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  1. Fulham 1-3 Arsenal Crystal Palace 2-0 Southampton West Ham 1-2 Newcastle Liverpool 1-0 Leeds West Brom 0-0 Leicester Tottenham 3-1 Everton Brighton 0-4 Chelsea Sheffield Utd 1-1 Wolves Tiebreaker : 7 minute
  2. Yes it should always be so when you win big it is better to stop immediately or leave a very small balance for the game!
  3. In connection with your serious illness, brother, hold on, live at least 5 more years, 1.5 years you have already been able to! I'll be happy for you if it happens! I hope that during this time you will be able to forgive those people who have hurt you or are hurting you. Don't be aggressive and rude, because you already have kindness in you,I know that for sure! I hope someone will read this, and make conclusions for themselves that you should always remain kind, and when you already have a disease or other reasons! Life is a short thing, appreciate every moment in it, be able to stand up for
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