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  1. MINES: 22,064,176,890 placed by dkpiiit953 on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.04400000 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 44.40754396
  2. Hello, I come from France, here we love gambling and gambling, with us it is a specialty. Nice to be able to share it all together. Good day to all the guys looking forward to reading you
  3. Hi my friend Hi buddies, I do not know but I am not a fan of reloading I find it not top and not advantageous a coupon and much better, on will see later, good luck friends for the future and good day everyone
  4. Hi my friend nobody knows yet we are all impatiently waiting for the release this should not be too long, hoping to be lucky by the same opportunity ahah Good luck guys and good day everyone
  5. Hi my friends I hope you are well I do not advise you to make any transaction with paypal, it is too dangerous and a lot of scam you have a lot of wallet known on the internet for that, will have a look good day to you and good luck
  6. hi my friends i hope you are well you have to be very careful with games it can be very expensive in life and you can lose everything you don't talk about it enough but it can do a lot of damage, the big winners are there to sell dreams but it is not the reality watch your money guys
  7. hi my friends i hope you are well Pou me xrp can never have a big high finally a huge it can go up but I do not see it going up to more dollars by xrp, we will see Good luck guys
  8. hi my friends i hope you are well It's been about 3 months that I play the slots every day and after 3 months I still haven't had the 5 scatter I have given up I had several bait but never the 5 .. sad. Good luck with the 5 scatter anyway
  9. hi my friends i hope you are well For me the best technique in slot and the 3 line sa rarely pays but if you manage to make a full line you are rich ahaha Good luck to all the guys
  10. Hi guys i hope you are all great today the soon can be with you and therefore you can earn thousands very quickly and be rich in 24 hours but you have to see the opposite also you can be poor very quickly and after very hard to raise your head, it therefore depends on your luck. Good day guys
  11. hi guyz it is really by chance, for each account and each person for me the dice does not behave the same, you should be able to notice something for the dice but only for you. Good day for the future
  12. hi guyz It is very well known as a strategy and I have a friend of mine who lost 1.2 btc with the same strategy after more than 400 rolls without x10 after 20 days. So for my part I do not recommend it at all. at your own risk and childish. Good luck guys and have a nice day
  13. hi guyz congratulations on your hit and your winnings. After I'm curious to see all of your strategy over a consecutive month, there is a way if it works to make a huge profit. Are you continuing your strategy today?
  14. hi guyz congratulations on your hit and your winnings. It is very hard to have a big multiplier like this one, you really need a lot of luck especially in so few tries. only a pity of the bet but it is always a pleasure, I love to see great gains. Good luck for the rest my friends
  15. hello my friends how are you! I agree with you would be really great. and also to be able to bet on the sides 21 + 3 and perfect pair would be really top and would give spices. a lot of people have been talking about it for a long time. good luck guys
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