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  1. japan love to visit there ;D
  2. Congrats to @falchionman to hit this much multiplier hope i can hit it too
  3. Happy Birthday Stake :D well my mos memorable moments was when i win 2 500x and 1 1000x on 100 rolls,but i only won 200k sats but its still my memorable moments on stake
  4. ROULETTE: 7,696,527,085 placed by ILOVEPRODIGY on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500 VIDEOPOKER: 7,696,591,557 placed by ILOVEPRODIGY on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  5. Well i like xrp its cheap too but not really
  6. 1. when i first started stake a youtuber called ProdigyDDK reffered me on stake,when i first played stake it was good i profited 0.005 on btc and then i lost on dice,there i was sad but it was fun to bet and then the next day i deposited 0.002 on btc and i wagered 100$ on btc,thats were i started to chat on stake chat people are kind i made friends they are the best friends i got on stake,well i met staffs that are kind and beautiful like Maja :D,but all of them are the best supports and they always will be,this is the best site ive ever been to :) 2. well when crash was created i played and played well its scary to play crash cuz you dont know when will it crash or when will it not but i like crash its good,profitable,fast and has high multiplier,and then another day comes by i saw steve has a crash challenge,i joined but i didnt got the chance to participate but i did manage to get a 90x on crash with 0.0003 on btc bet and i was shocked and was very amazed and then that day it made me like crash,since that day i keep winning and winning on crash but all of a sudden there was 1.9x or lower streaks i lost like 0.01 on btc but i manage to win back 0.02 this is why i like crash :D
  7. Is this me im new Well i think other new players are good and others are bad they just want tips,loan scam,rains and complain for receiving small coupon well i think they are just beggers and ready to get perm ban
  8. not really i bust but not lose all

    Your best run.

    well i made 0.00001 btc to 0.0003 but bust is always there for me
  10. Lucifer series on netflix. its a pretty good series
  11. I have a suggestion for today and it is coinflip/roulette with stakers. this is how it works. you gotta make a coinflip battle color red or blue/or you can join a battle from other players and its 50/50 if you pick red and the winning color is red you win!! staff will deal with the effects!! if you like my suggestion leave a react
  12. welcome to stake! where you enjoy and meet friendly people this is it have fun!
  13. anyone got a 49x win streak on dice,limbo,wheel,keno? well it is hard to get a winstreak with a 2% chance of winning well share us if you got it