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  1. Hello, Formerly I was a very big and big plinko players and result I lost a lot of money the plinkoo is very hard, since what I do to hunt a big multiplier I run for example for u x420, I put in auto bet 200 maximum ball and I re invested each time and if I lose everything I go away it avoids me to lose too much and amger me. Good luck my friends
  2. Hello, Yes I think this is a very good idea, especially when we make a big win would be so good to share a replay to our friends so that he takes advantage of this great moment of victory, I agree with you and I would love to see that happen. Good luck for the future and have a great day!
  3. Hello, In the old days I had maximum 1BTC following the rise I sold everything and since I do not have more of BTC, I invested in the XRP which for me is the crypto that has the greatest potientiel in the years to come, do not hesitate especially we will speak again. Good luck to all and have a good day!
  4. Bonjour, The drug is bad ahah, the best for me since I stop it is the music, it's a drug I can not do without it every day, I wake up, music I eat music and I sleep music ahhaha , otherwise I love alcohol but shh, do not say it Good luck my friends.
  5. Hello, There are plenty of sites to buy BTC but you leave very little information to advise you, in any case I hope you find what you need, good luck in your search. And good luck my friends. Good day everyone and good luck on stake.
  6. Hello, I think mines is a very good games to get big multipliers, it's a fast and easy game I already had very easily x1000 and also a big x49000 has. I think this game is made to win and not small. In any case good luck on the mines and good luck my friends.
  7. Hello, You should know that if you have a lot of luck a day in the dice the next day or not long after is going to be a disaster when I win I withdraw a lot and I deposit little by little to precisely cash bad shots or bad series and it works rather well. Good luck my friends.
  8. Hello, My best month was around the middle of the year where everything was good, I won a lot and very easily, I lost a lot after that but this month was a big memory for me. I hope that one day luck will return because today I am very unlucky. Good luck and good luck to all.
  9. Hello, It's very hard to have a lot of affiliates but affiliates that put a lot is even harder, I think you can find this on a lot of sites or even around you, I hope it will bring you a lot so you can play free or almost. Good luck my friends and good luck.
  10. Hello, We all think the same way we hope that it goes down to the maximum to buy and wait for it to increase a lot to sell and so on, I would like so much next year that it beats a record I believe in it and I think that if the BTC goes down a lot there will be a very big deal to do! Good luck and good coninuation friends.
  11. Bonjour go a little late I hope in any case that you have achieved your goal and you managed to get the 25 free, it's really interesting but not very easy. In any case I wish you good luck to you and especially because it takes, good luck for the rest my friends. Good day to you !
  12. Hello, All players would like but where is the advantage for stake aside that players will try to get big multiplier instead of small ones? I think that on the contrary the bet will be smaller so the site earns less. It's a good idea for us, but not for the site. Good luck to you my friends and good luck!
  13. Hello When we get banned I do not find it very nice that everyone can see and ask questions that only look at the person banned, I find it rather good but against I think we see a player banned for life it's different. Good day my friends and good luck here!
  14. Hello, If I am given a tip I feel indebted and even if I do when I can because I am a little player I like to give a little more than the person help me, even if a tip is made to please me I do not like to feel indebted, I like to receive and I like to give back. Good day to all !
  15. Hello, I do not have real friends that I know in life, but a lot of knowledge, I do not financially but I like to listen when a friend has or feels the need, I think that It's very important to be there for people, especially since it's not going well. Good day to all !