but I would really like that "Instant" button to actually make my bets "instant" as it is saying, meaning no animations or wait time for it to be displayed, I'm looking forward to something like that too as on some games "Instant" means "Slightly faster". *Let us know what segments you enjoy the most and the ones that bother you. I enjoy the most: the new and better design, the improved speed of games, the smoothness of the page overall. It bothers me: the menu that isn't on the same color scheme, the scrollbars that aren't good looking compared to the overall page, the live stats that lack informations, the "mini lie" of the "Instant" button on some games that it only fastens the bets, not making them instant. Stake v1 vs. Stake v2 (compare): *Dice on Stake 1 vs. Dice on Stake v2 Dice on Stake v2. The new design is waaaay over Stake 1. *HiLo on Stake 1 vs. HiLo on Stake v2 HiLo being my main Stake game, I can truly say that I love Stake v2's HiLo. I like having all those details on the bottom instead of the buttons, I like the new buttons that match really well with the design compared to the old ones and also the game seems to be faster and work better. On Stake v2 it is the first time I actually enjoyed playing HiLo with Hotkeys too, I don't have a reason for that, but I just enjoy it more than on the old stake version. *Keno on Stake 1 vs. Keno on Stake v2 Stake v2's Keno is better, I really like the Risk feature and also the new design. *Mines on Stake 1 vs. Mines on Stake v2 Mies on Stake v2, but there is one thing that I would do. I know that it is Mobile friendly now, but I liked it more when I could press the Custom button and write down the number of bombs instead of choosing it from a long list of all possible numbers from 1 to 24. But it is only a personal preference and it can't really affect the gameplay. *Plinko on Stake 1 vs. Plinko on Stake v2 Plinko on Stake v2 looks better, is smoother and faster, can't ask for more. *Blackjack on Stake 1 vs. Blackjack on Stake v2 When it comes to Blackjack, both versions are on the same level, the only improvement here is the design, but other than that there couldn't be made any other changes, good job dev team for implementing a game that can't be improved anymore *Roulette on Stake 1 vs. Roulette on Stake v2 Roulette on Stake v2 is my pick here too. For roulette, I would change one thing. I would make it so that I can insert the amount I want to bet. I know that roulette is a chip game, I really like it that you made it this way, but it is actually annoying to press so many times to insert for example 274 Doges. I would have to press on 100 chip and press twice on the number, then 10 chip and press 7 times on the number and then 1 chip and press 4 times on the number, a total of 15 clicks for something that could be done with 2. It actually makes me not want to play roulette and I closed it plenty of times just because of that. *Wheel on Stake 1 vs. Wheel on Stake v2 Can't add anything else here other than Wheel on Stake v2. *Diamond Poker on Stake 1 vs. Diamond Poker on Stake v2 For me, both Diamond Poker are the same, but I still would pick v2 as it matches better the theme and is slightly faster. *Baccarat on Stake 1 vs. Baccarat on Stake v2 I choose the v2 baccarat, but again, the chip problem. Also, there is an "Enable Squeeze" checkbox that I really don't know what does and it isn't in the Rules either. Please add some info about it so players that don't really know what it means can find it easier the meaning of it. As an ending, I'd like to add that I really like the idea of rewarding the ones that completing the full seasonal challenges and you gave me the opportunity to have my feedback " heard". So it would be a really nice thing seeing all the changing I proposed implemented. P.S.: if I forgot adding one screenshot, forgive me, I added them after I wrote the message and now I forgot where I said that I'll attach some screenshots.
  6. Device: PC and HTC Desire 530 Operating System: Windows 10 (PC), Android (Phone) Browser: Mozilla Firefox (PC), Chrome (Phone) Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: I don't have any in-game issue Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: both. Whenever I play on Stake 1 is just because I'm too lazy to press the beta button, but I do like Stake 2 more
  7. It wasn't posted yet, right? Don't want to miss it
  8. So the challenge of tomorrow is only available for the ones who made it through all the days so far?
  9. Hey there! Skywallkee here and today I'm doing a stream on https://stake.com/?code=skywallkee If you'd like to make some challenges together, try out the new stake beta platform and earn some satoshis in the challenges I do every ~5 minutes, come on my channel: https://twitch.tv/skywallkee
  10. VIDEOPOKER: 3,627,614,333 placed by skywallkee on 12/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 9x Profit 16.00000000
  11. I agree, that's a feature I was looking for since I discovered affiliates. I guess that we have the "right" to know who is affiliated to us
  12. LIMBO: 3,605,667,251 placed by skywallkee on 11/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 222x Profit 442.00000000 LIMBO: 3,605,931,041 placed by skywallkee on 11/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 222x Profit 442.00000000
  13. KENO: 3,580,984,513 placed by skywallkee on 10/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 13x Profit 24.00000000
  14. 2: ROULETTE: 3,555,591,356 placed by skywallkee on 09/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 36x Profit 70.00000000 0: ROULETTE: 3,555,630,613 placed by skywallkee on 09/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 36x Profit 70.00000000 20: ROULETTE: 3,555,689,255 placed by skywallkee on 09/03/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 36x Profit 70.00000000
  15. PLINKO: 3,535,278,125 placed by skywallkee on 08/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 260x Profit 492.10000000