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  1. seanwattson Good luck on a good stream today!
  2. I dont whine abiut monthly....mic drop! Name:seanwattson green
  3. seanwattson. Good luck all! Vermillion
  4. Well, I remember a long time ago when i was maybe a bronze level, some people in chat said to just stick with stake, the longer you're here the more you'll understand. It's not something you can formulate into words but you just have this feeling. Like, when people ask, should I go for 1000x in plinko. Those of us that have been here a while knows whem its time as there is no need to ask, you know when you know. Notice any difference in sounds or sights? Pay attention and stay green!รท!!
  5. Thanks for everything stake! @seanwattson Yellow
  6. Ummm Sweet Bonanza X-Mas, it's my worst damn enemy. I have never hit on it. I even paid for a $800 bonus spins and it paid 80 dollars back.....never will I ever! Thats my one and only self banned slot!
  7. EZ Money, Thanks Stake for being awesome last week or so. I hope support team had a great Christmas. Verfied User: seanwattson Green!
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