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  1. http://imgur.com/gallery/u8T1Cxj Good luck everyone. Fun/Funny stories!
  2. Definitely should look into payout to those who are wagering 500 btc a day! I dont know which formula you would use but a % +/- based on balance that was more fair. Say Pug has .5 eth and profited .35 has 70% profit made and Charlie has 20 btc and won 5 btc although he won more money the percentage is only 25%. That way both sides can have a piece of the pie!
  3. Since it has a ninja theme and ninja is a verb (yes, in stake ninja is a verb AND a noun!) To be the person who rains or gives you a good tip. The verb to ninja someone is the act of giving said tip or rain. I would propose the name Ninja'd! Well cause the game is gonna have big payout without having to set the number of lines and to be able to hit that big multiplier no matter the amount of line you choose. This what the game will do when you when big. "You just got ninja'd!" Or either you ninja'd the slot because either you are paying it or its paying you! Plus it's more appealing than the normal boring names we have right now. It would add some risque to it!
  4. SLOTS: 24,915,894,187 placed by seanwattson on 25/06/2020 Wagered 1.00000000 Multiplier 293.6x Profit 292.60000000
  5. EZ Money EZ Money EZ Money EZ Money @seanwattson EZ Money EZ Money EZ Money EZ Money
  6. Listen the problem is all the alts in the pool to be drawn. There are soooo many you wouldn't believe it. That's my only problem with it and that's why you only see players you know get picked! Listen man, I have been trying to win on Eddie's stream for the longest! At least a year but probably really pushing 1 1/2 years. Not have I won once on the stream. Does it suck, of course. Is eddie or the mods cheating also, of course not. They are gonna give the money away. The only time I see where they are hesitant is when someone wins twice! That happens frequently. Let me ask you one thing though, how the hell does Eddie have the pull to contact Google and have their random number generator rigged?! Impossible. We are getting unlucky but it's not because they are trying to not pick us lol. Stay green my friend!
  7. I love all these ideas which mostly have been done before.I guess people dont see it all the time. My only suggestion on telegram challenges would be to have them 2x a day. The race is already hard to play along with and watch Eddie's stream because I have to get up super early. If we had itnta8ce a day I think it would even out the players and give.everyone else a chance to win! Just my 2 cents!
  8. I am agreeing with etude: If you try typing anything over 1mx Indont believe it will let you. Wow, though, I dont believe that I have ever seen that high number reached before. Don't forget over it though you wanted your target and you recieved it! Good luck and stay green my friend!