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  1. @seanwattson. EZ Money EZ Money Stake=❤
  2. @seanwattson Good luck every, even YOU! Yes Eddie you seem to have slacked a little last streams, time to step it up! EZ Money! GOLD!
  3. @seanwattson Good luck every, even YOU! Yes Eddie you seem to have slacked a little last streams, time to step it up! EZ Money!
  4. Thank you for the ones that actually read the damn post! Would it be nice to say "Hey! Nice Win!" When they lost all of it almost back! For those of you that read it and sympathized, thank you. Please learn from my mistakes, please!
  5. First off fellow stakers...Hello, I hope all are doing well. Please learn from others mistakes and not through your own volition. I know for a fact that I would much prefer to learn a hard lesson through someone else, however if you're heard headed like myself...well, that isn't so easy all the time! I got up a really good balance and started playing plinko. I had a feeling I was gonna hit big so ai adjusted my bdt and went for 100x. It brought my balance to half a bitcoin then all of a sudden my adrenaline started flowing. I should have stopped but I kept getting greedy. Lost half my
  6. Well i could help only if i could get on the team. I wouldn't be the best player but I would put more work in then some! Get me added and I have yalls back!
  7. I commend the anthropologist in you my friend. Spreading the greater good! In my opinion, here inlays the science of the laws of attraction and is administered here and I bet you already have so much positivity in and around you. On the subject of the rules for this "task", I believe what you set for the prizes is very fair. I agree as well that you are the determining judge of quality because you're paying for this to begin with. So I'll come back after some time and read everyone's post that I don't catch initially. As a forum poster since the my beginnings here I love to read s
  8. I'm sure it held a lot of memory on their servers. Also, to boot I think they were thinking not many people were gonna be playing the classics so much now that we have stake 3.0. I agree with you man, but change is the only constant andnits out of our hands now. I doubt our voice would make any difference ether. Sorry to see it go
  9. @seanwattson EZ Money Doghouse!
  10. If you're coming to me with business ideas then there only a few things it would be about. First off, if you want to make money in something then you need to know about it and about 2 others that know even more. Knowledge is key. So that means restaurants and wine would be why you would approach me, however I wouldn't start with this idea. I would first gain your trust by diversifying the money into more than one source that were 100% guaranteed results. It may not be much at first but still profit. They say a millionaire on average has 7 ways of generating income. After gaining you
  11. Man to @Steve and @Uros who put in work to keep that thing open and my hats off to you guys. You are right, its time we move forward. We will remember the impossible to win public giveaway and redeem your prize here, but we can't try to keep a old dog alive. We all need to remember that we already have the BEST community ever online and we don't need to have a discord to keep it going. Good job team!
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