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  1. Yes now carona virus affect everything and now stock market also going down day by day so this time I think we not easily guess about bitcoin price where go next few months. But I hope when this issue resolved then again price go up.
  2. Welcome to stake community and good luck.
  3. This is good you store your money in online wallet where you easily buy and sell Btc but I not store my money any wallet mostly I trade with cash deposit so I not know I face this problem that's why I not now easily buy and sell Btc for cash.
  4. Ali saher

    Most Hated Game

    When I join stake I play so much this game but after playing mines game I mostly play just mines game. This game very interesting you not feel bored playing this game but if you play long time then you get good results.
  5. This is I think good strategy but if you play long time for small time I not think this strategy work. I mostly play manual bet on 1.45x but I change my bet amount on every lose bet this strategy give mostly good results.
  6. Hey friends, I just today notice stake upgrade new version of dimond poker game and now upgrade payout system now max you hit 50x on this game. I play after few months this game but now very hard to win some profit mostly bets I lose. What you think about new version this is hard then old version .
  7. Today I just see this game new version this is very interesting and now defrent payout on diamonds. I try this game after 5,6 months I think now some players play this game again .
  8. Welcome to stake community and good luck.
  9. I also just today notice this game new version where so many payout and max 50x payout now. I think this is good for this game and so many players try to play this game .
  10. Ohh very nice I just noticed now this game new version.i think I play this game last time before few months. This is good and I think now so many players attract to this game.
  11. I think this is a good strategy but not any strategy work every time. You must decide your strategy after watching few bets then you understand game mod . If you play always same strategy I do don't think you make profit.
  12. I prefer dice because on dice you easily select low or high site but on limbo you not do this. Dice game give so good results but on limbo very hard to win long time game.
  13. As such I not share my bitcoin investment experience to anyone even my family members or my friends not know I invest my some money in bitcoin because I think in my country not think good about this that's why I not share anyone.
  14. Yes so many scamers online work and try to scam I also few times lost my money. But now I think I know so many things that's why I save my money to scamers.and not invest money any new site or any new trading site.