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  1. DiscussBitcoin.org (0.0015 BTC Giveaway)

    Pretty nice, @eldrindcm I will wait, until you find some more interesting
  2. DiscussBitcoin.org (0.0015 BTC Giveaway)

    Yea, @eldrindcm, this is some part of whole true.
  3. DiscussBitcoin.org (0.0015 BTC Giveaway)

    Mrboss, be honest at least...
  4. Minimum forum cash out now 50k satoshi!

    And I'm still forgetting this And only when I have 60-70k already, I remembering, that I can transfer it already
  5. No way... It's really done very well... Also, one more tip: I'm always and everywhere entering my 2fa code only when few seconds of it is left. Even if someone will try to fish it, he wont have enough time to use code, because it will change after few sec.
  6. Ymerej (failed loan)

    Maverick, sometimes I do this, reporting straight to support. Thank you very much for your care!
  7. Ymerej (failed loan)

    Milan, sorry, this will be of topic... Dear Humber, this time I will say it loud. Lend or not - it's my choice. Neither you nor anyone else have ever heard me crying or wailing about scam. If I will be ripped - it's my deal. I'm just reporting some failed loans, if they will not pay, they will get ban, and other users will be safe. That's it. You are angry, because I'm not lending to you. And I chose don't lend to you, because: 1. You have negative feedback. 2. You are unstable gambler. 3. You called me liar, when I was having last deal with you. I will never forgive this. 4. You are annoying me with your pm's. I wrote to you a lot of times: Please, stop pm me!
  8. Ymerej (failed loan)

    @Dan, @Milan, someone?
  9. Zoomdice!!!!

    Coeg, this promo was on weekend. Please wait for next info, will be this promo extended and on this weekend Stim, you are amazing!
  10. StrikeBALL @SashaKarpik @Sashamilan

    Yes, he has a loan from me, @StrikeBALL, 14 Feb, 200k, 5% daily, until 21 Feb, in topic:
  11. Zoomdice!!!!

    New game is open from today in Zoomdice - Roulette game!
  12. Ymerej (failed loan)

    Some attention of moderators?
  13. Why do you wear makeup?

    Hmm, i'm not wearing makeup at all 😀 Only in some biiig days, as New Year or my bday 😂
  14. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    You sent me 10710 -5% = 10175. I told you few times, don't send funds without my acception... Now, please, wait a little, until i will have enaugh balance
  15. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    Please, specify amount