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  1. With that money, yes, it would be good to play. A good bankroll to earn more. I think I would withdraw $ 2000 and continue with the rest of the stake to play.
  2. https://discord.com/channels/509299846629294100/509299846629294103/716996823146823722 You can come here to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, when you can. We have many train adventures in the middle of the forest. You might have wanted to be at the feet of Christ the Redeemer, 38 meters high. Know the Sugar Loaf and the beautiful beaches. Typical foods from the region and much more. So come to Rio when you can, and you will be very welcome.
  3. What I play the most is dice. Data is really my favorite. Also because it is possible to automate in Diceboot. It helps a lot, especially doing challenges. So I keep playing dice.
  4. Very good to have doge to bet. Especially if your btc banking is not so good. It is possible to place long bets with doge. And also the issue of small fees is a very big attraction for us to use currencies like doge and others. Besides that when we use excenches for btc the rates can reach 50k of satoshis. Too bad for low stalls. Dogecoin is a currency that I love to use for betting.
  5. How about a best phrase campaign to promote Stake Casino?
  6. Good morning Nevena, welcome and congratulations on your new mission.
  7. True, I also prefer bonuses every day, once a day.
  8. ombrerico Hoje às 11:41 214/5000 I would like to play hide and seek with friends. We all got together and the game started. Run everywhere and choose the most hidden place. Being the last to be found always misses a party. https://discord.com/channels/509299846629294100/509299846629294103/715575468761546832
  9. MINES: 13,077,418,800 placed by ombrerico on 20/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 600.875x Profit 0.00059987 Minas: 13077418800