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  1. Love
    sugam reacted to Stefan in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    Hello everyone!
    I'm sure we have a lot of pet owners here, so I would like you to share some pictures or short funny videos of your pet! 🐱🐶🦁🐯
    For starters, I will post picture of my first dog, who is not with us anymore😢
    And the second picture of my current dog ❤ 

    Looking forward to seeing your pets ❤
  2. Love
    sugam reacted to amezyarek in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    This is Brady. No ideal what kind of dog he is we got him when he was a few weeks old.

  3. Love
    sugam reacted to wolkman in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
  4. Love
    sugam reacted to moyaman in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    my lovey dogs snoopy and lele 
  5. Love
    sugam reacted to nbkforever in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
  6. Love
    sugam reacted to Ace in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    If I will be choosing a pet, it would be a dog, because "Dogs are man's best friend" right?

  7. Haha
    sugam reacted to htetaungxx in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    12 years old lady ..  

    Are u serious?   

  8. Love
    sugam reacted to Gretchen25 in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    New fur baby❤

  9. Love
    sugam got a reaction from Bojana in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    Well we call her Bunu 😋
  10. Love
    sugam got a reaction from Zamia2001 in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    @Bojana we we have same cats (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  11. Love
    sugam got a reaction from Tamara in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    @Bojana we we have same cats (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  12. Love
    sugam got a reaction from Bojana in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    @Bojana we we have same cats (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  13. Love
    sugam reacted to Bojana in 🐶 Real Pet Pictures 🐱   
    My babbbbyyyy 😻

  14. Love
    sugam reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters 🗣   
    Hello dear, Stakers!
    We have a nice new feature for chat-lovers. Stake decided to reward the friendliest chatters from this moment on. Let me tell you more about this...

    Every two weeks, Moderators and Community Managers would pick one friendliest and most entertaining chatters to reward, except for the English room where there will be two winners.
    What does the friendliest chatter mean? It means you should be active on chat, be loved by the community, be helpful, also not a spammer, not toxic, and not muted for those running 2 weeks.
    Note that only one account per user would be eligible; no alternative accounts would be taken into consideration.

    Community Managers and Moderators will chose winners based on the users chat activity only and every two weeks. Note that gambling activity would not be considered for this giveaway, but only chat would matter. 

    Stake prepared awesome rewards for those who are chosen. You can pick in between:
    Cash Prize. If you choose this, we will award you with $30. Cash Prize in Reload. If you chose this, we will activate reload for: 15 days each day $2 claim OR 10 days each day $3 claim OR 5 days each day $6 claim, it is up to you. Also, don't worry if you already have active reload as this will be added on top of it.  
    This is only the beginning, we will have more upcoming and interesting rewards for you. 🙂
  15. Sad
    sugam got a reaction from lEscanore in Customized Rain: Should Be Players Choice How To Distribute Not Stakes   
    Idk why but something is wrong with this rainbot for sure... They say it's completely random and they have no control over it... And they new requirements for rain i.e. $1000 wager a week doesn't make sense at all... I've wagered more than $1k last week (till yesterday) but you can see the image below where it shows that the last rain I got was like 13 days ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    How random can it be to miss you for 13 days straight 😂

  16. Sad
    sugam got a reaction from Zamia2001 in Have you ever been ripeed off due to over confidence   
    why not I won 500x on slots and thought I could win more..so doubled my bet amount and auto bet and I switched to another tab to play Hilo ..I lost all my bal in 3 mins
  17. Bitcoin
    sugam got a reaction from Linhanh2306 in 🎉 Seasonal Challenges Ideas   
    15th August Indian Independence Day  
    22nd April Earth Day
  18. Love
    sugam reacted to ubbey04 in 🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵   
    Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Stake !
    I'm Happy to be part of these no. 1 casino online 😊.
  19. Haha
    sugam got a reaction from sonaman in 😴Crazy Dreams😴   
    Wtf 😂😂 damn this is some epic dream 😂 having tea with your brains out wth the person who tried to kill you 🤭
  20. Haha
    sugam reacted to Stefan in 😴Crazy Dreams😴   
    That's why I remember it after 15 years 😂😂
  21. Wow
    sugam reacted to Stefan in 😴Crazy Dreams😴   
    Hi everyone! 
    Here, I would like to hear about your dreams.😴😴
    I'm one of many people who like to dream. I like to dream so much, that often I turn on my alarm clock in the middle of the night, just so I can increase my chances to have a dream when I go back to sleep. (weird, I know) 🤣 And also, I like it when my friends tell me about their dreams, so I'm very excited to hear about yours.
    Write your most memorable dreams, nightmares or maybe a dream that have some effect in a real-life.
    I will start:
    I had a dream once, that Turkish soldier (no idea why the soldier is from Turkey) attacked me at my home, and tried to kill me with a sword. He cut off my forehead and started laugh at me, and I was like, what the hell is funny, he says I can see your brain, and then asked me, would you like to have a cup of tea with me, and I said yes, 😂😂 so we were just sitting in my living room and drinking tea with my brains out like nothing happened, and then I realize that something is wrong, so I woke up all wet. Pretty crazy 🤯🤯
    Looking forward to hear about your dreams
    3 craziest dreamers will be rewarded every day for the first 7 days.💰💰💰
    Day 1: ckoch5661💰, concertrate💰,  kingnayim2💰
    Day 2: Raikage 💰, deluxy88 💰, lovepanda💰
    Day 3: ZainyMerv 💰, Freddyzone7 💰,Viksen 💰
    Day 4: nhoyasim101 💰,Jose3200💰, lEscanore💰
    Day 5: hanvee 💰,Rawci 💰, chrisconn63💰
  22. Haha
    sugam got a reaction from Stefan in ⏰Time Machine⏰   
    I would go back to the 19th century and assasinate  "Henry Fische" aka the Mastermind who invented exams 😑
    The future generation can thank me later 😂
  23. Love
    sugam got a reaction from Vandudgreat in No reloads for non-VIPs   
    Hey man🙋🏻‍♂️ lemme tell you something about those 20 minutes Reload..
    First of all that Reload is for everyone including Non VIPs as well and send most important thing is that it's not permanent ... Those reloads are given out for a certain period of  days like for 3-5 days...  If you are a Platinum VIP then you have a permanent reload on your account but from Bronze to Gold Vip, we don't have have permanent reloads ... We get weekly coupon and monthly coupons.. 
    You should be really thankful to Stake that even after being a non vip, you're getting a taste of reloads every month which we didn't get much back then when we were non VIP...
    So enjoy these little gifts from stake and use them to increase your wager and become a VIP ...
    After you become a VIP then you'll enjoy certain things that non VIP won't get i.e weekly coupon and rakeback
  24. Thanks
    sugam reacted to Baqee in Good Anime to watch during quarantine   
    Watching one piece is my priority now. I never knew it had a pirate like story line. The other ones recommended are nice too, One punch man, Naruto, Dragon ballz. 
  25. Thanks
    sugam reacted to Aponix in Good Anime to watch during quarantine   
    I have not looked at the new anime, maybe there are many quite good and interesting but I like the classics and would look at them again I would name some as code geas. naruto. rurouni kenshin. dragon ball death note
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