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  1. seanwattson

    The Sound of Keno

    Not really addicting but note trance setting. Almost like very deep bass that hits every 4th beat or so. You start hitting on that 4th bet and it seems like you keep hitting on that 4th beat and then you are counting and noticing (it only seems that way because you are in a trance) obviously as you are zoned in. After that, you notice maybe not every 4th one more like 6th now. Finally you look at your balance and boom! Gone! Entire balance is gone Nicole and that's why! Lol, stay green!
  2. Well maybe so, but from my understanding people were stealing info from it or something. Well whatever it was I hope they fix that and not scrap the whole idea! It would be awesome to just look back at past wins!
  3. Who has the best signature on forum? Bi bet some people have a funny one!
  4. He was pretty dead on! You can search your bets in the archive. They are .json which are java script files. Now essentially this is a group of repeated letters amd numbers scrunched together. If you use excel you can import .json files and have it sorted out onto a table from all the things you want included, i.e; nonce, bet I'd, etc. Hell, you can even find a bet if you remember the exact bet amount, or even the multiplier. I have done it before so I know it wasnt that hard, but it wasn't easy either. If you see me in chat, just ask and I will help!
  5. I see your point, however let me explain. Your stop loss 2000 sats started at 0 so any bet that would cause you to go -2000 would be stopped. However we are speaking of loss, so if you hit a few wins in a row then you "loss" doesn't start until then. Say you were up 5000 sats and, well after 4 losses it has you at a loss of 400 (balance 4600). You keep letting it go but loss after loss came and soon as that bet would cause your balance to drop to 3000 or below it would stop that bet. Then once you decided to switch up your bet a little the whole thing resets itself so that is where your loss would start. Makes sense? I will help you understand and I can see the way someone can think this.
  6. Hahaha, the stake factor! Love it! That's what makes stake unique and love it more than the regualr casinos. Regular casinos don't have the chat rooms, they don't have verifiable bets, they dont have 24/7/365 support that answers you and is on the orible in 3 mintues?! I doubt it. Although I respect your opinion, I would have to kindly disagree. I do agree on your thoughts of stake modernizing would have lot more people on their site but they don't have to "keep up with the Jones", they just need to pay us out more lol. I'm sure Eddie's pocket wouldn't get hurt by an extra 1 to 2 percent..... yeah right! Lol, stay green!
  7. So I have never used a bot before and I am interested in trying one out. Is everyone's experience one a positive one? I'm sure you cant use these for a long run, more like here and there. Most bots I have seen is used for hours only generate 1k sats. I am sure feom all user of precious version very positive response I look forward to trying it a few times!
  8. Man congrats on the wonderful and obviously a coveted one haha. I know this is different for all people but silver to gold was harder than any of them. I stayed gold for maybe 2 weeks and after a really good race I had plat. Not much difference really but I wished the bonus were just a tad higher. Its like I want to see one of the employees make an alt and try on their own without free money to play with. I think only then would we get the respect we actually deserve. Well, good luck man, parabens!
  9. Not only do I think this would be useful and an awesome thing to have, it is an accomplishment you can go look at or reference when playing around. I loved the idea about pressing a button for the question if you would like to save this bet. Just like Messi and Ronaldo, we would have our "trophies" to glance at from time to time. Steve has another project cut out for him let's see how long it takes!
  10. Hello stakers. I am moving soon. around dnd Jan. or early February. It is definitely time but ita8coming quickly. I say this as I am on the road to 2000. That would help me out a lot. So stakers. You have roughly 2 weeks to make 2 grand. How would you attack it and explaiN. I personally would make a daily goas mutopliy by martingale it to max goal!
  11. _We all definitely need a reminder of this from time to time. For example, I constantly was hearing in chat about blackjack and how to play it. I was dumbfounded but remembered that at one point I didn't know! So I went and started writing out certain tips and basic strategy. You guys know I will write a book in no time so I finished it up and posted it I have recieved more"thank you" from than than any other post. We have a badass community!
  12. seanwattson

    Plinko 1000x

    I literally went through. 006 btc at 2k sats per bet. Still didn't hit 1000x. I have done before on manually but hearing that it is easier on auto i have been trying for 2 months now and still won't come. Also, i have the fear that when it does I will have a 1 sat bet on it! Story of my life!
  13. Now this is not going to be a step by step topic as I am sure someone has done that already. This is a reminder to some and new info for noobs. Have you ever wanted to go back and see a bet but it was past the 50 bet market and was put in archives. Did you know you can save a days worth of wagers, well up to 500 of them. You can save this as a .json file which is an java script file. Also you will need either excel or python. There are a few ways to do this but I like excel as I use it all the time. You can import. Json file to excel and start a table and it will scan all info and will be able to sort it automatically. That will help you when picking what specifics you want in the spreadsheet, i.e.; bet i.d.,wager, payout, payout result, currency used. It detects and groups them by what info you want. If you have ever worked with excel you know it is s beauty when sorting and gathering data with. Like I said, not a strong by step but just a general idea of how it's done and a heads up to those that didn't know. Good luck!
  14. You defbseena pattern especially when doing auto bet. Give it a try! Put a wager on any number then do auto bet with a loss %;increase. Yiu will see the "dealer" purposefully try to dodge that number. I have gone from 100 sats in balance to over 30k sats in 3 minutes doing this same thing using 4 numbers. Try to place then at 12, 3, 6 and 9 position. That way can really avoid a certain number and cross your fingers it doesn't hit 10 reds in a row. Either go big or go home right!?
  15. Hello stakers. Today stake smoking really sad. No support around, no Eddie, lots of people gone due to post Christmas Christmas in Serbia lol. This made me tell myself that I should vault more. It's times like these when there are no hourly rains from Eddie, or awesome trivia done by Thuggy. Save up for the hard times. Also, I would love people to leave their honest answer to how often do you vault? How much of a big win to you vault? Do you vault all except original deposit. Do you run right to it after a bust. Please share your experiences with this. Whether if it has or has not helped you and does it truly benefit you. Thanks for sharing as I know there will be many different answers!