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  1. If you would use "search" feature, you would found 6 another topics introducing Bitsler only in english language. I know, that everyone is dreaming about huge affiliates earnings, but let's not spam forums for that...
  2. Worst - Exodus. Insane fees Best - Wirex. Easy, safe, card with good fees and cashback.
  3. We are proud to announce, that Dinabot just made it's 100,000th exchange! 💯 We sent 100,000 sats to lucky user manas13 (Primedice). Congratulations! Thank you everyone for being with us! With love - Dina, Rack and Pecka 😘 Along with that, new promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: ba5dawUUCn, 9Qn5AO1CiP, NClTqBybOr, ct5Ql5meOV, l7z1Zwzrss, tSPdspaUNP Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  4. If there would exist perfect wagering without loss strategy, casinos would dye. House always wins ^^
  5. I thought about that literally few days ago... It always was just for fun, no prizes or smth, but it was fun!! And I miss that...
  6. Thanks for kind words We were thinking about auto refunds since very beginning, but it opens too much "holes" for potential exploits, as exchange fail reasons might vary. I'm sure sooner or later we will find best approach to this
  7. I accidentally sent .1 eth to dinabot without knowing what i was doing, can i have that back?



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    2. ChunchunmaruGod


      theyarent respondingimage.thumb.png.3d7b12e5cd85d10468732f7c0cb3da4b.pngimage.thumb.png.b81c817672365d868ca64d9fc1d59f90.png 


    3. lupandina


      They responded. And asked for info, because you didn't provide to them site, where you sent it, or your username, or when it was. Why you didn't attach screenshots to support, but adding it here? 

    4. ChunchunmaruGod


      Thanks Appeciate it :D recived. also, sorry for   being a pain.

  8. It's a bot, not human, it can't guess, which of your tips you would like to merge. So each tip must have a separate exchange form filled, it was explained in support reply to you this morning. No need to panic so much... You've sent 4 support tickets, personal messages to me in forum, in Telegram, and to Dinabot in Stake (it's a bot, it won't answer). Every single support ticket is always replied and solved, with exception of slight delay when it's night here. No vacations, no days off Dinabot is working more then a year so far, and it didn't take even one not own satoshi
  9. Every single support ticket/email is always checked and answered, so was yours too I wasn't answering all 3 your emails tho, as all of them were for the same case.
  10. You forgot to mention, that posts are paid only from 101th users post, every paid post must be minimum 100 words length, off topic and bounties sections doesn't count.
  11. It could be way easier. Like, option "do not rain on ignored users".
  12. New currency (TRON) added to CryptoGamblersPub (supported only in Stake currently).
  13. I will then assume all guys in Stake are girls, till not proven, as they might be! 😂
  14. New promo codes for discounts in CryptoGamblersPub: QzIsEr3d8s, dsiTZd6bYn, KpLD5x9Y3O, CmWjz30bfJ, cPbeNdfXjd, kk1FgWGAE9 Every code has different discount value, and can be used only once.
  15. Bot can't guess, which of your tips you would like to merge. Every single tip must have separate exchange form filled. With all questions, please use support in exchange site, not forum