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  1. the chances of winning or losing do not change according to the PC or the smarthpone they are exactly the same in my opinion
  2. I play mostly BTC is the only parts that I stock or I converted the other crypto BTC but I think spent on XRP or dodge soon
  3. I tried to play on two simultaneously simultaneously at the beginning we are well focused but after o nce lmaisse quickly overwhelmed the events and we do not forcibly pay attention to what happens on one of the two casinos and we ended up losing
  4. the program is purely random and that is for impossible broke for won all the time those the casino be won either we lose those the goal of the casino
  5. I never thought about it and I would never think of letting a trusted person play with my money
  6. My craziest session was also in plinko after 45 minutes on the mode I held the gral 2x the x1000 at the end of the session I was happy but on small bet allowed that I withdraw anyway
  7. I think that it would require too much money to create its own crypto but also that this crypto should also be listed and it requires a lot of energy and funding
  8. Good analysis of the missing functionality, but what it will not make the dice slower and heavier launched
  9. I am very impatient that the slots open finally because I like played slot machine and played at the casino and I also think that the slots will make me played h24 on this mods
  10. I really like the idea of adding a tab wager a week and it would allow me to see how much I bet the week and also see the amount of rakeback request with this tab that would be good to be added