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  1. Dinabot is for exchanges. You can check it out in here: https://cryptogamblers.pub/ And Forum bot is for forum withdrawals, whenever you make some satoshis on the forum and transfer them on stake, Forum bot will send them to you.
  2. Okay so for the ones that are *cough* spamming *cough* the same reply with "I don't know what clone bitfinex script is", let me explain at least the very basic of it. Clone scripts are website copies that have all the data needed for the script to be uploaded on a domain and launch it. Simply, all the front end and back end from bitfinex has been cloned (manually rewriting or with various programs). And now whoever wants to create some kind of online wallet service, they should just upload this script on their website and they are good to go. The downside of these scripts are that most of them have lots and lots of bugs that need solving (which makes creating a fresh new website from scratch way faster and easier) or even don't work at all (because the way it was copied just isn't professional, it was copied just to be) or in the most cases, it is just a way to scam some people by pretending to sell something (I'm not accusing anyone, just warning that in many cases it is a scam). One more thing is that if you don't really know anything about building a website and the backend code is just an alien language for you, then you have high chances of having a script that fully works, but also sends data to the one you just bought the script from and he'll access whatever account he wants with that data. The upside... well, you don't have to do anything, just upload the script on your website and modify some logos, names and users and you're good to go. (that if it actually works) Is it worth it? In most cases, not really. It's better buying a Kebab from the street corner rather than buying a website clone. I hope that at least now you will understand what this is/should be.
  3. It is hella hard for sure. The chance of hitting A number twice in a row would be 1/10000 * 1/10000, but for a specific number (such as 77.77) you should multiply that again with 1/10000. Soo.. (average scenario) if you do like 1 bet per second, then you will hit it in 32511 years but you can divide it by the number of players that will try to run it non-stop and get a lower number. So... good luck
  4. 1st - O'ez 2nd - Stake Star 3rd - BLA 4th - Bright Falcon 5th - White Walkers
  5. WHEEL: 4,585,510,288 placed by skywallkee on 18/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 87.30000000 DIAMONDPOKER: 4,585,820,877 placed by skywallkee on 18/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 2x Profit 1.80000000
  6. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another stream on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee! If you'd like to join me while doing some challenges, listening to music and also doing some giveaways, then be sure to come on my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee Everyone's invited and the more the better
  7. HILO: 4,562,844,084 placed by skywallkee on 17/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 3.4907898902893066x Profit 4.48342000 PLINKO: 4,563,088,439 placed by skywallkee on 17/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 130x Profit 232.20000000
  8. LIMBO: 4,546,721,484 placed by skywallkee on 16/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 164x Profit 293.40000000 LIMBO: 4,547,146,614 placed by skywallkee on 16/04/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 214x Profit 383.40000000
  9. Hi, since today I've seen an error message while accessing stake that the browser displays for unsafe connections. The error might look similar to this: Some of you might freak out while seeing this and it is totally understandable, but here are some things that you can do to be sure you are safe. 1. Is this a website you use to visit? If yes, then don't worry that much, you can enter without any problem (will explain later why). If not, then you might consider not entering if you don't know anythibg about the website. If you are sure the site should be safe (from friends, forums, etc.) then you can proceed. 2. Check whether you are connected to the correct website. Some websites might try to make a really good copy of the websites, sometimes you won't even notice, but of course, they can't use stake.com, but might try something like forum.steke.com or forum.stacke.com or any other subtle change some of you might not realise on spot (some of us don't even look at the URLs, this being pretty dangerous). Look twice and once again to be 100% sure it's the correct URL. 3. If it is the first time using a website, check it's reputation. Simply write on google "website review" or "website trust rating" and look what others say about the website. If it mainly looks good, then you can go, but watch out, the good comments aren't the ones you're looking for, but rather negative/neutral ones or the ones that are in a bigger detail. You never want to have a big trust on a website on the first entrance, but rather be a little sceptic. Okay, now why this is appearing on stake? My guess is that the SSL Certificate expired and the only solvation is for stake to renew it, which shouldn't take long. Does it mean stake has been hacked/started stealing data? No, it's only a warning browsers display for some websites that do not have those Certificates. Hope I helped you and the ones that saw this error didn't get too scared.
  10. It only shows how many reacted on your posts, resulting mainly how many posts of good quality you did. All the reacts are strictly for a positive feedback. This way administrators would know that for example if you did 1000 posts and have only 10 with reacts, then you couldn't do more than 10 posts that are good enough. Also, if you have 20 posts but with 100 reacts, it means you've got posts of really good quality. (of course, this also is dependent on the number of people that do react to posts, which isn't that common, people tend to forget about it). Before, when the market section was still a thing, stake also had a feedback option where you could leave a positive/neutral/negative feedback telling everyone that a person is or not trustworthy. But now, that feature isn't necessary anymore as trades/sells/lendings aren't supported by stake.
  11. MINES: 4,394,892,069 placed by skywallkee on 11/04/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 404.1050109863281x Profit 806.20989011 MINES: 4,395,183,540 placed by skywallkee on 11/04/2019 Wagered 1.50000000 Multiplier 417.45001220703125x Profit 624.67500000
  12. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another day on https://stake.com/?c=skywallkee If you'd like to join me and see me complete some challenges, listen to some music together and also join some giveaways, come on, you can check my channel out right here: https://www.twitch.tv/skywallkee
  13. I'm always trying to do them on Thursdays when I'm streaming and if I can't, then surely I'll try as soon as possible. If I let them for the last few hours then I might not even be able to get them as some of them can take several hours to complete. Also, isn't waiting the same? I mean, you're either waiting for you to bet or for the payout, it's the same wait time... It doesn't really make sense to me. A better reason would be that you want to hold your balance as much as possible and you don't really want to waste it and after completing the challenge you won't have what to play with until the next one, but I don't know, again, it isn't totally logical to me...
  14. For now, the ones that we've heard devs have in mind would be live poker and sports betting. These two would be really nice to implement, especially sports betting. I've always wanted sports betting section on stake and if it would include eSports too, then that would make me spare all my money on it. Other games I'd look into implementing would be PvP games, such as coin flip (one side is player one, the other side is player two, winner takes it all), Rock paper scissors (saw this one on an online casino and it was really popular in there, would be cool to see it in here), crash would also be cool (it's like a chartbet, but in two players, they both start at the same time and the one that gets a higher multiplier will win, if one of them crashes, the other one wins, if one of them has higher multiplier, he wins, if both of them crash, the game returns the money, they also can't see when the other one stopped with the crash) and the last game to add would be blackjack (I'm pretty sure I've heard of this one be implemented as multiplayer too).