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  1. Recently I have took a notice of a comment under a twitter post of a win. The post was retweeted by Roobet official twitter account. One guy under the post claimed the streamer "TheSteveStream" and his co-associate "xposed" are somehow scam running the gambling stream of the mentioned site. He links a subreddit that claims to provide the proof of the mentioned streamer scamming. Link to the mentioned tweet : Link to the mentioned subreddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/XposedTwitch/ What do you make out of this? Are the streamers themselves in the wrong or is the guy running the account and the subreddit trying to slander the mentioned streamers? Post your opinions bellow!
  2. I agree Kimi is special in his own way, never takes it seriously.
  3. interesting not a single bronze vip i expected atleast 1 to win
  4. Hello, as we currently have no way to bet our cryptos I would like to start a discussion about Forumla 1. Do you personally watch F1? Who is your favorite team and driver? How do feel about the races being canceled? I'm a Max Verstappen fan, I'm looking forward to him becoming the youngest F1 world champion. Feel free to share your opinions bellow!
  5. hopefully they dont delete this one, im just trying to find out whats going on
  6. This popped up. I currently have no acess to stake however I have acess to the forum. Does anyone else get this? Is it my end or stake end?