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  1. most of the time I play at hilo I bust loses the game on 7 I think for many on hilo 7 is the black figure of the game for me I spend it all the time
  2. my greatest success without me expecting 2 x 1000 plinko in a few seconds of deviation I believed a bug but no it was beautiful and very real
  3. I think that they are reviewing the rainbot simply but it will come back soon you do not worry or just be a bug and it no longer distributes maybe we'll have another new share to port at the rainbot
  4. I played on many sites and it is true that stake is very covivial and the rewards are very present I spend my free time on stake and I do not get tired
  5. Hi there is a bad person who usurps the nickname of some player with a letter or more like it and claims pieces that should be referred to the support for scam and beg intempesstif in my opinion
  6. I think that to participate in a mega race it takes a minimum of balance and played secure without too much big multiplier played small while making the profit but the mega races are very hard with the big player
  7. I change very rarely seed for me the seed is only mental every seed has a rate of gain
  8. For hunted big multiplier with a minimum of gain I play on the keno after if there are mines that also gives huge multiplier or limbo
  9. No gambling is safe at the casino the only things and the luck you can have or not
  10. my first game that I played on stake was keno and then the plinko where I managed my first victory
  11. I like to take big risk with the big multiplier I play small that it is in keno or the mines with big multiplier and I chase up to get but good times it works other not all times
  12. I also find that beggars when we hit a big hit I take my case at keno or I miss click my bet and I had the x270 on a big stroke of luck I shared my victory in chat and the j got messages asking for help all I just ignored these person who ruins the player experience