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  1. 39f8f21631495b86c74650560c97067d6fbb5ba535ceb1a85ee28f102ffb88ab Help, please. Thanks in advance!
  2. Zoomdice!!!!

    Well, Mackyrivera, just wrote my opinion Raised my balance up to 90k just from admins rains. Then busted (my fault... So many times told to myself, don't do it automatic, when talking on phone at the same time :D) So, some time is needed until next review
  3. Zoomdice!!!!

    Well, dice game like everywhere. Lack of many things: no PM, no add friends, I can't see my balance history (when I got tipped etc.) Admins makes a lot of rains, really. I've been tipped at last 5-6 times today. I don't know, for how longs it lasts, maybe its promo until site is new, or until user is new. If after all i'll can make withdraw without problems - maybe not bad for start And for withdraw - I need raise balance
  4. Just testing, if this site works :)

    I think, 99%, it's a scam, but somehow...
  5. For that I must share link After I tell, get I btc or not http://www.freebiebitcoin.com
  6. Zoomdice!!!!

    I joined to try
  7. My Personal Strategy

    Sounds good, but it need's really high balance and really small bet, for insurance
  8. 0.0045btc to 3 btc

    Really nice, congrats I wish, to do at least half of your luck
  9. Does anyone have Payeer account?

    I'll send it to someone else in Payeer, for tip here. I don't use anymore Payeer account for a long time...
  10. Does anyone have Payeer account?

    Just I have few satoshis (maybe for 1 or 2 $) left there from old times. Transfer it to other Payeer member it's cheap, almost free, but send it to some btc address fees are huge, 300k
  11. 2.35x Mines autobet

    I think, there isn't best magic strategy. Every strategy can bust, sooner or later. If it would exist, half of us would be millionairs ☺ I don't like in autobet, that there isn't posibility set max bet, after wich autobet stops or resets. So or everything, or nothing ☺
  12. Bitcoin Transaction acceleration

    Does transactions accelerators really works? I tried some time ago ViaBtc, but nothing good
  13. Favourite Strategy Game??

    Sims City
  14. Last letter game!!