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  1. I once lost 300k sats while betting on low risk 10 tiles Keno Xd. I almost broke my Keyboard that day .... Went to bed with 999999% rage
  2. Try Hilo .. bEst game to make quick money and lose quick as well... I prefer playing Hilo for good payouts .. it rocks
  3. Actually July is the best month for me too ... its kinda lucky
  4. Wait what??? IS this true ? New users getting it and old users have nothing ,,, Comeon now that's not fair ....
  5. You mean to say that You deposited eth and it shows that the transaction was successful but you haven't received it? Mate it takes a lot of confirmations to complete a transaction .. It'll take some time
  6. Dang I still need 56% more to reach Bronze VIP XD Still a along way for me to enjoy VIP status
  7. sugam

    Super multi

    Jesus Christ how do you even Hit those multipliers Holy shit
  8. Is Discipline necessary on Gambling?
  9. 10k sats for the GLory for me XD... Can't even get to top 100 with this I guess
  10. Does emotions matter ? I only get emotional When I lose everything XD
  11. why not ..stop being a pussy and Go hard ... Go Big or Go Home XD
  12. Well controlling yourself is the best strat mate ... Self control is the key on Gambling
  13. It happens everytime man... Everytime you bet low, you get High multipliers and everytime you bet high you bust ,, like its a curse .. IDK wtf is happening
  14. I think real life Casinos gives more pressure than online gambling