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  1. Giod luck everyone, thank for being awesome Stake! Teal @seanwattson
  2. HILO: 46,485,425,574 placed by seanwattson on 07/06/2021 Wagered 1.17000000 Multiplier 11.575509x Profit 12.37334506 8 cards:
  3. Have you tried searching the forium? This forum has been here for years and has tons of info........just look....
  4. Go to betsesh.stake.com and go to view bets. Uoload your downloaded .gz file and upload this and pick the amount of bets you would like to view at once and then you cann"query" your search to narrow down the nets. One issue, the slots and some of the other games come up as either sports bets or an error but you can still view the rest. To get the rest of the bets you have to do the old fashioned way by using excel and then making columns and sorting and that takes a minute to finally get it down. Let me know if you need help! O/
  5. Well sounds good but they throw all types of promotions for the originals all the time so its not like we are missing out but I totally understand for sure!
  6. @Ghostnippletell me what you need specifically
  7. I am nearing half a million rolls on current seed and I would love to contribute to the study as long as I am made privy to info.
  8. Is Eugene ghostnips alt? I remember Eugene telling a story very similar!! πŸ€”πŸ€”Anywho, grats on such an impossible task. One question though when did you decide during these bets that you were going for something this big?
  9. What strat could we conjure up with these stats? What info is really juicy here or am I missing it?
  10. Tristan is banned for mocking Stake employee! Ban ban!
  11. Good game as I cam see lol. Almost similar but different. I'll throw a couple hundred on it a few times and give it a try! Stay green!
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