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  1. I don't think gambling is the best strategy for making money. Maybe you are a little careless and lose a lot of wealth.
  2. I have already voted. What are the different options for you?
  3. I like dogs. I have a huskies. You can go to the park with your dog and play on the empty grass. Cat can only play at home, and few people will take the cat out to play. image link:https://www.clipartkey.com/view/ixwJoJ_puppy-boy-pet-clip-dog-and-boy-playing/
  4. so sad for your wife going. But you are still proud, because you have such a lovely child! I wish your child a healthy growth and Happy Birthday.
  5. I have a tattoo, I like dragon Tattoos are a fashion. Especially in the summer, it looks cool. like this one: https://www.kindpng.com/imgv/TRiJmb_arm-tattoo-png-transparent-image-transparent-neck-tattoo/
  6. I like tabby cat, I have cat pet. so lovely like this one: https://www.pngix.com/viewpng/hwmhToo_orangecat-cute-orange-tabby-cat-hd-png-download/