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  1. Am I the one who always bust here ? I think I’m not suitable for this game hahahaha 🙃😂
  2. I regret the most is for being greedy that make me bust 😕 I wish I could turn back time, BUT I can’t it’s just a lesson for me not be greedy >.<
  3. HAhahah iba ka talaga jinz napakagaling mo keep it up 👏 sana ako Dina ganyan ka swerte hahaha
  4. Na subukan kona dati pumusta sa mga ganyan basketball, uso yun dati saamin pustahan sa ibat ibang section ,nanalo naman minsan natatalo din , pati yung “ending” sa pba nasubukan konadin tumaya at nanalo narin ng isang beses masaya din mag sugal, pumupusta din ako sa mga laro sa lol minsan ako din nag lalaro 👏 syempre nananalo din pero May Kakambal talagang talo sa lahat ng bagay.
  5. I’m not totally waiting to get tipped , I’m just wondering why I can’t receive the tip it’s different buddy , but now I read some reply, you need to work for it to get tipped just like workers do they job 👏 thanks for all replies im very grateful
  6. Hi ! Welcome to stake I hope you enjoy all the games here, Goodluck to you, In this game “greedy is bad” so stay chill and just enjoy the game. the community here is good and if you have a question you can ask stake support to help you
  7. Actually I like the community, all people here are always willing to guide you and to support and that’s what they earned satoshi because they have a good heart All good person is deserved to get a reward 💖
  8. Thanks for all support , I Will do my best 🤜✔️ This Community is very nice 👏
  9. Welcome to stake I wish all the best for you 😊
  10. The more time pass, the more its getting improvement So stake Will live forever. More power !!
  11. HAhahha the problem is I can’t chat I need to wagered atleast 100 dollar, I tried to Gamble all time but still nothing, I think you’re correct i need to wagered atleast 100 to chat and to have tipped
  12. My favorite is *Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity*
  13. stake is gambling site that could change your life “Self controll,Time management, and more, not only with the money BUT also with your personality”
  14. Small or large is not important as long as you gain profit and you’re happy to what are you doing, just play it Smart slow but sure GAMBLING IS NOT A RACE, IMPORTANT IS TO GAIN NOT TO BUST
  15. Is that only me ?? Never ever receive a tip from rainbot Even though I open my stake for almost 2hrs straight waiting for the rain hahahaha am I very unlucky ? 😂