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  1. hey guys, i am just a bit curious cuz im about to reach the gold membership in stake. Do you have any idea how much bonus they will gave me when I reached the gold membership? i tried to ask the support but they will not tell me. thanks in advance
  2. it depends on your wager and deposits for the last 7 days. I think u should wager more to increase your boost next week No info about boost, its like a secret faucet. But you need to be VIP to access it. Also, you need to wager big for the last 7 days in order for your boost to be activated. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to share how much I claim per hour in this Boost option in stake. Last week, I got 0.34 xrp per 10 mins. This week, I got 1.8 xrp per hour. Boost can be claimed per hour or per 10 minutes with or without balance. I chose the option per hour because I felt so lazy collecting faucets every 10 minutes. Amount in boost can be increased or decreased depends on how much you wager, deposits and playing activity for the last 7 days. Also boost is only for VIP members. Please remember that boost is not for lifetime, and it is not meant to be farmed. It will expire every 7 days so better deposit some and wager big to get huge amount of faucets 🤪 If you are VIP and you are wagering big, you can ask support for the activation of boost. In my case, I asked eddie about it. 👌 Btw, you can choose any coins that you want to collect per hour or minutes. I just like xrp cuz its not that hard to make it big 😂 Do you have boost? I wanted to know how much you guys claiming per hour or 10 mins. Cheers! 💸💰
  4. Hi guys! Good day! As we all know, sports betting in Stake is almost ready to kick in. Are you excited? Yes I Am!!! I love sports betting so I just wanted to share a good sports signal which is profitable than any other. If you love to bet on crypto sports betting, you can try our sports signals. We can bet in stake sports betting to when it launches! The good thing about this is you don’t need analyze which team and sports you are going to bet, leave it from us and we will do it for you. 😅 Crypto Sports is dedicated to advising sports betting accounts. We always give a conservative approach to maximize the profitability of the clients that give us their confidence. This team has more than 5 years of experience in the world of sports betting. NOTE: Sports bets are considered very high risk operations, so we invite people to inquire about any questions before requesting the service and always keep in mind that it is essential not to bet more than what you are willing to lose. The Crypto Sports team has great experience in the sector and substantially reduces the risk, but it does not disappear. Profits and losses are entirely the responsibility of the service acquirer. For personal inquiries or to become a VIP Member ($50 USD / Month for 2+ Sport Signals Per Day) contact me on telegram https://t.me/parzival777 Yesterday’s win in vip group
  5. Keno is more profitable than plinko. When i Play plinko, i think it always takes a lot of time to hit bigger payout like 1000x which is so depressing. In my gambling life, i did not experience hitting 1000x. But my friends do. But in keno, i know its not easy but u can certainly hit bigger payouts if you are focused on those tiles thy are hitting the most. And be sure don’t use the same tiles the whole time because sometimes it will not work out.
  6. It depends bro, just follow ur feelings. It will guide you in the right direction. But for me, i prefer 1 mine cuz i just feel comfortable when i see it 👌
  7. Nope, borrowing money will just make it worst when u play gambling. It doesn’t mean when u borrow money u will win in gambling. It takes some luck too! So yeah, if ever u fail with that money, u will be now in debts and if u happen to borrow again on the other person, and fail. It will be depressing because u have now a lot of debts and you cant pay them easily.
  8. My strategy is staying the same tile everyday and not letting my seeds changed. This is because when you are changing too many tiles, the possibility of losing will probably go high and if you are just setting some tiles and let it stay after few big hits, it would be worth it. And this works from me. Idk with others
  9. hello steve, i am parzival777, i won yesterday in 45th spot and posted and tweet for 50$ prize after the race, but the coupon u gave is not available for me so, i need help from you. i completed all the info that u guys provide. see here. thanks! i hope 50$ will be credited to my account as soon as possible!
  10. rainbot will only give you some rains depends on your activity in chat, so if you chat 10 minutes ago, you can absolutely have a high chance to get some rains from other people especially rain bots! this is just what i have observed and eddie confirmed it in his stream
  11. I usually use vault when im winning. It makes me feel safe with my balance and avoid more loss. So if you are winning on any games for example you have a balance of 0.5 ltc and it increased to 0.7, the best way is to deposit your capital on the vault and just play for the profit for safety. In gambling we should be wise to avoid more loss in our money
  12. yeah i saw this one yesterday and it was really a huge hit. He said he just need 10k rolls to hit this one. Damn so lucky! congrats!
  13. just stop playing for 2 days and comeback fresh. changing seeds doesnt do a thing really. so yeah. comeback when you are ready to play again.
  14. yeah right, plinko is for noobs. idk why people used plinko for wagering. it just a waste of money. U can clearly see the top racers including myself usually doing 1.01x in dice to wager more and trying to avoid some losses.
  15. this plinko wagering is not good for races. better play with dice 98% chance and if u lose play hilo to recover or 2x dice easy wager. I win every mega races by using this strat and also, my starting balance is just $50. Im not aiming for profit, but to wager more. so yeah i can avoid losing some because of this strat