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  1. Thank you for sharing this strategy. If you would allow me to try this one out I would like it i think it looks decent
  2. i relly dont know what is the best time i think is just luck xd
  3. i prefer wagaring for race can make you some good money
  4. i think if u have the balance and a good strategi to wager you can make some good money from races
  5. Yeah its now easy peasy its better u dont have to wait for email confirmasion cuz it took ages for me
  6. Stake takes a lot of our time indeed, but it's nothing when we win when you win is awsome
  7. You could just manually transfer money to the vault when you win something but why would you do that stake is not a bank lmao
  8. i think is very good to wager in my oponion cuz if you win u get 2x if you tie u can make profit is 8x
  9. That insane thing, but just happen before an hour i could won so much but i miss them damit just imagine bet on theese 9900x
  10. Yeah the wager requirement to be a VIP ranked individual is quite high i bet so much and iam like 32% proges for bronze rank
  11. Personally I am quite confused as to how you are able to achieve that flame icon or emoji you need bet so much i dotn even know how much you need to gamble lmao
  12. is good but you need a good strategi so you dont losse money
  13. I am hoping there is a much easier way to view bet cuz now is very hard