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  1. lupandina

    Lupandina is trusted ?

    Nice. I even wasn't online for maybe a month, and now I see, that last 3 weeks you was sending sats to me, just so, and only 1 pm (21 hours ago, I read it just now). I asked you some time ago - please, make sure, that i have balance in Faucethub and can do transfer for you. Don't send anything just so! Our conversation: So, I did a refund (even with bonus!) to you and won't do transfers to you in future anymore. Why? Because instead of contacting me at first (in all my topics is my telegram given!) - you are coming with topic "Lupandina is trusted?". it's not nice and I'm hurted.
  2. lupandina

    [Seeking 250k loan]

    Yea, it's paid
  3. lupandina

    [H] paypal/ bank transfer [ W] stake balance

    Hey, I can help through sepa transfer, if it's ok to you
  4. lupandina

    Increase tip limit

    But why it's bad? I mean, funds are still in Stake. And if needed, just withdrawal from one acc to other's depo address might be done, but it causes fees and time...
  5. lupandina

    [Seeking 250k loan]

    250k sent. Good luck!
  6. lupandina

    **Deposit** with altcoins

    It's open, accepted currencies are noted I'm sorry, NANO isn't one of them
  7. lupandina

    What is your observation?

    This "fake Eldrin" few days ago in telegram was asking me for a loan with username "HumberRolls" For all stakers: be careful! Check personality few times! Talk with the same person in forum AND in Stake to make sure! Don't believe in all "I lost 2fa, now can use only bank acc" and similar sh**! For all future impersonators: I'm not so stupid! I have contacts of almost all real stakers! And I know stakers pretty well, to feel your scam just from talking style!
  8. lupandina

    What is your observation?

    Yea Eldrin, that was fun I was playing with him for a while, and after sent him faaaar away... Also, funny, that the same scammer was trying to impersonate Humber few days ago
  9. lupandina

    tiplog crashes

    I'm getting this error almost on every second try to see tip log, some user account or send tip...
  10. lupandina

    Increase tip limit

    I think, it was supposed to do long time ago. Lenders have problems, when need to send or receive money, we forced to make withdrawals to customers depo addresses (and checking everytime trx through pm's, which payment is from who or to who). I can only imagine, how hard is for mods or support, when they need, f.e., pay giveaways! I can't understand, why tip limit is necessary at all? Coins are still in Stake, they don't go anywhere outside....
  11. lupandina

    [Seeking] 0.002 BTC loan

    @Katarina, sadly, no...
  12. Hilo:291,268,187 placed by Lupandina Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 10.14x Profit: 0.00000914
  13. Roulette:291,261,281 placed by Lupandina Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500 Roulette:291,265,171 placed by Lupandina Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500
  14. lupandina

    [Lending] Short term loans

    I'm sorry, rejected
  15. lupandina

    [Lending] Short term loans

    Rejected and blacklisted.