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  1. Gonna try this next time I play on Stake ... just for experiment XD .. thank you for sharing your strats .. Good luck further mate hope you make lots of profits ... Have a nice day
  2. This is How you waste 5 Scatter ... I had no balance at all and was playing with remaining few eth remaining And I hit this ...whereas I busted like 0.04 btc hunting this shit in past few days
  3. I would love to See like 5 man Poker or Blackjack game on Stake in 2020 ... it would be really interesting and fun ... I'm desperately waiting for another version of slots as well
  4. sugam

    Again $5k level ?

    Bitcoin Is back to $8k now ... I guess it won't fall down to $5k ... Its time to rise for bitcoin.. hope it goes up and up to 12-15 k
  5. sugam

    4950x win in a row?!

    That's nuts dang haha .. how can someone get suck rolls in a roll ... Its really amazing to see those series of high multipliers on Dice
  6. Nice ... that's what I've been waiting for a long time now ....this present slots is Kinda okay but we are humans and we love varieties XD ... More games more fun
  7. I'm actually hoping to have P vs P Games like coinflips , Blackjacks Rummy XD .. It would be so much fun... and yeah Jackpots as well .. it would be awesome
  8. sugam

    Instant bet

    Instant bet is way to faster than normal bets mate... For Me its like ting ting ting ting ting like 2 bets per sec.... If this is not far fast enough then Idk what can satisfy youXD
  9. Well hitting 5 scatters on slots was the best moment for me on 2019 for me but ofcourse with a low bet XD ... but I made some new Friends like Ubbey and brad for which I'm really thankful to stake
  10. I just hate this word all In that too while gambling ... Everytime I went All In mostly on DICE, HILO or Keno I get busted even on a fckin low risk bet .. like every time bro ..
  11. This notification tab is a mess right now but Eddie said its getting reworked so we can't complain anymore .. we know how hard the stake team works so they might be busy with other things as well so we need to have some patience for this.
  12. I love sports bet .. That's what I used to do on other sites before I came on stake ... betting on football ,CSGO and Dota 2 matches was all I did back then
  13. This 2x pay on forum just boosted forum with more users and more posts everyday ,... other times it was like few posts everyday and less people were active on forum .. only those regular people were online ...
  14. well I wasn't fortunate enough to win the raffle with 1 ticket haha but I got the 137k sats from the coupon for those who had atleast 1 ticket... I managed to double it and withdraw it XD
  15. Damn "never gamble something which you can't afford to lose"---- Dude this is the main principle of gambling for everyone ,,,,,,,,,,,,, gamble to have fun or with your extra money guys ..