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  1. Hilo: HILO: 12,377,328,924 placed by ckoch5661 on 06/12/2019 Wagered 0.00500000 Multiplier 2.4241600036621094x Profit 0.00712079
  2. This is personally the best coin they could have added to suit my current crypto investments. I've probably used the exchange for trx to eth feature in the cashier 10-20 times. This will save me a lot of time
  3. It’s all mental. When I look at my balance and see 3 ltc I feel like I can turn those 3 into 7,8,9 fairly easily. Which. I have been doing lately. If you don’t feel the same way that’s fine. No need to be disrespectful and β€œlol” because you don’t understand my point of view.
  4. Hello fellow stakers! As most of you know, lite coin has been right around 50$ per and I have found it to be extremely easier for me to manage my bankroll while they are at this price. The problem is I have no clue why!!!!! Lol does anyone else feel the same way? Hope everyone the best and lets get them greens!!
  5. LIMBO: 12,159,888,676 placed by ckoch5661 on 01/12/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 2.3299999237060547x Profit 0.00013300 Limbo: LIMBO: 12,181,243,037 placed by ckoch5661 on 02/12/2019 Wagered 0.01550000 Multiplier 1.659999966621399x Profit 0.00990000
  6. MINES: 11,371,370,670 placed by ckoch5661 on 11/11/2019 Wagered 0.01500000 Multiplier 27.107099533081055x Profit 0.39160714 MINES: 11,515,073,538 placed by ckoch5661 on 14/11/2019 Wagered 0.01500000 Multiplier 66.4124984741211x Profit 0.98118750 MINES: 11,598,868,802 placed by ckoch5661 on 17/11/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 1077.6099853515625x Profit 0.10766132
  7. https://stake.com/?iid=house%3A10730404660&modal=bet&offset=180 Keno: KENO: 10,730,404,660 placed by ckoch5661 on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.01048576 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.65011712
  8. Hey there stake fam! I have been wondering lately why there are only one or two other casinos following stakes model and if adding a sportsbook and more slots will bring similar sites as competition. What do y'all think?😬 Personally I'm not sure what more an online gambler could want after there is a sportsbook and many slots to choose from, but I guess I could see some slots players wanting a huge selection of different slots from different developers, though I can't imagine this being a big portion of the market. Wish yall the best luck!!!
  9. Ill bet this gets players without a star, motivated to get one! And I know im more motivated to get the last 25% i need to get my silver star haha.
  10. Everyone has made some solid points and to clear a few things up, I selected my sample size by collecting the names and data of 25 players throughout the day on 4 different occasions. And no i did not use excel just a pen and paper to collect my data. From there I began getting the totals of each players win/loss in the form of btc( can't remember the prices of each coin at the time but I got my market values from coin market cap). At first I found @Saaho2019s question about using proper maths a little rude but, thinking about the number of players who like to complain with 0 evidence backing their claim, I understand lol And to add on to my original point, im curious if the data I've obtained has any reflection on the posted house edge of each game. After thinking about it any house edge at all could cause these, or greater total loss values depending on how much and how long each player has played.
  11. Lately I've been curious about how I compare to other players here at stake in terms of total profit/loss, what I found was pretty disturbing. Out of a 100 player sample size 1 player was in profit over .01 btc and 2 players in profit .001 btc. The rest of the players were at a huge loss. Average loss toal was roughly 1.3 btc. Ill be repeating this study and let you guys know what I find. Pretty disturbing stats though personally.
  12. Woooow!!! Great idea! I'd love to hit a hot a streak during a 24 hour race and be able to play all day with little breaks all the while watching my ranking!
  13. I really started to get into the site and make some deposits during this promo and i really enjoyed it! I hope @stake keeps up the cool promos we all appreciate! I wish yall good luck!