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  1. Post question of the year!
  2. Depends on your moms crack habit!
  3. Cause I'm stake og and attend every stream, and I'm a bad ass! Thanks! @seanwattson
  4. Good luck everyone! Thanks Stake! username=seanwattson Orange
  5. Good luck!let's have some fun today! Username: seanwattson Blue
  6. Everyday of course 10/14 badges so its an official og!
  7. MINES: 56,604,953,708 placed by seanwattson on 20/09/2021 Wagered 0.00002400 Multiplier 12.041827x Profit 0.00026500
  8. @seanwattson Good luck everyone! Eddie! Indigo
  9. πŸ™„ Guys please, not on my post. Go make your own but not on mine, thanks. Good luck!
  10. Prob 130 but should be 250 n top players o/ Good bok Luck bok!
  11. Coinomi because you can set it up as a seg wit wallet and the trans fees are ridiculously low!
  12. Good luck every1, @seanwattson Color: Violet
  13. My friend I am in no way accusing anyone of anything. I'm just simply stating some things that have been said in our chat rooms in front of everyone and most people feel like it is undeserving. Also that was just last raffle how about showing say 2 or 3 raffles before that....I honestly don't care about the 5k, I care more about what my community is struggling to accept, which i have already accepted. The only ones who try and say something completely shit the idea down. It's ok man πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ. I'm not losing any sleep and neither will the high rollers when they go to the next casino down the road. Then who is left to pick up the pieces..Wow this is a tough crowd!
  14. Its thentop 250 players in a month. Given out usually on the first of the month and there's no way to tell if you're gonna get it because sometimes you think you have wagered enough but fall short. I would say with all the new people coming, I could guess where the line would be but 175k used to be safe to get it. Probably 250k or more now. Thats about all I know about it, stay green!
  15. Whom? Valid points i do agree but wheres the value from the consumers standpoint and I mean the masses not the few who are really winning all these? For the ones who have wagered say a few million over a 3 year period? Plat 4 and 5s who was there for every Christmas and Birthday minus 1 year? It just disappointing.... Ummm....I never said anything about U.s., I was just repeating what other people was saying, 🀣🀣🀣🀣. I thought maybe a world holiday since we all need breaks from time to time! Lol.
  16. I don't understand..if someone signs up with a link to bring them to your website, then they should get a bonus. No matter what happens AFTER they sign up. The affiliate is only making peanuts when the player deposits and wagers. That's it. I don't see how anyone could damage this system only if they made an alt, but to me that's the same as depositing it to your own account so I don't see the point. Maybe if, you got lucky on 2 accounts in the same week, therefore was able to get 2 extra bonuses, but you almost prevent that anyways in the verified user 2x etc? Right? Or am I wrong? I see further micro managing this would only hurt you more than help you, but thats my opinion. I forgot my casino is not doing well at the moment! 🀣🀣🀣
  17. First off, Happy Labor Day! I hope we all remember that life is short and the ones we love are around us. Take this time to realize and appreciate all that we have right now....in this moment. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend (a long one if you have Monday off as well!). Ok, now that's out of the way, I will continue with my thoughts on this casino we have thoroughly enjoyed over the years. It was a blessing for me in a troubling time dealing with the woes of life, but now as I proceed from picking up myself and dusting myself off, I feel as if I'm submerging from the depths and realizing stuff that perhaps I was blinded by before...let me digress.. Stake, I hope you are doing well! I mean as I log on each day I'm seeing more and more people. That must be awesome for you eh? Must feel really good to be able to give away all the money back to the community that is growing and growing each week. May I ask that you please humble yourselves and be thankful for what you have. Building an online casino from scratch is a tough feat no doubt. To be able to continue on building and strengthening is a challenge, but I see something else getting in your way. Do you know what it is? Forgive me, because this may seem to come out of nowhere but a story of mine is becoming a more common thing post covid. You see, in my field I worked 20 years to build a career and a reputation that I thought I held very dear to me. As I was clenching and clawing my way up the ladders to be the best I could be, I didn't realize all the people I had affected. Who and what I did im not sure, but after terminating many people, having many interviews where I didn't choose the person, etc. I am sure there were some people I unintentionally hurt. You see I was determined to be the best I could be and call myself a driven character and have an awesome work ethic, but in being so driven I had blinders on, my peripheral was a skewed if you will, so focused I was unfocused.......makes sense? As I continue to struggle with post covid life and its situations, I am finding that lady luck has turned around to come find me. I have been to many interviews, to be never called back, I have had a job where I was terminated after a week. I keep getting knocked down but I get right back up to get knocked down again. It is a blow not only to my life and personal struggles, but to my heart and to my psyche as well! It's not honestly...fair. Or is it? You see, I see myself you in at the moment. You are doing phenomenal. The best in your field. You have become in my honest opinion the best place to come make friends and play some games and hopefully win a couple ethereum even. Kudos! You are also having the blinders on. The very same people who helped you get where you are, they seem to start feeling a little differently after they see the same names over and over, or what used to be your host contacting you for the smallest things, doesn't even respond to your concerns or problems. Its starting to piss them off. Just please remember, it's hard to gain trust but it's even harder to regain someone's trust after you lost it. I am only telling you this as a precaution as to the affect it had on me and my life. You are now a company and group of friends and family hosting friends and family and when you start treating friends and family unfair, then lady karma can come back with a vengeance. Im not particularly concerned as much as some are around here, but I just want you to self analyze and try to see it from other people's persoective and don't have a big head because it just makes you look silly and like a fool at the end. If anybody feels this way I think that we all should drop 1 suggestion of how Stake could change for the better.....I'll start. Please cap off stream giveaways like the raffles and challenges. We have seen numerous times over and over again, that these same high rollers are winning 2, 5 and even 6 times! This is ridiculous and is no way fair. If you don't want to then do away with it all but don't let them capitalize over the group. You see one thing I learned is I always stick up for the group, not the individual. I stand up for what I think is fair, right and honest, and usually the groups of people are typically right over the individual(s). It just always is.....thanks for letting me have a place to write down my thoughts and opinions! Happy Day!
  18. This right here! Bravo! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  19. Its not about seeing if I won, I just think its the honorable thing, I know some entities require that if you do a contest, it is a must that they post the winners. We know this is the world of Stake and they are busy, but we will see it sooner than later im sure! I've seen raffles where he has picked the numbers before. I do agree, he doesn't refresh every time but I don't think he's being crooked, he was upset that kolloh won so many times lol. Just curious, good luck!
  20. Its not about seeing if I won, I just think its the honorable thing, I know some entities require that if you do a contest, it is a must that they post the winners. We know this is the world of Stake and they are busy, but we will see it sooner than later im sure!
  21. Does anyone have the list of the forum winners during Eddie's stream? I watched it and heard the numbers for the pages bit never heard the winners announced. I doubt I won but would like to know if they were picked or not, thanks!
  22. Awesome, great job. Can you go into a little more detail? Was this your biggest bet ever on scarabs? Were you hinting and then said Fak It! I'm gonna roll some big ones and on 2nd or 3rd spin it came? I'm sure a lot of people are wondering as well as I, so if you could that would be awesome to hear!
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