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  1. skywallkee

    Vault email?

    It should be instant. Check your spam folder, maybe it is there. If not, cancel the withdraw and try again.
  2. Wow, I didn't even notice it being shouted out on chat. I really don't like this, I was so glad that I can easily get forum tips without anybody knowing, but now that you've told me, I don't feel "safe" anymore to say so. I hope this will be a feature to be turned off/on as I don't want everyone to know how much I have in forum, how much I withdraw and how often I withdraw. Instead of writing in chat, it would be the same thing to make the deposit/withdrawals histories of people public... No no from me.
  3. skywallkee

    How many times you got muted ?

    Not even a single time ^^ I'm not really a chatter, but I haven't also been muted YET for anything.. I might've been muted a few times for spamming my stream's link in chat, but didn't happen YET I'm not really trying to break rules, I also don't like being talked to with caps or with bad words or something, so why would I do that, right?
  4. skywallkee

    "Are you sure you want to X?" Discussion

    Well, I don't really think there is a NEED to be added more warnings, but it somehow became a need because of gambler's inadvertently. If we were to be talking more realistically, we're in a casino here and everyone's betting money here, so everyone should double-triple check what they bet, where they bet and how they bet. If they don't, then it's not casino's problem to be honest. A feature like this is necessarily only because people aren't careful... Also I don't think it will help at all players with trouble in gambling. I have seen many betting even if they knew how much they gambled, because they just can't stop, it's like a sickness, it can't be treated just like that, so a feature that will only warn the users will most definitely won't help them in any way to surpass their gambling addition. It wouldn't be positive/negative, maybe a little negative for the ones that really want to gamble big amounts and they are every single time warned for 100 bets. A turning off button would really help if implemented as not everyone is not paying attention to these important details. Maybe. It might stop a few gamblers that make lots of mistakes and bet a lot and they wouldn't get those money from them, but Stake doesn't really need money that are taken by user's mistake as just by gambling they already gave Stake the money (somehow, this is a more to debate subject ). But most of the users will eventually lose all their funds, even if it's now by mistake or in 2-3 bets because of their addition or in 10-15 bets because of the strategy they used or in 50-100 bets because of the house edge So I don't think Stake will ever feel the lack of income from players.
  5. skywallkee

    What does 2019 hold for Stake?

    I'd rather want eSports betting than sports betting as I'm not really a football/basket/hokey/etc. fan and I don't really know the teams But I'd enjoy doing bets for eSports like CS:GO, PUBG, Dota 2, LoL, etc. When it comes to games.. I don't really think there will be more than one game added as it took almost more than one year to bring Wheel of Fortune, so.. I don't know what to say about other kind of games. Also, I don't really know if there's some other game (other than PVP, which I'll discuss about below) that might be added. Maybe slots? Or coinflip. I would like to see PvP games too Such as Rock Paper Scissors, that's already on a few sites and I loved playing it, maybe chartbet in 2 (the one who gets the higher multiplier wins and it isn't shown when the other player has stopped) and even blackjack in two (I mentioned the last two as they already are implemented, but only the PvP should be added). Other than that, I don't know, I'd really like to see an "Programmer autobet" just like dicebot's programmer autobet mode, but for other games too (or even to begin with dice it would be cool too) and the possibility to adjust betting speed (it would be awesome to be able to bet faster, like dice showing up a lot faster, plinko balls falling faster, baccarat showing instantly the results and wheel too).
  6. skywallkee

    Vault now live!

    Don't worry guys, the devs thought about it I've tried to check if it was done so I can report it if it was the case to be possible of an abuse, but it tells you that you shouldn't have any balance on your account in order to be able to use the faucet. So it is something like if the vault wasn't there and you just had the balance on your account, you simply can't use the faucet. I think that this is the best thing out of all on vault. Just think of it. If somehow, someone would get on your account and lets say he has access to the 2FA (he managed to scan your 2FA barcode or somehow, lets just assume that). They would have total control over your stake account, they could simply uncheck the email confirmation and then withdraw the funds. (this can be fixed if they would add a confirmation to the email notification via email) But with the email always on, the hacker has to get both your stake password, 2FA and your email address, password and 2FA (if any) for the email. So it is a double layered protection. It might feel annoying, but it is better to be safe than sorry. And trust me, there ARE hackers on stake, I've been hacked one time and since then I'm not disabling the 2FA and any kind of protection under any way. I'd better be annoyed to have the mail opened and switch tabs than watching my funds being gone. I'd rather keep it as a "safe deposit" for my funds rather than for stopping me to gamble... I don't really gamble much and I don't find it difficult to stop (maybe for others, and as I've noticed on other topics, the majority of stake players are addicted to gambling and can't stop under any way). It is a feature I've been really looking forward to and I'm so glad they've added it
  7. skywallkee

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    I'm playing for fun too, I'm not really trying hard to profit, but more to have fun while doing profit. There's not much to say when it comes to my strategies. I'm always playing on dice, that's for sure. And I'm setting one maximum amount to bet daily. For example if I have 100k satoshis, the maximum amount to lose would be 10k. So my "balance" would be 10k, the rest of it I can put on Vault (before I would just not look at it). After that, I'd try to play with maximum 1% of that amount, so from 10k balance, I'd have a maximum base bet of 100 satoshis. And I'd play dice until I make at least 10-25% profit from my overall 100k satoshis balance, but not more than 25% (even so it can take an hour or so). That being with balance management, but betting strategy would be: choose from 1.1x to 1.35x, do some prerolls and whever I feel that it's okay to bet I'd just bet And so, I don't think that I've busted more than 10-25% of my overall balance and that I wouldn't be able to recover the day/days after. Of course, I've done all in bets of all my balance, but always with very low payouts like 1.1x or so to be able to play more with smaller bets And the golden rule, if you have money to withdraw, DO IT ^^
  8. skywallkee

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    For me it's a bit different. I've deposited only once 60$ in Stake and since then I've been withdrawing at least 0.002 weekly. I'm more of a safe better. I do have many deposits too, but those are only from exchanging platforms or faucets so, I can say that I got my money back and I'm profiting.
  9. skywallkee

    skywallkee's 6th stream soon!

    Thank you all for being on my stream, the stream just ended and I can say that you've been great during the stream! Thanks for supporting me and being there! Also, today we've got a new moderator, which is @Katanga666, so congratulations and thanks for being a very active viewer on my stream! Don't forget to follow me on social media so you can be updated with every single stream of mine (https://www.facebook.com/skywallkee/,https://twitter.com/skyw111). Don't forget that I'll also do subscriber only giveaways on the next streams if there are any Good luck and stay awesome guys!
  10. skywallkee

    skywallkee's 6th stream soon!

    Thank you very much guys! Unfortunately, stake doesn't have the challenges up yet, but we'll try some stake games! So come by, we'll start the stream in ~10 minutes!
  11. skywallkee

    All In, Why ?

    Well, I always gamble money I'm not afraid to lose and so whenever I'm getting some kind of lose streak, I'll just preroll a few times and do a all in bet so I can get a little higher. I can do that even if I'm not on a losing streak just for the sake of getting my balance higher. I don't remember to ever bust in doing so (I always go for dice, 1.1x or 1.25x with a few prerolls and wait for a longer red streak, like 3 or 4 reds and after the first green I'll just all in)
  12. skywallkee

    Vault now live!

    The vault is the best thing that has happened since the dark theme I love it and I'm already using it ❤️ There's no minimum as I have noticed by depositing 1 sathoshi One thing that I've noticed is that there's even a pending time when trying to withdraw That's pretty nice, as if someone gets on to your account you can cancel the withdraw request. The only way to approve the withdraw is by going on to the email So for me it seems pretty hard to get on my vaulted resources Firstly, there's a 2fa on the account, then on vault withdraw also 2fa, and there's a 2fa on my email account too 2 passwords to crack (stake and gmail) plus the need of stealing my phone Yep, my funds are secure asf
  13. skywallkee

    Chico's Stream <3 Come on guys!

    Good luck!
  14. skywallkee

    DiceBot Stake

    I have mine set at 0.56 if that helps, still faster than 0.5 and it won't give me the waiting message But that's only since the last month I guess.. A month ago I had it at 1.25 and it wouldn't crash at all...
  15. skywallkee

    Hilo trick

    I've done this "trick" before, but I would better rely on my instinct than going on a specific pattern or strategy