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  1. I've got 47 deposits and 138 withdraws. I'd say that having referrals is a good way of keeping your balance up, especially if you're not really playing that much (I'd say that I have an average of less than 1 bet per day, like a few bets a week). Depends on everyone's luck and ability to control their greed and addiction to gambling.
  2. As I have stated on the last post on page 6 and is also mentioned in the main topic, currently there is no public documentation, reason why this topic has been created, so that everyone that needs something from the API, they can simply ask. It is planned to be released sometimes in the future for a proper documentation, but nothing certain has been announced. Please check out the rest of the posts as these kind of questions have been answered and re-answered, so many of the questions you might have definitely will have an answer in this topic.
  3. Reading something that starts with capital character isn't easy to follow. The API Key might get a change periodically for security purposes (you wouldn't like it if someone would find/guess your key somehow and use it). As of the limit you can bet I'd say is dependent on the number of requests you make to the server (but around 0.5-1.5 bets per second is what I've encountered).
  4. It's definitely allowed, but what you'll encounter is that the balance will not be actually well synced. If you have for example 1 btc, and on one device you lose 0.5 btc and on the other device you win 0.5 btc, on one device it will be shown that you have 1.5 btc, on another one 0.5 btc but you in reality have 1 btc (this is just an example, it can be much worse, losing a big streak on one and the other one simply draining your balance with 1/2 bets). Another thing is that stake has a limit for bets/second (I don't know exactly the limit, but it is there) and you'll notice a lot of freezes where you'll get a notification to "Slow down". If you're okay with these two drawbacks, then yeah, sure, go for it. What I'd say instead of doing this is to try on two different accounts. Doing it so you won't face any of the above problems (as far as I know, it is allowed to have 2 accounts as long as you don't use them to "cheat" in any way for the promotions/giveaways/etc.)
  5. As stated in the main topic, the schema isn't available for a few months now. They wanted to make some documentation for the API, but it still has to be announced as of when it will be released (I believe it isn't a priority really, as bugs and other features are of a higher priority). If you need to know anything, you can check out the posts in this topic (many queries have already been discussed, so you might find what you're looking for), or simply ask for what you need in here, so that anyone looking for the same thing can see too.
  6. You're not bringing any valid argument to sustain your affirmation. Why should it be precise to the last digit? I'm more than sure that most people that actually look at those ads aren't even looking at the decimals lower than 10k satoshis, including all the 8 decimals would simply be with no real purpose, their value being too small to consider. I'd say that the actual point of Stake's Twitter is to advertise their promotions, some information about the site and how others joined Stake and did well, but giving 1:1 precise data definitely isn't among the reasons of Twitter. Please consider rethinking what you're bringing on the table and try coming up with valid arguments to sustain your sayings, as your point is definitely not being shown. If you're using your own perception of how things should be as an oracle to your arguments, then they won't ever be persuasive enough to win any kind of debate.
  7. They simply rounded it to the first 3 decimals. There's no problem in that I don't see your actual point here
  8. Well... if we go that way, if I were to remove games from Stake that I don't really like/play, those would be (in order from most unplayed to games that I might play if I'm totally drunk): Slots, Video Poker, Diamond Poker, Keno, Plinko, Wheel and Baccarat. What I would add instead would be 3 PvP games: Rock Paper Scissors, Coinflip and Crash. But again, that's just if I were to remove games, but some might like those games, so there's no point in removing them. But I can't wait for Stake to start adding any kind of PvP games.
  9. Best wallet - Stake, period. They've got the lowest fees I've ever seen on any wallet out there. The times are pretty good and you also have a vault so you have one more security layer to your account. What do you need more than that? I don't know any reason. The only draw back of Stake is the "higher" withdraw of 0.002 BTC, but that isn't that much of a problem as usually everything is at least 0.002 BTC. Worst wallet - anything else. Honestly, I don't really like anything that I've tried so far besides Stake.
  10. Somewhere on these topics there's a post made by Dan that included everything the team is working on. I didn't seem to find it and I don't know if they're still updating that page, but for sure the staff is listening to users suggestions, as overall, if they wouldn't, they wouldn't have gotten so far by now
  11. I just checked it and it works for me. It is either from some countries still not being supported (but I doubt that if it works in Romania, in other countries it isn't), or you're doing something wrong. Try resending the code, be sure you wrote the right number and you have mobile signal. Other than that... I don't think there's anything else to do from our part.
  12. I don't know if there's an easier way to automate the bets without some code. You of course can do the bets by using the API, but it will be manually. To automate it you'd need some logic behind it, reason why you'd need some code written. And the only thing you do need to know is one language (such as the ones mentioned by you) and how to do the requests on that language. Theoretically it's pretty simple, but on practice, you do need at least a little experience to write code. APIs are on their core made for developers, not for normal users, so there isn't any way (that I'm aware of) to access them in an automate way and do requests.. I can think of two workarounds with your problem: 1. You learn how to do it by yourself 2. You ask/pay someone to do it for you to meet your needs
  13. I tagged the post with the query to get the history of roulette. Bear in mind that there is a limit as to how many bets you can get from history.
  14. It's really logical that there's no thing that can't be broken. To break something is pretty easy, that's why there are a lot of crackers, as it doesn't involve much more than following a few steps or fooling someone into falling in a trap (which is REALLY easy, I'd say 1 out of 5 people actually try to have a good security, the rest of them are casual about it or don't care at all). The hard part is when it comes to building a really good security as it involves you knowing the ways to break a system first and then knowledge on how to counter those breakings. So when it comes to hacking, as long as you have an internet connection you're vulnerable to being hacked.
  15. That's a little too optimistic for this year. As I've said in a reply above, due to the political events this year has, it's more than certain that the price will go down drastically, and that's not a speculation, it's a fact. For any kind of coin, be it crypto or not, during big political events they tend to lose some value. And also, being the most used currency isn't highly probable, it still lacks the speed and ease of purchase/sell and also is banned in many countries already and more to go. This is why BTC will only go down in number of users instead of going up.