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  1. Awesome. It's good when you find out the game your seed is liking and you attack it for everything it has. Also, I am glad you were able to withdraw. Fantastic! Also, it shows that a woman will love anything that gives her money! Lol, jk I would love it too!
  2. Yes I love it. One thing Ione to do is play 3 lines with a decent amount for maybe 200 rolls. After that i will stop it quickly, then bump it to 13 lines+. Up the wager and keep rolling. It seems to me that everything tries to line together when on 3 lines so when you start seeing a lot of same symbols starting to group together bump up wager and watch what happens. My biggest hit was on 3 lines and I got 500x but we will see if I do betting in the future.
  3. That's what I was thinking about this morning when I was giving it a few rolls. I played for about 20 min on auto bet and it didnt hit 150x one time. I was like eth is going on. I do like the new layout and better payout but damn this game is super hard. Will not be playing that one much.
  4. Wow, this is a game I am not fond of because I think it is so wishy washy but to put .02 on one bet is crazy! I'm glad you hit it though man good one! My initial balance was .3 eth I beleive. I was playing VIP battles all day and the min bet was like .37 xrp. Well I wasnt playong attention to what I was doing and played .37 eth instead! When I hit it I was thinking I know something happened but something isnt right. When i look and saw eth, I was like oh my God! I have hit something in similar fashion. Goes to show you anybody can get lucky and win big money! Stake=❤
  5. seanwattson

    Plinko 1000x

    And the secret magnet adds or takes away from the 1/32k chance? Jk, we know it's the graphics trying to match outcome. However there is a way to sort of push these odds in your favor! I will tell how one day, if you think you know message me and tell me and I will tell you my strat!
  6. Nice bankroll to start with but I never have used this strat. I may play around with it to see what happens! How do you come up with 11.2? Is that maxing out his name after 12 reds or so? I am curious on your thought process.....
  7. One guy did this and posted it on YouTube. I think he was a hr also so I think it was something ridiculous but I honestly dont remember. Try looking it up and you will be able to see what i am talking about, but I havent seen an update here lately man. I hope you didn't fall into temptation. We wouldn't be mad if you did, as many has said before, that's really brave of you to try and if you do it than that's better than I could've done myself. Good luck man and give us and update from time to time.
  8. I am not a fan of this one anymore. As I have tried to get accustomed to it I have decided it is not for me. It is for guys like Neil's who wagering is so far out of my league. I want the mini races to return. Someone please tell Eddie to bring them back I am wanting to race again!
  9. I beleive you that you do need a high balance because I tried playing again this morning and didnt hit one 50x out of 300 rolls! Wow, that's tough! Yes sir! I agree as well with most of my shots this morning getting about 50% at .1! Definitely better payout but definitely much harder! Well my friend we would have to agree to disagree on one subject. That would be that this is a shit game or the fact that it is not better. It definitely is a better game but with these payouts barely hitting I would suffice to say the game "will do".
  10. Hello all. Thought I would share a little with you. I am a very stubborn and hard headed person. So when first started here I played with same strat forever. Prob only until gold did I start to try different things. I still haven't played baccarat if that tells you anything! So what I wanted to share or really ask and get different perspectives is what correlation does repetition and seed have in common? Have you noticed any and what have you done for it to work in your advantage? Lastly, I will give an example and then hopefully we can dissect this together. So, if you put you target on dice at at 12x. And roll about 20 times you may get a hit and u may not. All of a sudden switch it to under/over depending on which side you started on. Did it hit? If not switch back over and roll a few more times and switch back. Getting closer huh?! You will soon start seeing the dice getting closer to the target! If you keep doing that for too long though you will see your seed start giving up and you won't be able to hit it much anymore. Some people decide to switch their seed here, some people switch strat, lastly some switch games! Tell me has this happened to you? What strat do you use that this exemplifies? I would love to read some of your responses! Thanks and stay green!
  11. HODL that shit. You know eth has been top 3 crypto since its forking and I dont see it going anywhere soon. Woth it being much cheaper than bitcoin amd the price of transaction I dont see the coin going anywhere anytime soon. Good luck and hope you male the right decision!
  12. So after hearing all of the April fools jokes and memes I wanted to ask the members a question. Has anyone heard anything about the new slots. Because of my time zone I missed Eddie's stream for the most part and didn't hear anything about it at all. I understand he is not trying to repeat from last time. He told us 2 weeks and ended up being a month and I am sure people were riding his ass. What would you like to see on the new slots? I would like to see a little more variation, a little more bonus spins and scatters. We all know that the bets would increase and the house edge but that's what makes it fun!
  13. I didnt hear any new news actually I'm making a post now to see if I can get any new info! Thanks for the reminder!