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  1. That was very very well said, thank you about that
  2. Hilo is intense game very hard to decide if you go for high or low
  3. Awsome guys! I hope i will learned more how to earn easily by posting forum
  4. I saw many participants here in stakes, specially in forum they are consistently earning coins by joining events, giveaway and by doing post in forum. They are absolutely earning good money every without depositing balanca or betting in any particular games. Because of that i saw how great this online casino for those lovely members here in stakes and very guaranty as we can see how they are giving to us many prizes and a weekly coupon for vip also. For me i think stake is very kind for us because you can make money even you dont gamble you money its just depend on your patience. Thats why stake remind us to play smarter 😁😁
  5. Same day with a different bet
  6. Stake community is the best online casino with a guaranty services and promotion!