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  1. World Series of Stake ⚾ Ends: 07/10/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirement: Win three consecutive bets on Plinko! Game must be set on HIGH risk, with 13 pins. Multiplier for all three bets must be 4x or higher. Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003600 0.00004700 0.00014000 3.60000000 0.03300000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum. Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players) Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 50 participants: 0.06 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC How to Enter: Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)
  2. Hello dear Stakers, thank you so much for participating in my giveaway. I have seen some really good movie recommendations so I promise I'll watch them when I grab some time. 😄 This time I distributed rewards like this: 1st place: 0.0005 BTC @artizykristy 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC @chankhoreID 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC @chamet And I also wanted to reward all of you who participated so the rest will get 0.0001 BTC. See you in some other giveaway guys.
  3. Greetings Stakers, it's my turn to host the event, so prepare to have some fun! I would really like to get to know you better so I hope that many of you will participate in my giveaway. 😊 Please read requirements carefully and, of course, let us keep our Discord alive - good luck. 🍀 ***How will this promotion work?*** The only requirement is to fill in my Movie Sheet on Discord and send me a screenshot here, so get ready. Movie Sheet: Favorite male actor: <insert name here> Favorite female actor: <insert name here> Movie genre you like the best: <insert genre here> The last movie I have seen: <insert title here> The worst movie I have seen: <insert title here> Movie which made me cry : <insert title here> The funniest movie I have seen: <insert title here> Favorite movie quote: <insert quote here> Superhero you like the best: <insert name here> Favorite soundtrack: <insert link here> Fill in the movie sheet in Stake Discord server and post screenshot of them here. We will review the activity log of the chatters in the following 48 hours and the prize pool of 0.002 BTC will be shared among the best batch there - constructive chatters, not spammers, not trouble-makers, and we will try to be as objective as possible when choosing the winners Prize Pool Best Discord chatter: 0.0005 BTC 2nd best: 0.0003 BTC 3rd best: 0.0002 BTC 4th-10th place: 0.0001 BTC 3 best chatters from other channels: 0.0001 BTC Best of luck, Discordian Stakers! 🍀
  4. Best TV show ever!!! Except for the last season, I think everyone is disappointed in it. I mean, c'mon, from the furs episode we were expecting that huge battle and White Walkers were so easily defeated. Lame. But all in all it's really amazing. Jamie was my favourite character, but I think that Tyrion had the best role and he did really amazing job 😊
  5. When I was in primary school I was playing handball for a year but I figured out that I don't like it that much so I later switched to volleyball. I really grew to like it but I was forced to stop playing it since I had some other things to do that were more important to me. But since that period volleyball became my favourite sport 😄
  6. Yes, it can be tiring, especially if you are travelling somewhere far, but while travelling by bus you can have so much fun because there is a lot of people with whom you can hang out until you reach your destination. 😊
  7. Maja

    Favorite song?

    The song which I listen from the day it was released. Never tired of this one 😄
  8. Maja


    Well when me and another Marija were in the same shift we didn't know which Marija they are calling, but I also called Jovan Dusan, I call Dusan Darko, so I hope that I will learn eventually 😂
  9. Maja


    I will change the picture, if you insist 🙄 hahahaha
  10. I have been following football/soccer for a couple of years so I really loved Messi. Ronaldo was the person I hated the most because they were rivals. Now I'm not into it but I still prefer Messi 😄
  11. Maja


    Since some of you still don't know me and they ask who I am I will now introduce myself 😄 My name is Marija and I am a support member, but all of you know me as Maja. I've started working here a month ago and I really like this job. Also my colleagues are great even though I'm constantly bothering them 😂 That's enough from my side, so if there are some new users who haven't introduced themselves feel free to do that so that we can get to know each other 😄
  12. I have never been to England and I would really like to visit it, not just London but some other cities too. I find England very beautiful country and since it's not that far I would like to have an opportunity to visit it one day. When I went to college I learned a lot about England and I saw many pictures but I would really like to experience all that 😄
  13. Maja

    Funny Jokes #1

    Here's the really stupid one: What did the blanket say as it fell off the bed? “Oh sheet!”
  14. I can completely relate to that hahahaha. Everyone wish us luck 😂
  15. I would always choose love because you can earn money if you are working hard but there is only one true love. And I'm 100% sure that money can't make you happy like love can 😊