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  1. I play mines game last 10 months this is my best game and I mostly play this game I think this game very fine and not need any change because when you play so much time then game set-up some change then you distrb
  2. This look very nice I try so many time but I not get big hit on limbo maybe I not play so much rolls that's why I not hit big and on starting some time this game hit very big multiplayer I also one time play with 1.5x multiplayer just after few bets game hit 50k X multiplayer
  3. Ali saher

    31 reds in a row

    Limbo good give very bad results on small multiplayer even if you play 1.5x multiplayer you received so many reds if you play same bet amount then you not get good results but if you change bet amount on every lose bet then you get good results I also do this
  4. If you want win big amount with small bet amount then you must need to play on high risk with 5,6 number but if you play big amount bets then you play low risk with 7,8 number
  5. Welcome to stake community and good luck
  6. As such I not try this because when I play I play with some good amount and I change my bet amount on every bet so I not take this type risk yes I saw so many times some players get this type card
  7. Ohh wao this is very big multiplayer on Hilo game you received good card but if you play with some amount then this bet interesting without amount bet I think not looking good and without amount so many times you hit big because you select card without fear
  8. I think when you play big amount rolls then not change side play only one side if you saw game not give good results then refresh page and change bet amount on every lose bet this is good for fast increase balance
  9. If play with some good amount bets then so good I saw so many time when we play with very low amount bets then we hit big some time but as such when I play some big amount bets I not hit a single time 99x can you tell me how many rolls after you hit this
  10. Hey friends, Today Saturday and on stake every Saturday event mega race every mega race I plan I get top 50 position but I not successful but today I totally control game and I hope I play good and get top 50 position. You make any plan for mega race or you play normal game
  11. Welcome to stake community and good luck
  12. Everyone know giveaway for first 100 posters but no everyone saw how much already post on this topic and maybe everyone received something so this is no problems 100 before react on this post
  13. Ohh very nice and looking good you complete challenge within small time and invest small amount I not participate any challenge but I try when I free I participate challenges and try to win some prize
  14. This is good hit I think when we open 8,9 diamonds then we must try to go with some big multiplayer because this time we have chance to hit big and this is very easy guess where is bobms
  15. Hey friends, Mines is a very nice and interesting game when I join stake I not watch and play this game before joining stake I just now play this game in my opinion in stake mines game best if you increase very fast your balance because I experience so many times I make very small to big amount just within small time. You think this is best game for fast increase balance or you prefer some other game