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  1. So many times unlucky movements but I think one time I make 5 usd to 3500 usd but I bet all amount in one bet on mines and 1st mines I lost all I think this is very unlucky
  2. I also not like 10 minutes reload because so much time wast and not any existing.even I not like 5days reload .I think stake just give us monthly coupon as one time bonus because if we received some good amount then mostly do some good with this amount.
  3. I play gambling last 2 years but I not set any lucky number or lucky day I just play game with my mind and I change my strategy when I see now this strategy not give me good results.but I not play any lucky number and not think about this.
  4. I think 25 USD for top 50 best because so many players try to get top 50 position but top 25 very deficult for small balance players they not get top 25 position.i think if stake give top 100 then more good and interesting.
  5. Ali saher

    Mines money Strat

    Mines is my best and favarite game and last 8,9 months I play mostly mines game because I make so many times good profit with this game and I make small to very big amount like 10k dogecoin to 870k dogecoin.i mostly play with low multiplayer but I change bet amount on every lose bet.i think if you play relx mind this game you make good results.
  6. Ali saher

    Limbo 2020

    Ohh this is very bad if you not hit just 5x multiplayer with 50 rolls . I think if you play just few rolls and you see game this time not going good for you .then you take a break because some time rondamly game give very bad results.
  7. I also love dice game because this is my 1st gambling game . When I start gambling I just play dice game because before stake I just play dice gambling sites. After joining stake I play other games but dice is always my best game.i make so many times good profit with this game.
  8. I think maybe on future bitcoin developer work on this issue and increase this number because if not developer increase then I think bitcoin value affect in future.i hope bitcoin management work on this issue.
  9. I think in future xlm and xrp price and value go up because xrp is a good coin and so many investors buy this coin and I think so much more investment we see on future. Xlm is new coin for me I search more information about this coin.
  10. I not this time guess right but I think in future ripple price must increase because now this is very papular coin and so many exchange use this coin .so I think in future this coin value more up.
  11. Yes I won like 300 USD before few days I make this just one USD to 300 USD within few hours . I think I do more good but after making big I not play carefully that's why not go big amount.
  12. I think this depends on you because if you have so much many then you take risk to increase more price . But if you're a small bitcoin trader then you cashout because this time so risky hold bitcoin. I think price again go down like 7k USD.
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