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  1. I use forum for earning and for information because I not so much active in chat and not everyday so this is good thing on forum post every information about stake and about new events and challenges
  2. I really don't know about this deposit affect on rewards and coupons but I think this depends but mostly decided your reward and coupons amount your wegar you play big wegar then you received big amount coupons
  3. Hey friends, I set a target before start this year 2020 1st month target 1 Btc today 17 January and I think I make 0.17 Btc and I hope I complete this target end of this month because I win a good amount What is your target and your target progress
  4. Welcome to stake community and good luck
  5. Very nice idea if stake start this type even then I think stake forum more active and more users give some time on forum maybe in future stake do this because stake always take players ideas
  6. This is a nice idea if everyone create a profile for his game results big winning and big hits that's nice for new users but I think not everyone do this just some users maybe create this type profile
  7. This time stake work good but everything not work every time I don't know how much time more stake work but if stake owner work hard always then stake work so long time
  8. Yes few days stake so much errors and affect game speed few time when you play game and you focus on game then you received error and your all mind confused and this affect on game results I hope stake soon resolve all this type issues
  9. I think you say right some players maybe want change nickname but as a such I not have any issues with this nick and I think stake not allowed to change user name
  10. I just few times before participate some challenges one time I complete challenge but when I post bet id someone already post id after this day I not participate any challenge I think stake need to automatically select winners
  11. I think this good if anyone not follow the rules then stake mute him because every good community always follow the rules I think stake system very nice just who is not follow rules then mod mute him
  12. 1st of all I not just use this account this account I use just small time I use defrent account and my wegar so much and other thing if I play with a goal I know I do this just 4,5 days before I made 2k dogecoin to 850k dogecoin and I think if I play cool mind I do this
  13. I not say stake must give yearly bonus I just give a idea and ask old users stake give yearly bonuse or not and other thing in my opinion if stake give yearly bonus and not give this month monthly bonus then I think this is very nice thing
  14. Yes I think this is right time for invest in bitcoin because in my experience price go up this month maybe touch 12k end of this month I also try to invest some in bitcoin few months I think price go up not go down
  15. I read this article before few months but I don't think bitcoin price go up later me 50k USD iny opinion max price if go up then 20k plus something this is I think right in 2020 price go up and this is best time for invest in bitcoin because in my experience price not go down next few months
  16. Hey friends, Bitcoin price again go up this time price 8700 use in my opinion price go 10k plus this month so I think this is good time if anyone want invest in bitcoin I also try to invest some good money in bitcoin, What you think this is good time buy btc or you think price again go down
  17. Hey friends, Mines is my best game and mostly I play this game because I make so many times small to big but I play small multiplayer but I change bet amount every bet now I want try some big multiplayer on mines , Give me your best strategy for big multiplayer I try your strategies
  18. I think slot depends on luck if you lucky you win big otherwise you lose very fast on slot
  19. I not know about this coin even I have no wallet for this coin I just play one time with TRX when stake give this coin promotion coupons this is very nice coin like dogecoin I think in future we see so many player use this coin
  20. I think new users on stake journey very nice because on stake so many good things when I join stake I just play dice game on other sites I not play any other game my start on stake very fine and I always enjoy on stake
  21. I think you say right so many times our luck give chance and we make good profit but the end we do some mistakes and lose all balance I think after making big if we take a break and after break play cool mind then results so good for us
  22. After joining stake I leave other sites and I not use so much sites so I don't know about other sites benefits and bonuse few months later stake give good bonuse and coupons and rakeback, and other extra bonus Eddie and support team give users but last 1,2 months stake not give any extra bonus even Eddie also not give and benefits amount day by day small mostly now stake owner focus on challenges and other this type things and in challenges just few players win I think if stake not change this then maybe so many users go other sites
  23. Hey friends, When I join stake then mostly I play wheel game but last 5,6 months I not one time play this game because on wheel not you hit big multiplayer like other games I think if stake Dev some change payout this game then again so many players use this game What you think stake change payout or other thing wheel game