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  1. So ever since I started playing roulette I usually see what numbers will hit a lot and on this site it is the numbers on each side of the ) 11,17,14 I believe they hit a lot because on both of the 3x odds bets they are within the middle and most bet on top or bottom row and 1-12 or 25-36 so I believe that is why most hit in between. I also noticed that black hits more often than red for me which I love. I tend to do a bet of an X pattern on roulette with approx 5% of my overall balance at the time and it helps to even out my odds and still make me some good profit if I choose the numbers correctly. Plus it is more fun and I have a higher chance of winning. Let me know down below what you guys like to do on roulette and any tips I am Teapot & I am new to stake so let me know what I can do to improve and tips are always appreciated
  2. Hey there everyone I am Teapot. I am new to Stake so help me out if you are kind enough. What is the best sport to bet on in online betting pots and pools. I usually bet on Baseball because of the easy patterns done by most teams especially through the first games. I also bet on basketball games, mostly canadian because I am canadian and I also bet on hockey games. Usually selecting US based teams because they have higher win percentages. Tell me what you think
  3. Teapot

    So Sports Bets?

    What type of sports do you guys like betting on? Do you prefer Esports to bet on or on live sports played normally? I would prefer normal sports because they are easier to predict and I prefer watching them. Leave your opinion down below I would love to hear it and I want to see what the majority prefer.
  4. This actually sounds awesome. I love this concept and I think I will try it on my stream coming up next week. Thank you for the idea. You going for profit or just to see who comes out on top?
  5. I have bet about 100 times on Video poker and almost all of those bets were losses using the autobet feature. Which to me doesnt make sense only about 25 of the bets hit between 2-3x everything else was below at 1x or no win which to me seems very odd and that the high payouts usually will not payout. I believe that 1000x plinko would be easier than 800x video poker if im being honest because they chance of pulling the right deck is so much harder because of all the variables.
  6. Hey Everyone I Am Teapot! This topic is asking who is your favourite Poker Player irl. Select Your Favourite 2 Male & 3 Female Poker Players I would love to see who you chose Male Justin Bonomo $44,040,711 Daniel Negreanu $39,830,195 Erik Seidel $34,782,419 Fedor Holz $32,556,379 David Peters $30,106,263 Daniel Colman $28,925,059 Antonio Esfandiari $27,728,437 Bryn Kenney $27,092,109 Steve O'Dwyer $26,820,595 Phil Ivey $26,267,283 Female Vanessa Selbst $11,851,382 Kathy Liebert $6,236,222 Annie Duke $4,270,549 Annette Obrestad $3,942,232 Liv Boeree $3,852,996 Vanessa Rousso $3,554,327 Joanne 'JJ' Liu $3,230,438 Maria Constanza Lampropulos $3,012,771 Maria Ho $2,994,845 Loni Harwood $2,923,298
  7. Hey everyone I am Teapot. I know most of you have heard of sweatcoin which pays out via their own sweatcoins or via paypal. But I believe that it would be better if they had payouts via crypto. I am trying to become a personal trainer and meal couch for about 25-30 customers and I was wondering if I should allow them to pay in crypto. I dont have much money to support myself at the moment so if crypto falls a lot im screwed but if the crypto they pay me rises a lot I wont have to worry about it. At the moment I am thinking of accepting Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & Ripple because they are more stable and still worth a good bit of money and can be bought via mobile exchanges on your phone
  8. I am looking to make a case opening site & sweepstakes site just as Opskins and FOMO3D as one of the biggest. I think it would be great because ether is rising very significantly over time and I believe if we can harvest enough ether from these websites we will be set for a long time for many different business endevours. Message me to talk more and help me create a team
  9. Teapot


    I believe that for online crypto gambling that Dice would be the biggest, it is included on almost every site that is not a Live based game. I also dont think unless its live people tend to play poker online because of the sense that it feels more rigged. Poker is more of an experience in person or visually not just an online only game like mines or limbo or crash. So i believe dice is actually the largest
  10. I myself am an athiest but in some religions I know it is a sin or an unjust thing to gamble or having an addiction so I was just wondering how it affects the people of stake and how much you take into account the losses and the real world value of some of the gambling you do without thinking
  11. Do you think it would be nice to have different sized keno boards that we could choose from, such as a 20 tile keno where you can select 5 numbers, yes the multipliers would be different and have to accommodate size but I think it would add more customizability to the site and it would make it more fun. The sizes I think would be cool, listed below 20 40 60 80 100 all listed with variable of different payouts alongside the low/medium/high and would be great for challenges and also just to diversify the game
  12. Teapot

    What do you prefer?

    I am going to give some scenarios and I want to know what you would pick 1. 7 (Would you select hi or lo most of the time) 2. K or A hit the high multiplier or the low multiplier? 3. If you hit Double K or Double A do you try for another or cash out? I normally hit low on all 7 and I always go for the higher multiplier I am normally not good at hi lo but it is so much fun to try and hunt high multipliers
  13. Teapot

    Baccarat Fun

    I have played baccarat a few times now and I love it, I have lost on every single bet but the rush when you look away and you come back and your money is just gone, I love seeing it. I would recommend baccarat only if you are playing martingale strategy because if not, it is not a great way to guaruntee the money from your bankroll. To be successful i believe you must have a large bankroll and time to work up a nice win
  14. I noticed that when i put my first satoshi down on plinko i got 130x but after that i can never get anything more than 8x it is ridiculous and it baits you thinking that it will payout. I love plinko for the last small satoshi bet to try and make it back up but not a good way to "make" money
  15. Hey everyone its your new friend @Teapot If you havent already drop a reaction it really helps. So about diamond poker. It is a cool adaptation of just a basic poker hand but just using suit instead of any numerical values. But my concern is that unlike normal poker you cannot hold or do anything, it is all luck and yes i understand all these games are just luck but I would like to know my odds for certain outputs and also wondering why the payout for as full house is less than 2x it is more likely to hit 1 or two pair than it is to hit a full house yet you win less money? it does not make sense to me and I would like if someone could explain to me why that is?