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  1. DIAMONDS: 23,692,372,928 placed by johnpogi on 07/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00000300 DIAMONDS: 23,692,994,204 placed by johnpogi on 07/06/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 5x Profit 0.00000400
  2. I noticed changing seed right now is not effective for longer rolls, the strat I tried is in mines 1 bomb, autobet until the stake reload, and before I roll again i will change the seed. On my first and second attempt it gives profit and wager but on the third time the game has a lot of reds and I've being busted even without reaching the reset of stake, next time ill try until the 2nd time and play another game to wager and change seed again.
  3. wow thanks a lot for noticing my new years resolution🤗
  4. I dont skip, i just do few pre rolls and hit many red, then observing if the next card that will be high risk or low risk. High multiplier can be obtain faster if we dont have skip, experience on hilo is needed to guess the possible next card😂
  5. Only i can say is video poker on autobet or not was hard to hit the high multiplier.
  6. I was so busy then till this time and now the promotion gives a double point in post i will try my best to give my time to think and share quality posts😂thanks for the awesome promotion the forum is alive again, back off spammers😂😂
  7. As eddie announced last time in his live stream, even you have single ticket and lucky enough, you may win the first spot. Well many players can avail more ticket due of high wager, the reel deal on this raffle is how lucky yoy entry to win the spot.
  8. Well if we someone make alt here it will be detected immediately, farming of coins here or likes is difficult, why? because if it is too obvious for the forum see the activitiss of the users. Spam and copy/paste post can be detected immediately, of course on likes could it could be possible. Many players do this and resulted to be banned in the forum.
  9. I started play march of this year and my fiest game played was keno, and now i am playing dice, mines and limbo, wagering is really good of this games. Keno is good for hunting high multiplier but difficult to win recently.
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