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  1. Well i see a great future of stake, i don't know what will happen in the future but still i believe it will work and lot of people will benefit, there's a lot of potential of stake to progress by now and may continue in many years to come. Players play this to relieve stress and some are dependent on this game, by the way stake is also joining charitable works, the intention is not really all gambling but also to help others in need, well in my point of view thats a great aspect of stake. Crypto will increase in demand, in our world we must accept that many things will change and we must adapt, humans need the convenience in a lot of things and cryptos are belong to them. We will notice new players(legit accounts not alt) every time are welcomed in stake, and along the way this players will look for stake as attraction and players will increase, they will open new games and the demand will increase. People will see stake as another source of income (players thinking when they win). Stake has a great marketing strategy and lot of people had social media accounts that joining the group, advertisement and exposure to more potential players. More power Stake! thanks/
  2. its just a mindset, free or depo the strategy is still the same and being busted because of that. we can stop if we really want to, but sometimes we choose to be bust when we really want to hit the target even it goes deep, self controlled people can wait on their turn to hunt the high payout . if we save the free coins it can increase our bank roll to hunt using other startegies, always there are chances to win but its in right timing of the game. thanks/
  3. i prefer to do private tip, specially to the common players on chat. if i sent rain sometimes the alts is included which is unfair to other main accounts, my recent tip is private and i can choose among players that i want, and its surprising that way to the receiver if they are bust and tipped them, they were glad. thanks/
  4. i can easily forget what happen when i lost. its gambling and need to set our mind, in that way we can find new strategies to win next time. i choose to left my phone and do other activities at home to recover my feeling of being busted, it helps to left and forget that stress. mindset, strategies, hope that someday i can win a huge multiplier and focus, those are my personal insights about this game.
  5. well it happened to me that the ball is teleporting from 130 to 0.2, glad to have this topic to share that experience, i don't know if cause of my internet or phone grahpics but i know it teleported, my eyes is still clear, well its up to the game if they allowed me to hit that, i know if the version would upgrade in the future this kind of situation would not be observe, not really sure haha, im a plinko fan coz its easy to play, no hurt feeling about that experience, i'm just sharing that those situation may experienced by other plinko players
  6. for me, gambling is entertainment, and borrowing to be entertained is not on my option, i'm thankful that i can control myself about it. if i borrowed something i can't enjoy on using that because i know it is owned by others and afraid to fail their trust, a big amount even the small is hard to return depend on your priority. better to have peace of mind and it will allow us to concentrate while playing any intertainment, more benefit to enjoy. spending your owned finance has less burden at all. thanks/
  7. i frequently watch the high rollers and enjoy it, watching their stratigies and the flow of their play, it thought me about how, does and don'ts during rolls specially when at race. some strategies are nice and lot i have learned, you will see some players chasing the deep and thinking of what they feel if their name stop appearing on the tab because maybe br is not enough or busted. i didn't experience yet to be belong in the high rollers tab and have fire in the name after hitting something big, i hope someday i will be on it and win. thanks/
  8. KENO: 8,124,488,399 placed by johnpogi on 20/08/2019 Wagered 0.03800000 Multiplier 67x Profit 2.50800000
  9. the mind of player only wants to win, and sometime we're being busted because we really want to win, we didn't notice that greediness is controlling our fingers which result to be busted. we have our own logic and reasoning, but the game has its own logic that will give us the chance to win or loose. figures shows click here and there and its up to the game onwards. we only have deposits but its up to the game if it will progress favor to us players. there's a lot of bla bla that i have said, my point is self control gamblingmate see yah. thanks/
  10. rainbots are random, in my obsrevation you can receive them thru wagering and to being online on chat, ignore the rainbot in don't discuss or mention it on game, yes, rainbot is good but its a previlage has to be enjoy, the more the online players and active on chat the small chance to be included because its random, lets don't be selfish about it and allow the others to have them. spamming is not good at all, its a common mistake of other players and being muted about it, from the start we've entered the chat we have rules and spam/passive are prohibited, its your luck if the mod is in good mood and you may receive a warning, but other mod is not like that. follow the rules and enjoy the game, its all entertainment. we must accept that we are playing to enjoy and not disturbing others.
  11. hello everyone, my highest multplier reach in keno is x63, i don't want to give up and hoping someday i would hit that x500 and above too. i tried a lot of 10 tiles position randomly everytime, and i think its luck to have the chance to hit that. @Paecga129 congratulation may you hit that multiplier again. that's rare
  12. well in my opinion the limit in posting is fine, the forum will be abuse by others if increase the number of post, and the contents would be hard to checked by the admin, remember that some post are just to have satoshi even it is not related they will try to post something. i respect this limit in the forum, coz we have the chance to share a quality post not for popularity but for own good environment of the forum.
  13. i'm ignoring the rainbot from the start, it is included in the rules given after we entered the chat, maybe its luck that i received from rainbot, but not always, we must accept that others must receive too, unlike if you are mod or support your always included by the rainbot. its a previlage and i enjoy it, even i'm thankful i cant reply to rainbot, it is a violation. just chat,wagered, ignore rainbot and maybe you have the chance to receive. thanks/
  14. i used it before and helps me manage my balance not to be busted immediately, sometimes if i want to hit something that went out really deep due of my fail calculation and greediness factor result to bust. beware of your coins in the vault if you dont have self control, because by next time you check it out, maybe its empty and its shocking. just play wisely, the one that has self control wins. enjoy the game coz its all intertainment. thanks/