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  1. Heheh.. Thank you.. 😊😊
  2. anjie2288 The different types of me.. Hahaha 😁😁😋😋😂😂
  3. Congrats to all winners.. Have a merry Christmas.
  4. How much is your First Big win in here? What game? And what did you think at that time?
  5. Yeah I think they're good too but you need to have more coins. 😁😁
  6. Mines first ever casino played and first casino where I played stake hehe
  7. I've been a member here on stake I think 2018 but stop on 2019 November and play again last May 2020 hehhe
  8. Nice. Thank you for these Tips, I think I will try to play the Bacarrat now and I will follow your advice regarding om betting.. I thank you sir.. I goodluck too..
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