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  1. Dice 9900x tries a lot but so hard to hit that one
  2. And ofc the good timing to switch when needed! Dont think its only luck
  3. I also love keno! 4 numbers 8 numbers!! But not always fun when losing
  4. The thing is to change patterns when you dont hit. But thats the harders thing! I always thinking thst i should come when iT doesnt hit many times
  5. There is diamond poker here.. but i really love to see more poker games! What i really like is holdem or something like that what also is a very good game is Carribean stud poker! Alot of playing in big casino! What you friends think of carribean stud poker.!? You can also get high payout on that game! Diamond poker is hard to hit high payouts! And its for my feeling a little bit boring.?! Wonder what you all think about iT.?!
  6. I love xrp for race! Haha luck has to come soon with xrp
  7. I am new ok hi low. But always skip 7-8 hard to play those
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