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  1. sugam

    Discord Giveaways

    Sugam tamang#6108
  2. MINES: 19,069,958,425 placed by Sugam on 25/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 0.00100926
  3. Well you've got a point there but let's make it clear that Crypto will never surpass the real Dominant currency that we've been using for ages now... Its not so easy as we think that people will now start using crypto instead of Real money .... And like you said that cash money is the main threats for germs and yeah that's true.. but it doesn't mean that the next option for the people now is crypto... There are bank transfer, Visa,Debit card ,Credit cards etc.. people will use these things ...
  4. I think all the games on stake are the same... If you are having a good run then you'll keep winning but if you are having y bad run then no Matter what you try , you just can't seem to win.... well the only games I play on Stake are Slots , Keno and Hilo ...and sometimes dice for wagering...
  5. Yea it's really fun till you win but once you enter the RED Zone you'll not enjoy it anymore 🤣 You'll find the best people in the community here on stake ...it's fun here to talk with others in chat and the support team here is the best among all the communities... You came here on the right time... Get ready for new Slots ... Its coming really really soon 🙋
  6. sugam

    Favorite Anime?

    Well now it's the best time to start watching anime again due to this lockdown... My favourite Anime will be ummm I guess High School DXD 😛 not just because it's a herem one but it's really fun to watch it .. The Grabbing Dragon 🤣 No doubt the girls are insane as well.. Akeno is my favourite 😋
  7. These 24 hours race is common on PD and now they introduced it on Stake as well ... Damn but bringing this 24hour race during Raffle time was a brilliant move by Stake... Now people will wager more and more all day long and they'll get more and more tickets.... Well this killed our hopes of winning the Raffle with low amount of tickets 🤣
  8. @PrettyJen you were insane few days ago .. and why wouldn't you reach your Goals with ez.. you were betting 200k ripples per bets... Plat 4 was too easy for you XD... Now I'm seeing @Babbo26 trying hard to reach plat 4 .. I wish him good luck and hope he gets it on his desired Time 🙋
  9. God I just have 5 tickets and I really want to win as well but this 24 hour race has killed my hopes of winning... People are betting 150-180 BTC per 24 hours race.... And that's too much lol... How can we even have a hope to win XD...
  10. What a great place to find love lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.. Try tinder, Omegle , Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook instead 😆.. But we do have a lot of female players here so maybe it's worth giving a try here as well XD . Good luck mate.. hope you find what you're looking for 🙋