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  1. Love
    sugam reacted to Galahad28 in Good Anime to watch during quarantine   
    One piece: is a anime of adventure and pirate fighting. It has 929 chapters, I think you will have more than enough to pass the quarantine hahaha. It is the best-selling manga in Japan, I have been following it for 15 years and I think it's great. I know you can be lazy because of the number of chapters, but you will not regret it, I assure you.

    High Scholl DxD: The story stars Issei Hyoudou, a high school sophomore boy who has been murdered by a girl on the first date of his life. Issei reincarnates as a demon, and from that same day works as a servant of Rias, a demon girl of the highest level who turns out to be the most beautiful and popular in the entire institute.
    It is an adaptation of one of the best-selling novels in Japan, it has four seasons, although the third is a bit bad because the novels did not follow. He is of the genre echi and harem, but also has a good history and very good fights, also with a perfect harem. If you finish the anime and want more, I recommend the novels, they go for volume 30 and on.

    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: It is another adaptation of one of the best-selling novels in Japan, it deals with a school of magic stucco, it is harem, but not echi, but it has a history and explains very well the use of magic.

  2. Love
    sugam reacted to Liquidwalker in Good Anime to watch during quarantine   
    Realy im not that kind of Anime Fan!
    maybe cuz im to old...
    96% of all Animes that are out, there is noway im gonna watching it...
    but this few Animes i realy like 

  3. Payday
    sugam reacted to Bitcoin2048 in No reloads for non-VIPs   
    That's what i was talking about, on the 15th of every month (since february or something like that) everyone gets free reloads going on the vip section and then on reload.
    Right now they changed the graphics and i can't find "reload" anymore, that's why no vip people (maybe) will not earn that anymore.
    I'm not saying i'm not grateful, i've never said that if you read the first post, and no, i' m not sure about that
  4. Payday
    sugam reacted to Jelena in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Gary the Striker ​⚽​| Mines Challenge   
    Gary the Striker ⚽
    Ends: 18/05/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 

    Win a bet in Mines with the following settings - 11 Gems, 9 mines (1010.26x multiplier) and the given Goal pattern:
    Minimum bet:  0.00000100  0.00003700  0.00004600  0.00021000  3.50000000  0.04400000  0.60000000   Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum.  
    Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players)
    Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 50 participants: 0.06 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC  
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)

  5. Thanks
    sugam reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in $10k Races and How It Affects Us   
    Well actually, many of the top racers in these 24h races wager almost all day long but we weren't aware about how much they wager per day. But due to the race, we got to know the amounts. Also, Stake and PrimeDice are not the same. Primedice is only about dice while Stake has a plethora of games to play. So despite being similar 24h races, the wager amount is almost 10x on Stake compared to PrimeDice. I just hope low volume players get a chance to race as well hehe. Now they are mostly focused on profiting as much as they can.
  6. Payday
    sugam reacted to PrettyJen in Platinum 4 in 10 Days is Possible   
    Yes. One can achieve platinum 4 in 10 days. I just did.
  7. Thanks
    sugam got a reaction from seanwattson in Rolling While Broke!   
    This Corona virus has led the world to a massacre.. Schools , colleges, office and everything is being shut down for like a month now .. and it's being done everywhere in the world... Its going to be hard for everyone and especially for the daily wage earners.. Let's just hope that this thing will end soon and we can get back to our normal life 
  8. Bitcoin
    sugam got a reaction from automatic in Rolling While Broke!   
    This Corona virus has led the world to a massacre.. Schools , colleges, office and everything is being shut down for like a month now .. and it's being done everywhere in the world... Its going to be hard for everyone and especially for the daily wage earners.. Let's just hope that this thing will end soon and we can get back to our normal life 
  9. Haha
    sugam reacted to GeorgeFeb in Members Statistics   
    Ha, then all the more reason to make statistics shown in full!
    Very good observation, mate!
  10. Thanks
    sugam got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Members Statistics   
    I think it's not even close to 50k... Even though there are lot of people on stake but most of them don't sign in forum.. they are here just for the casino ... And like thousands of people who have registered on forum are not active or don't don't use forum at all. ╮(╯_╰)╭
  11. Love
    sugam reacted to Nicol3 in Phone Veryfication   
    It did mess up a few weeks ago but a few days ago upon trying to verify my mobile number, it surprisingly was a success. Why don't you go ahead and try it now my dear friend @sugam. Hopefully it would work for you now as it already did work on my end. Hoping for the best! Cheers! 
  12. Thanks
    sugam got a reaction from StoneDragon in 5 Days Reload   
    Hey guys as you all know that Stake gave us 5 days reload on our monthly this month.. Were you able to clam it for 5 days or were you not able to claim it today like me? I still had like 1 hour left to get the reload but it expired and I was nor able to claim my reload today.... What about you guys?
  13. Thanks
    sugam got a reaction from pocstar in Raffles   
    I got like $10 for 1 ticket .. I can't say it's $10 for every ticket you have but most of the people got it on that basis.. $10 which was like 0.0013 btc 
  14. Payday
    sugam reacted to j240 in Raffles   
    The raffle ticket is one opportunity to win big . One ticket is good enough to have a chance to land a spot in Top 10 raffle reward. If ever we dont win anything i think there will be a consolation prize like what happened last December on the raffle in which everyone that has a ticket will have something. I'm wagering very low and hope i can at least get a raffle ticket before the time limit.
  15. Thanks
    sugam reacted to Ayesha0770 in Raffles   
    Didn't expect this kind of raffle last raffle I saw was on Christmas day. So if this thing exist then there are more raffles to come pushing my self to have atleast 2tickets 
  16. Thanks
    sugam reacted to GKD09 in Raffles   
    This is just another thing to love about Stake. Everything they do whether done on other site as well or not, just fits perfectly for Stake. 
    I did enjoy the previous huge raffle. I have participated in 2 raffles so far on stake. One was the wagering one recently and the other was where we had to buy tickets, which happened many months ago. 
    The most recent one where the winners were drawn on stream was even more fun, and since they were big prizes it was very exciting. Love the fact that he did give a bonus for each person who had entered that raffle. 
    This time I may not be able to collect as many tickets as last time, but lets just hope the little tickets we get can win us something.  
  17. Thanks
    sugam reacted to pocstar in Raffles   
    in the last raffle after finished did u get bonus depend on how many tikets did u had even u didnt win ?? 
    i;m curious how much for 1 ticket xd
  18. Haha
    sugam got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in The newbie gambler   
    you can see the welcome message on the screen when you login on Stake i.e,. ( Play Smarter) XD that's what you exactly need to do here... Avoid rage gambling, taking loans for gambling and getting addicted  Good luck and have fun on stake
  19. Ethereum
    sugam got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Can the litecoin surpass the etherium this year 2020?   
    Nope .. I don't think that's ever gonna happen ... not even after 10 upcoming year I guess.. Etherium is far superior than Litecoin and it will Dominate LTC in price for many years
  20. Haha
    sugam got a reaction from Seoulmate in Chess for Stake   
    To be honest I'm not a huge fan of Chess. Sometimes the game will end real quick and sometimes it takes way too much time to end... and chess on online casinos would be really boring in my opinion... people play on casinos to make quick money but playing chess would be really boring and time consuming.
  21. Thanks
    sugam got a reaction from jamesbond in Raffles   
    Exactly I also wished to have that progressive bar for raffle wager which reset on every $1000 wagered ... It would be easier for us to control our bets and keep an eye on the amount to be wagered for next ticket
  22. Payday
    sugam reacted to Thepug in Raffles   
    The raffle is a good way to increase your wager and gives you the opportunity to get your first VIP rank. Not only is it giving you a chance to win a large amount of money, it’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day  
  23. Payday
    sugam reacted to Etude in 5 Days Reload   
    I gotta say that this is a pretty decent way that Stake have decided to promote the Reload benefit which is given at Platinum rank onwards on the VIP program. Well I suppose it gives a first taste of how claiming Reloads are like.  
  24. Lame
    sugam reacted to Seoulmate in 5 Days Reload   
    Splitting the Bonus into 5 parts makes perfect sense. I would do exactly that if I were in Stakes shoes.
    There are many players who in the past would just take the bonus and withdraw, this is money lost for stake.
    So Stake need to keep the money in the game economy, to achieve this they try to:
    1: reduce the number of actual claims made
    2: encourage players to gamble with their reload in order to retrieve some or most of money that is claimed.

    Delivering it in 5 parts ensures, many players can't withdraw the bonus in one lump sum. This brings the player back each day and encourages them to play. The house has the advantage so it's likely the players will lose that claim back to stake.

    Some players (single males with no friends) will manage to make all 5 claims, many will not. 

    All things considered it is perfectly rational for stake to deliver the bonus in this way, as a private enterprise their primary aim is to make money, this will always drive decision making, and that's how it should be for any business.
  25. Thanks
    sugam reacted to Nabilmat in Raffles   
    I know this is good but I have no luck
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