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  1. Mines my favourite game and I play always mines on stake mines is a very easy but very dangerous game this game increase your balance very fast many times I win big and I lose big amount I don't know what is my biggest amount bit but I think this is 70k doge plus but I know 6,7 time bye mistake I lose biggest amount like 120k doge 115k doge mean 100k plus doge many time I lose one bit
  2. Yes free money bust very fast any giveaway or gifts lose very fast maybe this is free money that's why we don't care and not play safe when we deposit then we play very carefully
  3. Mines is my best game because my all profit make playing mines I mostly play 4,5 mines but every bit I change bit amount mines is a very good and fast increase balance but becareful mines is a very dangerous no take risk I mostly give brake 2,3 days then I play mines because if you regular play mines not give you anything if you give break then mines give you alot of chances for winning something
  4. Nice very good congrats you make some amount this strategy I think when your luck working all strategy work and when your luck not working then you lose on 1.01 payout I play on stake last 6 months I not try to big payout I just play 2x 3x payout but not play same amount I play very fast my every bit amount change I just play this strategy every bit I increase my bit amount
  5. I think low balance not benefit for playing plinko you see some new users they just checking plinko with low balance and try maybe hit 1000x I think if you have a good balance then good playing plinoo
  6. I play on stake last 6 months and i think I'm in profit how much profit I don't know because I never count amount
  7. Wow I like sports betting and I also play one other site sports betting I think if stake start this is very good and I like mostly cricket sports betting I think if stake add cricket betting this is very good for many users like cricket
  8. Ali saher


    Welcome to stake community I hope you enjoy and got some experience here
  9. I join stake before 6 months and I make very time some good amount but max my biggest amount is 550000 dogecoin I just start my game with 10k dogecoin and within 5,6 hours playing I reach 550k doge this is my best in stake
  10. I think plinko is a very good game for increased the balance and wegared amounts I am think low risk very good for this you increase small balance to with plinko and you not lose balance this low risk
  11. I already use sports betting other site but mostly I love sports betting on cricket let see when stake add sports betting options they can which type sports events add for betting if stake add cricket then I use this for betting because I know very well about cricket and others games I not follow
  12. Before join stake I play 5,6 gambling sites but after joining stake i play mostly on stake but I give some times others sites . Stake is a good site everything perfect that's why my mostly time now spend on stake
  13. Xrp play for gambling I think not good for me always when I play with ripple I lose I don't like this coin for game but I see many people use for gambling this coins and they win bigs amount
  14. Wao this is Great hit so big payout playing mines you get big payout I like mines and I win big amount playing mines but my max hi on mines 120x
  15. I do a job and I used my extra money for buy Btc and then deposit for gambling I just use my extra money for this