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  1. What dice strategies do you recommend for passive income?
  2. What game makes you feel the worst when you lose, and how do you deal with big loss streaks?
  3. krystal

    1 Mine or 24 Mines?

    personally i think mines are really entertaining
  4. Which one do you prefer? Both have the same payout. On 24 mines you have 4% chance of winning everytime. WIth 1 mine the chance of hitting the mine goes up with every click.
  5. I beg to differ. Martingale is a really wacky and unreliable strategy. You can tie in diamond poker unlike in roullete or dice.
  6. The odds of this strategy failing seem really high
  7. Never did, and not planning on doing so. It seems like a really stupid thing to do. 👽👽
  8. Brand new cryptocurrency avalivable only on a single wallet (coinall). Partnered up with a gambling site and gave them 500 000 $ in TEM to giveaway. Seems really odd to me. What are your thoughts?
  9. The price of ETH is slowly going down, do you guys think this is a trend and we should sell ETH right now, or wait?