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  1. Yes this is very nice speed now balls very quickly drop before balls very slow drop and so much time waste but now speed is very fast , Today Dev update plinko speed so no this is very helpful for racers and they make more fast bets
  2. I like Hilo because I know how to play this game and this game give me good results this is very easy and simple game and I make some good profit with this game. Other card games I just play few time and I not understand how to play these games that's why I not try these games I just play Hilo card game
  3. Congrats very nice hits on slot today I also contact with support and they active slot on my account I play few bets on slot I not hit some big multiplayer but I enjoy this game. I hope this game give me good results and I make good profit with this game
  4. Yes I think this is new for only VIPs and I think stake start challenges for only VIPs maybe you say right that's why the decrease forum challenges and now only they post 1 weekly challenge . I not participate any challenge but let see new challenges maybe I try this
  5. I think this is new thing for vip only and stake start a new challenges for VIPs only , Maybe this thing attract to non VIPs users and they try to become a vip and participate on VIPs challenges Let see which type challenges stake start here
  6. Slot is a good game I think mostly players play this game because of free spin , I play this game today I not win a free spin but I enjoy this game I don't know very well about this game how to play but I think if I play 3,4 days then I understand this game. I think this is a very nice game
  7. I try so many times but screenshot not send you you read my story on discord
  8. I think you say right monthly coupon delay I think this delay because stake release slot they think when they release slot then sent coupons maybe in 1,2 days they sent coupons, But everyone say soon even today some says tomorrow I see one Dev say this tomorrow release slot and you receive coupons
  9. I think plinko is a good game and slot is a new game and so many people's not know how to play slot game but slot is new game and every one like new game after some days playing this game then I see this game give me good results then plinko or not but in my opinion plinko game better than slot
  10. I think maybe in future stake start this event I think so many sites jackpots event . But I think not easy to hit on jackpot because jackpots requirements very deficult and I not see anyone win jackpot. But maybe stake start a jackpot event in next few months
  11. Ohh yes this is a good idea if challenge winner chose automatically , One time I complete challenge but I post my I'd some late on challenge room that's why I not win anything after this I not participate any challenge. But if winner chose automatically then maybe I again participate these challenges
  12. Today I play slot with 20 pay lines and I not win anything I lose even I not get a free spin , I think 8,10 paylines good for playing because if you get a good hit then you got some big multiplayer . I play every payline one time then I guess what is best payline for playing
  13. Today I play so many bets on slot but I not get a free spin but I think this is very good game I enjoyed playing slot I not know very well this game but I think if I play some days then I know about this game. And congrats you get so much free hits I hope I also get free spin on this game
  14. No I not withdraw because I win or lose I like big amount for withdraw like 0.03 Btc plus
  15. I like slot this is very interesting game but I don't know about slot games very well I play few times this game I just push the button and wait for results. But I think now stake release slot then maybe I learn so much about slot