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  2. i agree with this. specially when eddie and some big winners and rich people wanted to pour rains on the chat room for a long period of time. People really go crazy and sometimes when i play, it affected my game play and end up losing.
  3. Greek Mythodology slots different gods are the characters on it
  4. hey guys, i am just a bit curious cuz im about to reach the gold membership in stake. Do you have any idea how much bonus they will gave me when I reached the gold membership? i tried to ask the support but they will not tell me. thanks in advance
  5. yeah right, plinko is for noobs. idk why people used plinko for wagering. it just a waste of money. U can clearly see the top racers including myself usually doing 1.01x in dice to wager more and trying to avoid some losses.
  6. this plinko wagering is not good for races. better play with dice 98% chance and if u lose play hilo to recover or 2x dice easy wager. I win every mega races by using this strat and also, my starting balance is just $50. Im not aiming for profit, but to wager more. so yeah i can avoid losing some because of this strat
  7. i have iphone 6+ which is now older but still looking good and fast iphone loyal here!!!
  8. What is your best strategy in playing dice? Feel free to share your strategies. ๐Ÿ‘Œ I used to play with doges 1. Medium- High risk (double your balance) example: 10,000 doge balance Basebet 1 doge, Set 30% win chance, -50% on win, 65% on lose set stop profit by 10% of your balance keep it rollin till u get 50-100% profit 2. Medium risk (manual strat) 2x payout, every 4 consecutive losses and wins bet high amount and switch sides all the time. This strat is enough to make 10-20% easy profit per day. Donโ€™t be too greedy 3. If my seeds was on fire,
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