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  1. Yeah also think iT willl in few days when the release sport for everyone..!
  2. I first played keno! With eth won Some!! And then just losing alot! Thats why i am addicted sadly
  3. Whaa thats great Enjoy!! Very Nice people
  4. In the past you could chat and playing at the same time! Its been removed as i see.?! Whats the reason.? Or is iT just only me that hates iT thst its been removed.? do you want iT baxk.?
  5. There is diamond poker here.. but i really love to see more poker games! What i really like is holdem or something like that what also is a very good game is Carribean stud poker! Alot of playing in big casino! What you friends think of carribean stud poker.!? You can also get high payout on that game! Diamond poker is hard to hit high payouts! And its for my feeling a little bit boring.?! Wonder what you all think about iT.?!
  6. Thsts why i dont play poker! Love to see live poker! Something like holdem agains bot..!
  7. Me 2 times! But i have a strange feeeling when you do auto bet! More red streaks come.. more people have thst feeling.? Always getting bust on autobet thst way!
  8. Yeah same here also try 12 mines and then 7-8 hits its harddd have to need luck
  9. I am testing hi lo atm. Maybe inget better with iT.. i think theres a good strat for iT! Maybe you hear me later on haha when i rules iT lol
  10. Refresing not always help to me! J just think its to busy on the site or something thsts makes the game lagging! Sometimes when i play with friends. We are lagging at the same time..
  11. I also join race when i can.. but most of the time bust before race lol! But for me its hard to be in top 3 haha always wants to go fast!! But love the race
  12. Just love the way stake is made! And also lovely people! Good service here! And all mods and eddie are great! Thats the reason i stay here... havnt seen any better site then stake!
  13. Hmm. Good tips! I always play keno.! Playing 4-6 numbers and when i go down in balance i switch to 10 numbers and playing low!
  14. Always play low. When i hit i raise and raise! But when i play keno i mostly play the same! Hard to change numbers! But i think changing alot is the best