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  1. I think this depends on my roteen and my balance but I not play long time gambling just I play 1 session 10 to 15 minutes just one time I play continue 7 hours I start my game 11 pm and I play 6 am continuing and this is my best and long session I made 10k dogecoin to 570k dogecoin
  2. No I have no any plan for this year ending last 10 days because everyday same not anything special last 10 day just I like this month because I like cold weather and December last days very cold
  3. I really don't fan hunting big multiplayer because I just want result fast win or lose fast that's why I not play for hunting just some time I play some rolls on keno game for hit some big payout otherwise I don't like hunting
  4. I start proper gambling I think before 1 year 4 months and one day I watch YouTube and I search online bitcoin debit cards then I saw one stake video and I see 1st time so many games in on site then I join stake and no I leave all sites and play just stake mostly
  5. I play gambling last 2 years and I just play for fun gambling that's why not my family and my friends know I play online gambling I'm a successful gambler or not I not tell anybody I play online gambling and I'm unmarried but after marriage I not tell my kids this thing
  6. I not believe this type thinking and I don't chose any number in seed and I not use any number in seed I just play my game and focus on victory I don't decide any number before game
  7. Welcome to stake community and good luck
  8. I think your network problem because I use stake on mobile and my mobile network very fast so I don't get any errors and mostly I play mines game and mines game speed very fast but when my net slow then affect game speed
  9. I don't think any need this thing because so many users use so much alt account so we don't know exact numbers of vip users and I don't think stake add this type things
  10. I don't know about this because I join stake before 10 months maybe old users know about this but I think maybe stake some interesting things arrange for this last day of this year
  11. Ohh very nice if Eddie say this because in my opinion if stake start their own exchange then this is very good and we exchange our coins very fast and we don't easy our time waiting for our coin
  12. No I think not if stake arrange big mega race then maybe I use stake and participate in race otherwise I don't use this I think stake arrange some interesting event on this day
  13. Very nice poem I saw in chat try some stake poems and maybe in future so many users do this type poems very well
  14. Stake all support member really nice person I not choose anyone because so many member talk me very nice when I need help I think stake mostly member very good and nice person
  15. Yes this is right so many times I make very big for just small rain or tip balance and my best is when I receive one time just 2k stoshi and I made with this balance 270k dogecoin just in 3,4 hours