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  1. Heheh.. Thank you.. 😊😊
  2. anjie2288 The different types of me.. Hahaha 😁😁😋😋😂😂
  3. Congrats to all winners.. Have a merry Christmas.
  4. How much is your First Big win in here? What game? And what did you think at that time?
  5. Yeah I think they're good too but you need to have more coins. 😁😁
  6. Mines first ever casino played and first casino where I played stake hehe
  7. I've been a member here on stake I think 2018 but stop on 2019 November and play again last May 2020 hehhe
  8. Nice. Thank you for these Tips, I think I will try to play the Bacarrat now and I will follow your advice regarding om betting.. I thank you sir.. I goodluck too..
  9. Anyone here who has a favorite game in stake that even though he or she is losing still wanted to try and try again maybe his or her luck is around the corner and can't stop playing it? Because mine is Plinko and Crash that even though I'm losing I'm still trying my luck to the last coins I have till lose all 🤣🤣🤣
  10. How do you feel on your first payout or withdrawal?
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