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  1. lupandina

    [Important] Respecting Players

    Sometimes you must not to take everything into heart and just ignore that person. There's hundreds, thousands of players here, most are amazing people, but some not. And sometimes you can't change that rude person, you can change just your position/reaction to him. They doesn't worth of your bad mood If someone is rude - report and ignore. If someone is threatening you as big fat money bag - ignore him. Pay attention to good ones, not to bad ones. Good luck and good mood
  2. New games is always fun! But I don't think there needs more coins, it's enough
  3. lupandina

    Hilo 47000-x

    Nice Faris!! You are legend
  4. lupandina

    Valued member changed to VIP

    I was surprised, when saw that But it made my day I gave a lot of my heart to this community, doesn't matter that maybe not everyone can see or know that (I'm bit underwater shark :D). I'm wearing this badge with proud
  5. lupandina

    Message with Tip

    Nice idea, I love it You should post it in https://stake.canny.io/
  6. lupandina

    Gambling a job or a hobby

    I think, that gambling should be just entertainment, with limits you can afford to lose. Yea, there are some people who are living from that, but it's an exception, not a rule
  7. lupandina

    86% of ICO Tokens Now Worth Less.

    Well, my position in all this ICO things are simple atm. If I got some tokens for free and without work/time spent, well, thanks. I will hold it and if someday it will worth smth, will sell, if not - just forget. But I'm not investing in any ICO's, too much work of researching
  8. lupandina

    TOP 5 of your favorite casinos

    Well, seems topic turned into "top 1 of favorite sites" 😂
  9. lupandina

    Stake Crypto Interest Rates

    Well, users would love that, and it's understandable But now think, would you like that, if YOU would be owner of casino? Would you want motivate your users to hold or to bet?
  10. lupandina

    Is making a bank stake account effective?

    Bank acc is worth ONLY if you can't access it Otherwise... I saw in chat soooo many times: 1. User X won nice bet! 2. User X sent some to Xbank acc 3. User started to lose 4. Xbank sent same amount to user X. 5. Red all in in hr of user X... 6. User X msg in chat: "damn! F***! Rip!"
  11. lupandina

    What do you guys think?

    Or Stake will devolop an exchange, or you will find other user
  12. Mostly we all are playing not only in Stake, but in doooozens of other sites too Let's share your TOP 5 of favorite crypto gambling sites (no refs, please, topic is not about that lol) Mine woud be: 1. Stake ofc! King in gambling world! 2. Primedice 3. Luckygames 4. Goup 5. Bitdouble Hm, if there will be enough answers, I will try calculate points for overal stakers top 5
  13. lupandina

    Expectation of innovation.

    This site already introduced in this forum, did you used search option before posting? And in any case, clean link must be provided too, it's rules
  14. lupandina

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Hilo Gods! | HiLo challenge!

    HILO: 1,097,604,032 placed by Lupandina on 18/10/2018 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 165.19x Profit 0.00492570