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  1. Nice to see fresh blood! πŸ˜… Welcome to family
  2. Hey lupandina! I am trying to convert my crypto but somehow it shows that i have insufficient balanceimage.thumb.png.c8c55c291506835225b7c784522c7110.pngimage.thumb.png.a5dea2408531b79d54b7f0fe99553adf.png

    1. lupandina


      We don't have access to your account and can't see your balances. This error means, that Dinabot balance of your chosen coin in your chosen site is not enough at that moment. Please choose other coin or try again later.Β 

  3. Hello can i get some help? My transaction is lost on dinabot. I've already sent the payment.image.thumb.png.5eaac741c95d906a7929d741bed5c3ce.png

    1. xEdwardd on sta

      xEdwardd on sta

      nvm ,I've made it through.

  4. Heya, what I need to do if I make wrong tip to donabot? I want exchange 10.02702702 trx and tip 10.02702702 xrp

    1. lupandina


      Please, leave a message with full tip info in exchange site support :)

    2. atreu


      Okay, thx

  5. pls answer me on stake chat

    1. lupandina


      Your exchange failed, because you sent eth, but tried to exchange it as btc. Support answered to you earlier and refunded your tip back.Β 

      Spamming my personal forum profile doesn't make anything faster :)

  6. bruh pls answer


  7. hello pls help

  8. i need help i sent the tip before i pressed exchange so i cant get my doge coins


  9. KENO: 16,874,766,501 placed by Lupandina on 18/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 700x Profit 0.00069900 Crash: 16876418060
  10. Hot discussion Will spot few thoughts, which came to my head while reading. First. Yes, it's possible to know, what, when, and how your kids acts outside and online. Especially, in nowadays world. I know every step my kids made, every website they visited, and how many minutes of each game they played. Second. Your kids are the mirror of you. What example you are showing to them right now? Lurking in crypto world without knowing what it is at all? Gambling online? Searching for guilts if failed and refusing any personal responsibility? Whinning and searching who will cover losses? Do you really want your kid to grow as such adult? Third. Stake doesn't promotes itself in any spaces, which are dedicated for underages. If your kid is still finding and visiting gambling websites, or idk, porno, drug related sites - it's not a deal of these sites, it's deal of you. Fourth. If your kid will reach your bank account and take a loan, so what, you can not to pay it back, because "it was not me"? Would your bank be responsible for that? And final fifth. If you would live in my country, you already would get a huge penalty, for not taking care of your kid, becauce he gambled for third time. In worst case, kid might be taken out of family. And here I'm done with this discussion. Nah. Better "my cat was jumping on my keyboard".
  11. 1. Previous 2 casinos were well picked. They both are very sensitive when talking about reputation, because both had scam accusations earlier. It's easier to them simply pay and get rid of you, even if you're wrong. 2. Askgamblers is nothing. Simple website, created by few people, not even lawyers or professionals, in addition - site lives on basis of affiliates. And, same - it was easier to them simply allow you to post complaint and forget, because you was attacking them as crazy too, I've read topic there. 3. Exchange provided to you information about movements in your account. It's their job. It's not help, or support, or smth like that. Honestly, I don't believe they even care why you needed that info at all.
  12. I don't know, why you tagged me here. I already told my opinion in your previous topic, and don't have what to say more. I think, that your complaint is irrational and waste of time. Grow up, take responsibility for yourself and your family, don't wait for miracles, like someone will come, someone will help, someone will cover damage... And stop spamming.
  13. PLINKO: 16,278,702,379 placed by Lupandina on 10/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.00083800 ROULETTE: 16,278,851,448 placed by Lupandina on 10/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500 ROULETTE: 16,278,851,852 placed by Lupandina on 10/02/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500