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  1. Stake must remain as it is currently simple and not associated with any license other than his own that would spoil the pleasure of many at least stake is not under the pressure of the provider desd other provider seeing that they are independent of themselves
  2. I will give my point of view on the current slot machine for me it is good despite that I am a big fan of slots but by dint of playing it I feel a disgust for the sounds of the machine and the graphics of roller make them not exceptional I think that adding 1 or 2 other slot machine with other graphics and sounds would be a good point to avoid always playing on the same and this tired of one
  3. It is possible to play, deposit as well as withdraw the TRX but I very rarely play with this crypto despite its low value
  4. I withdraw each time the minimum withdrawable of the times it happens to me to continue when I am above but I always withdraw in time to not break the deposit and make a minimum profit
  5. For me new users quickly find their benchmark the site is easy to use Everything is simplified whether its for bet on games or sports betting
  6. most of the time I play at hilo I bust loses the game on 7 I think for many on hilo 7 is the black figure of the game for me I spend it all the time
  7. my greatest success without me expecting 2 x 1000 plinko in a few seconds of deviation I believed a bug but no it was beautiful and very real
  8. I think that they are reviewing the rainbot simply but it will come back soon you do not worry or just be a bug and it no longer distributes maybe we'll have another new share to port at the rainbot