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    max42 got a reaction from htetaungxx in Which game is best for maringale betting?   
    Dice and all in on 2x, choose high or low, if lose go home and cry all day. Can also be done with picking the 2x on limbo but the feeling is very different.
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    max42 got a reaction from sugam in Will BTC cross up to $15,000 this month ?   
    I don't know if it will go high this time, looks unlikely as high periods often followed by bouts of profit taking. Price is getting more stable but things will not be like this all the time. Especially in future who knows.
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    max42 got a reaction from tae40127 in Yeah let share the terrible experience when you changing currencies!!   
    Stake just gave us 3xrp for birthday couppn so maybe I can do the opposite, bet for hour and accidentally win 1 btc instead of xrp? 😋