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  1. The keno is a very good game for me it often brought me big multiplier like x700 or X350 I never play the same pattern and the same risk I prefer alternated even if these small multiclator which often falls celas brought profit in your balance and this is not negligible accumulated small multipliers against a big one may be more profitable
  2. it seems interesting to know what it is i look forward to revelation days If it attracts so many people and that its talked about a lot that it must be a huge novelty for stake and these players
  3. I never borrowed money from anyone to play gambling I take everything from my pocket and I allow myself to play only what I can afford to play and lose I have always set my limits at a certain amount deposited weekly or monthly depending on what I put aside and I lose
  4. the same things happened to me but over a long period I stopped playing for a few days to question my deposits, loss and gain in order to set uncomplicated goals Certainly stake es a casino but on the casinos we are not always winning and it is necessary to know at a moment stopped and to take a break to have a good morale
  5. you have to be patient to have news we have a smooth site with a variety of games but the big changes do not happen in a snap of fingers after As said @Thepug for the slot machine we had the right for almost 1 month with the slots has a waiting message desuss (coming soon) for me I prefer that he does not say it too quickly and that he does not put it on the site waiting for a month but a short duration now let's wait for the next changes and the deadlines but it must be recognized that the developer and the staff are doing a great job so that stake is always very fluid and that there is more and more player
  6. my favorite game and which allowed me to make some profit was keno and slots limbo I always fall despite some big hit but I'm always looking for more so I always fall
  7. My best experience last year has been to take on me the bad moments which have been beneficial to me and which have allowed me to master my game and my balance