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  1. @Steveyo you forgot me man i placed 4th in the race....
  2. @Steve why was i not included i placed 4th in the mega race and posted on Twitter what place i was in and everything.
  3. Trust pilot username : Damien martin stake username : professerD
  4. Happy birthday, and I’m curious how you were able to bring the idea of dinabot to life, and how it is that you thought to be able to send funds from site to site without issues and site owners agreeing upon this?
  5. Understandable, by the way hi Mahdira. It’s professerx from DD.
  6. Oh okay so what’s the minimum that you can transfer to the casino
  7. Hi I’m fairly new myself, well just started playing here. But i believe you can withdraw to the stake casino then withdraw to a wallet however minimum withdraw is 0.002btc
  8. I think that the total amount of rain given away by players should be tallied up and A percentage of it should go back to a random 10 players.