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  1. So i try to make a video on stake hope for your support. there's a giveaway in my first video please check that out and comment your stake user name in this post 1 random people in the youtube comment and 1 random people in this post winner will get 0.001 eth each and you can see the results in my next video so please hit that like and bell notification for more videos and dont forget to subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ULyh2cAsNsLLsc9e-TWMw?view_as=subscriber
  2. so ngayon may pa event si stake na every 10 minutes reload. ito ay para malibang ang mga tao dahil sa lockdown. ang tanong ay ini ipon niyo ba ang mga reload niyo o sinusugal nio para malibang?
  3. chridz429

    Slots pays a lot

    it depends on the line count that you play if you want 20 lines more chance of winning but lower reward because your bet is divided per line if you want more info about line counts you can check it to slot rules and then go to pay lines.
  4. MINES: 19,001,996,185 placed by chridz429 on 24/03/2020 Wagered 0.00003800 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 0.03835197
  5. i made this account july last year and last month im so active in the site and grind my VIP bronze it took a month of grind and now im grinding my silver VIP. what VIP rank are you now and how long it took you?
  6. my goal in a week is to atleast increase my VIP rank to 10 to 20% still in the grind road to silver VIP
  7. im bronze now im still grinding to be silver rank maybe thats a long grind.
  8. whenever the dealer's show's ace in his card i always go for insurance you can still get half of your bet if you win and that's not bad at all.
  9. this is the best time to grind your tickets for the raffle last 5 day's and i only got 8 raffle tickets goodluck in the race and gamble responsibly and take care of the COVID-19