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  1. hello to you my friends. The best way to play HILO is to instinct what you feel is going to come out. After if I can afford to help you not target the small multiplier and you must know how to cash when necessary. Good luck on the hilo and good luck to you friends
  2. Hello my friends, If you pass several big big multiplier before, I advise you to change grain because you risk to wait a long time. For hunting the big multiplier it can go very fast but also can be very long. If I can give you an advice, it is to make 1000 bets a day and one day it will fall. Good luck for the future and good day everyone
  3. Hello my friends I hope you are well. it's just crazy to see the x1000000 imagine you could bet on it, there is something to go crazy, congratulations on your gains but I am sure that the next time you will reflect. Good luck for the future and good day
  4. Hello my friends I hope you are well. Yes I think bitcoin is hiding something good from us, I think that an increase that will soon happen and that nobody is waiting, I hope not to be mistaken. Good luck for the future
  5. Hi friends, Before I did like everyone else it is a dice dice in 1.01 in burst mode but there is something more interesting I think. it's the plinko in 10 low risk segments in addition to you can make a small profit. I found this and I was pleasantly surprised. Good day my friends
  6. Hi my friends i hope you are well thank you very much for the information, we are impatiently awaiting this bonus i hope the coupon will be pretty, fingers crossed. Good luck to all for the future and good day to everyone
  7. Hello my friends I hope you are well It is for this reason that I no longer play plinko or very little and I do not insist, plinko is the most difficult game here I think. Trying other games is better if things go wrong. Good day my friends and good luck for the future
  8. Hello my friends I hope you are well When I see all the gains and the performances of each one I am jealous for the moment I have not had a big victory even if it will happen Congratulations to everyone who won big. Good luck for the future friends
  9. Hello my friends I hope you are well. Most people during the race do not try to win big but just wager and I think that some do not waste time and even to win 10x their stake, this is only my personal opinion, but I think that it doesn ' not worth it. Good luck to all the guys and have a nice day
  10. Hello my friends I hope you are well. Of course that balance will change the way you play and win, for example for a big multiplier it can take time and money if you have a big balance you can catch it for a low balance. I prefer to deposit large than small. good luck guys
  11. Hello my friends, I hope you are well. Yes it is a little annoying the FA2 and I totally agree but after that it secures the account well and therefore no problem. So on the one hand it's annoying but on the other it's good. By force we get used to it. Good luck for the future
  12. Hey guys i hope all is well When you are MUTE it is that you have done something badly forcing all your power on the chat and friend requests are canceled and I think that is normal. In addition that you are mute it is not long in general so after all come back, for me nothing shocking. Good day to all friends
  13. Hello my friends I hope you are well. Yes the problem has been there for a very long time in my opinion it must be much harder than expected to solve this problem because it has been dragging on for a long time. I find it very boring and I hope it will be resolved in the near future. Good luck for the future and very good day to all the guys
  14. Hello my friends I hope you are well. I know that you can consult the history of your bets if necessary in the account settings but I find that it is very hard and very long to find, I have already proposed to put another system in place because it is very difficult. I hope this will be taken into account Good day and good luck for the future.
  15. Hello my friends I hope all is well for you. For updates we have no more information than you, except for the slot machine which will arrive in February I think. For the bonus of the month apparently it will arrive weekend we will see but it is very soon, we all expect it. Good luck for the future and good day