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  1. IT looks normal to me! But chances are always ok for ne! New things to try. But already love the game how iT is at the moment
  2. And ofc the good timing to switch when needed! Dont think its only luck
  3. I also love keno! 4 numbers 8 numbers!! But not always fun when losing
  4. Its goood now! Its for hackers paradise
  5. Hahahaha welcome! And Enjoy your time here! Hope you Will have alot of luck and win big money!! Wishing you the best here! Let us know when you when big! Hahah
  6. The thing is to change patterns when you dont hit. But thats the harders thing! I always thinking thst i should come when iT doesnt hit many times
  7. Mine is xrp! Played alot on xrp but cant take profit out of it
  8. Think there Will be soemthjnf Nice to come
  9. Haha hit and run is the best but hard to do it
  10. Race are great! Really fun to play! Hope there Will be more
  11. Hope iT Will be a good month on stake a good present