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  1. skywallkee

    The butterfly effect

    Not at all. Every single bet on stake is made from a chain of values that are preset and random. Every single player has his own seed which can be millions of bets away from the closest user. So for example, if I and you would be on the same seed, and we would have the bets like this (on dice let's say): 10, 50, 30, 80, 90, 10, 0, 45, 94, 21, 34. And my bet would be 50 and yours 45, even if you'd win that 45 with 1 BTC or any other high/low amount, I'd still be on my 50 and have the 30 next and will get to that 45 soon too. I hope that it might be clear enough, the difference, of course, won't really be of a few numbers but waaaay more numbers, but the same logic applies. That's why I truly believe there's no butterfly effect in stake gambling.
  2. skywallkee

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    It has happened to me before twice when the lending section was still a thing. One time I sent lending to someone that has already been lent but the lender didn't have the time to write it (my bad) and got it back immediately. The second time I've done a trivia and by mistake I sent 100k instead of 10k, but again, got it right back as the user understood the mistake and wanted others to have the chance to win a share of that too Many of the users of stake will actually tip back, but if the tip is to someone new, greedy or just a more selfish person then you should forget about it as for sure you won't see them again. But always since then, I'm double-triple checking the tip and also the one I'm sending to be sure I'm sending to the right person (1 letter might mess everything up)
  3. Many of the Stake users don't even have much of a balance in Bitcoin that's why the price won't really affect them much. Some have just the amount to win some challenges and withdraw when possible, others are playing only with faucet, some have a middle balance like 100k-0.1 BTC that aren't affected very much by the price increase/decrease, that's why they'd play, but be sure that on high price will withdraw and on low price will deposit. And the last ones would be the ones with big balances of 0.1 BTC+ that can be affected by the increase/decrease and that's why they're going to do the most withdraws/deposits for money safety. But sure, we won't really leave Stake. I guess the only things that can come up in order to leave stake would be: getting bored (which isn't really likely but can happen), getting a really bad reputation or even getting banned (some even came back after that too with another persona, but might be a good reason for someone to leave it like that), leaving cryptos (finding that cryptos aren't worth their time or even their addiction is too much and are taking a break or leaving it forever) and also stake being closed (if there would be a really high decrease in price, Stake might lose more than they can afford, but Eduard, I guess, said once that Stake has resources to keep going even so). More than that, there aren't really any other reason to leave and most of them aren't that likely to happen.
  4. skywallkee

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    For me I've got something like this: BTC: Highest profit on HiLo, Biggest loss on Dice ETH: Highest profit on Dice, Biggest loss on Chart DOGE: Highest profit on Mines, Biggest loss on Poker BCH: Highest profit on Dice, Biggest loss on HiLo LTC: Highest profit on Poker, Biggest loss on Dice But out of all, the BTC-HiLo profit is overall higher than the loss on the other games I was expecting at something like Dice on more stats as I've played it before a lot and had big lost/wins. Also, HiLo should appear more too as I play it more, but it's climbing up in stats on profit easily
  5. Hey there, I'm live on https://twitch.tv/skywallkee and I'll play on stake.com! So make sure to come by and have fun with me and also join some giveaways! Leave a comment below with your stake username so you can join the giveaway! #skywallkee #stake #giveaways
  6. skywallkee

    🏆 [0.1 BTC] Los Tres Reyes | Hilo challenge!

    HILO: 2,330,421,438 placed by skywallkee on 13/01/2019 Wagered 1.80000000 Multiplier 2.79328989982605x Profit 3.22792604
  7. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another stake stream! You can join playing with me in here: https://stake.com/?code=skywallkee! If you'd like to watch me make some profit, win some challenges, listen and sing like a dying whale on old songs and also do some giveaways, then make sure to come by in here: https://twitch.tv/skywallkee Also, leave a comment in here with your stake username in order to win some satoshis during the live stream
  8. Hi skywallkee, do you still give loans?

    1. skywallkee


      Hey, sorry but I do not give loans anymore :D

    2. bobwood


      ok thanks bro😁

  9. Hey everyone! Skywallkee here with another new stream! We're going to play again on https://stake.com/?code=skywallkee! So just come by and let's sing together some old school good songs, make some profit, win some challenges and do some awesome giveaways! You can find me on https://twitch.tv/skywallkee Leave a comment below with your Stake username so you can join the giveaway, the winners will be withdrawn on stream!
  10. skywallkee

    Keeping the statistics when changing pages

    Yeah, about the live status I was reffering to. It's true that it isn't really like a really important thing, but would be nice to be put on the to-do list So to be more clear, currently the live status is being resetted for every page refresh or game change and it would be nice to be saved across pages and to be resetted only when pressing the reset button.
  11. I somehow agree with you, but I'd actually put BlackJack under both dice and roulette when it comes to chances of win. Because the house edge is so low as there's no really need for it to be higher to make sure that the player will eventually lose everything. To have a true 49.75% chance of winning would mean that you'll always play optimal and never will hit higher than 21, the only factor to decide wheter you win or not being if the house has or not cards higher than yours. But unfortunately, you can hit more than 21. But as you've said, if we keep it simple, yeah, BlackJack is the wau to go, if you keep it realistic, BlackJack might be the worst game to martingale on compared to any other game stake offers.
  12. Hi, I'd like to propose something that somehow annoyed me a little, and that is keeping the statistics of profit even on refreshing/changing the page and to be reseted only after the user has hit the reset button. I know that it can be done by saving the stats in cache and so the site won't suffer of performance.
  13. skywallkee

    🎨 Roulette Redesigned

    One more thing that I would really like would be the option to bet instead of chips, just with the currency. It is really annoying to place with chips. For example, if I had to bet 123 doges, I'd choose the 1 chip, press it 3 times, then the 10 chip, press it 2 times, then 100 chip and press once. After that, if I'd like to lower my bet and go for 115 or go higher to 241, I'd have to clear all and do it again. This wastes a lot of time... It would be better to have it just like on other games where you insert the bet amount and just place where your chips should be.
  14. skywallkee

    skywallkee's 13th stream

    Hi everyone! I'm going to play right now on: https://stake.com/?code=skywallkee ! If you'd like to see me, just come by and join the stream link: https://twitch.tv/skywallkee Leave a comment in here so you can join the giveaway
  15. skywallkee

    [Closed] Christmas Spirit Giveaway!

    @Katanga666 should win $10 because I love the songs she give us on chat @maverick528 should win $20 because I truly believe he's one of the most active moderators @TKO should win $30 because he's a really nice person and very loyal stake user