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  1. SLOTS: 10,643,597,919 placed by Avolution on 27/10/2019 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 162.4499969482422x Profit 0.00161450
  2. 0.006btc my biggest coupon in stake
  3. 10K in Limbo but small bet and the biggest prize I hit in Plinko medium level row 14 po 58x bet 0.004btc and profit 0.228 btc
  4. In Saturday we will race together sir 😁
  5. I'am newbie in stake so i can't know the diffrence the new Stake or old stake. But I think the new stake is a good
  6. some people think that more red can get eaten soon ... it will be green ... but in my personal opinion when I get red, I have to change the stratery
  7. I'm waiting for when the slot will be launched if a few days after launch I get a profit maybe I will often play it
  8. I'm not good to playing cards Hi-Lo it's a difficult I think
  9. a game I like to play in stake only dice, limbo, keno, mines and plinko
  10. In plinko I only play with manual bet not auto bet
  11. First deposit coin in stake is Dogecoin