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  1. My most memorable moment was, when i won from 5$ to 50$ with Juicyfruity thing when both of you gave away 5$ to everyone🙀! 🍰
  2. Everysingle time i make some cash, I instantly lose it all when i get in the losing streak.
  3. Where i can buy csgo skins with paypal?
  4. Just be not raging and when u start losing, just stop for f sake.
  5. I hope for them to be like in real life, but the chances are really low soo...
  6. Literally impossible, but u never know if someone will have alot of luck😂
  7. That guy who won, didnt play fair game, but anyway Juicy was so close😌
  8. 1. England 2. Valterri Bottas 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool