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  1. vault haha I once stored like $4 there .. used it when I was broke ... lost it as well
  2. na prefer playing alone .... that's how you either win or lose .... playing with a friend will create dis satisfaction and dis agreements
  3. Yep switching games in between might help ... but I'm an ass who sticks with keno which is busting me everyday
  4. nope Not a chance for that thing to happen... Legalizing gambling would be a mess
  5. hmmmm does 1.01x bet work to increase our wager to get vip ?
  6. sugam

    Coins Earnings

    Getting something for Free is really hard mate haha
  7. sugam


    Its been a really long time that I've been waiting for Slots ... but we've been seeing that Coming soon on slots for more than a month now.. And to be honest the excitement of Slots is almost dead for me now ... What are your thoughts about this?
  8. BMW is love man its Classic and COol
  9. congrats for 1k posts ... thats a long wait haha It must have taken a lonnnnnggggg time to reach this
  10. I get a long red streak on Keno like really lonnnggggggggg I've been hunting that 500x on Kneo but rip luck
  11. I actually love to play with XRP .... Xrp are better than Doge so its kinda fun and when you win its more profitable than Doge
  12. Damn its just the opposite on my case haha Keno playing mind games with me for months now... Still no sigh of that 500x on Keno
  13. sugam


    welcome to stake .. this is a friendly and comforting community you've ever seen in your life... check the rules and regulations of Stake before you start chatting and be nice with others... Welcome home
  14. To be honest I've deposited only once here in stake that too a $17 deposit till now....... It's been more than a year now for me on stake and I've withdrawn close to $200 till now
  15. never ever gonna deposit my saving ever... I love to gamble but I won't risk my savings at all