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  1. @Steve I commented that loopoo would be in top 50, also got top 10. O know I posted it and cant find it. If you could tell me how to search such thing let me know. I would really appreciate the coins, however you're a busy man and understand if I am a noob and maybe did it wrong. I will always love stake regardless.
  2. Sp to let everyone know who is interested on how to do this you must change the node 1 number higher, (if it was 1, then 2, if it was 5 then 6), this will cancel out the first transaction since it was never competed. The old transaction will come back to u and the new transaction will go through. Also try sending .00 transaction back to your own wallet. If you have checked the ledger and your send was confirmed there is a small chance it is forever gone. Message me if you need help with this!
  3. The only miracle that has happened to me is.if I get a good win and actually withdraw it, then that my friend is when a miracle has happened to me! I just try doing that as it is harder for me than probably the usual person!
  4. This is where the live stats come in place for me. Forst off, I never try to recover a previous balance but I see what you mean. Sometimes I double the next bet, depending on the game, payout, etc., but what works good for me is to change games often. Take breaks in chat, you know. If you play the same game on hours end then you WILL lose! Have a small profit go in mind and make sure to bet wisely!
  5. Highest hit on this game is about 240x. It is really difficult as I am learning how to play with different strategies. The wilder the strategies the more I lose so i try to keep it simple and concentrate on smaller profits but more consistancy.
  6. I cam see both sides of the coin on this one but knowing how fair stake is I am sure it will be rad! Although I do agree just keep it in wraps until ready to be released as you have us on edge, not wanting to spend much money waiting for the "big day"! It is going to be awesome amd after playing the first one for a little bit we will all have some feedback I'm sure. Let's just slow our roll a little!
  7. Also there is a strong community in ask gamblers website. There you can actually make a claim where you show proof and they have to show proof. It usually makes them change their minds. Also, it helps players from joining such websites. You can check the fairness and everything of any online casinos. At the very least just check ot out. Also, I was a regular of theirs for a while but found stake amdnlive it here! If you need any assistance you can reach out and I can help you! Stake rocks!
  8. Bravo! This is perfect and especially the part as being an active and POSITIVE member of the community. That's what sets us apart from other online casinos. We are friends and here to help as well. I remember when I first got active I stayed in the forum reading and learning about our community so let's give back to those who help keep it positive and running and if you're a noob reading this and find yourself having a question or 2. Reach out. You can send me a friend request and ask away. I remember when I was a good 2 months in and wandered why I wasnt recieving any rain. After reading and reading, I finally found out why! I felt so dumb but all I had to do was reach out and ask!
  9. That is for the info. Although I haven't been able to earn Satoshi yet as my post count is not high enough I will now know the hiw to when I am able, thanks!
  10. Wow very true light on the life of a gambler. He admitted he was going and going and couldnt stop. 500 btc!? I would have cashed out sooo quickly! However, let us learn from other people's mistake with going through it ourselves. If you win WOTHDRAW! Love the honesty and integrity to this!
  11. Love this post. This almost reminds me where it is usually called aces and 9's. Similar strategy as in prioritizing and keeping cards and sometimes risking the make my money back play amd go for the big reward. I have hit 4 of a kind many many times, however the royal flush is damn near impossible. Thanks for the tips!
  12. As a person who was a victim of a sex crime I really dont have to speak any more. This has my heart 💔
  13. First off, this didn't happen to this site but I was sending some ETH from an online wallet and shows up as a successful transaction however it is nowhere. I have a feeling that it needs a little gas to be pushed through by "changing the node"???. I am a noob on this subject and the reason I love our community that we have where we can rely on one another! Can someone help though!