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  1. Wow, I'm excited and looking forward to the experience, including the bonus. Yeah!
  2. LuckyP

    Joker (2019) 🃏

    I'll be watching soon. Excited. For You gave IMDB:?
  3. Welcome back tomki,Wish you life is only happy.
  4. It's amazing. How you do? It will be impossible for me, but I've done from 0.00065BTC up to 0.021BTC and then withdraw.
  5. I would probably buy it and wait for the price to rise to make a profit if someone is really thinking of selling 1/10 $, haha.
  6. It's an action that happens to me very often. And this thing is hard for me to do but i will try.
  7. Congratulations, approaching the hero's path.
  8. Welcome, I wish you happiness and good luck with the game.
  9. Is something that I just met recently But I'm unlucky to choose the wrong person Hopefully, if he saw this message it, he would be ashamed and send back and I was ready to forgive.
  10. Yes, Plinko hunting is as easy as you say. Just be patient and should bet to suit the money in the pocket.
  11. Just started luck in September. Only part of the prize post And couldn't update, so I didn't update.
  12. I play plinko regularly. I don't think there is a secret to winning big prizes. Last month I hit x1000 about 30-35 times. This month I still can't do it. There are only x620 that I hit this month.
  13. Unfortunately, luck has not come today, but I believe that next day you are lucky But for me, mine games always have the first blast. Hahaha