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  1. Is it possible to get 10000x on slots or mines or limbo??? Which one is best to choose
  2. Since jun 30 I have bad luck.. But still I want to be positive.. And everyday will not be same.. Sometimes good sometimes bad.. Stay positive and be happy whatever the situation is
  3. Yes but 15 minutes reload is better or 30 minutes reload.. So we can claim 2 times every 1 hours
  4. My highest hit was 900x in limbo and 800x in keno
  5. Yes it matters but sometimes it's not
  6. @Farisi knw sir.. I mean should we reply as many as bets or should we reply high bets
  7. Vandudgreat

    500$ Top 5

    Can anyone please tell me How to participate in 500$ Top 5 biggest bets one?? I am little bit confused
  8. KENO: 21,233,953,302 placed by Vandudgreat on 29/04/2020 Wagered 0.50000000 Multiplier 400x Profit 199.50000000
  9. Try 11 19 27 20 13 21 29 in keno.. You might get 400x but be patience
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