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    great, thank you so much
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    Ninja - Ninja is the person who tips you without making the tip public. They might be your good friend or just someone who wants to help you out. Just a fancy word to anonymously thanking or saying something to them. Because they might face pm begs etc if you read their username out loud.
    Trivia - Trivia is a quiz like question where the first person to guess/answer the correct answer gets a prize from the questioner. This is often done by support and mods in the chat. User trivia is also common.
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    dhiarahmouni reacted to vijaypondini in A way to lock out your coins ( safely ) [Idea]   
    HI guys. Ever since i've been on stake, all the money I get from rains/ tips/ninjas/trivias/challenges etc.etc. I always seem to gamble away and lose. Honestly, it's been a real pain, i've lost 2,000$+ like this , all free money from stake that could have been put to good use. 

    Now what i think we should do is create a system, where you deposit to the vault, and lock yourself out from the vault for a specific time period ( say 14 days ), so you can somehow, forget about the money and not gamble with it. I was researching all over the internet, found no solution to prevent me from taking my crypto around. Sure we can ask our friends to hold it for us, but anyone, ANYONE, can scam and leave you.
    What do you guys think about it? Lockout system in stake vault, to ensure smarter playing
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    dhiarahmouni reacted to Bojana in FreeRice for Everyone   
    Hello, Stakers

    As you already know, we have a Charity Poll each week that you get to vote in and our platform sends donation to the corresponding winner This is one of the most noble causes that Stake management has dedicated themselves to, and as long as at least single life is improved by it, we know we are on the right path. 

    There are multiple ways to help, and unfortunately, too many organizations seeking assistance. We cannot list them all in this topic, nor do we see Stake as a solely charity platform. It is an online casino primarily, and people should come here to spend some quality time having fun, and maybe earn along the way. Charity aspect is something that should come directly from person's heart and only if one wishes to help, so do not see this post as an obligation or necessity. It is a way to help and at the same time get something in return, something no one can take away from you, however selfish that might sound at first  

    Let me explain what this is about - https://beta.freerice.com is a charity platform that you can easily participate in just by playing a quiz. 

    Namely, according to them...
    The initial levels that us from the Support just fulfilled are connected to English Vocabulary, so while you are helping someone at any part of the globe, you are also working on your own self-improvement, in this case - your vocabulary and communication skills  

    Let me know if you need any additional explanation on how it all works, and give it a try, that's the best way to see how it works! Why not being a contributor today? Why not help when it requires so little effort? And yes, I would like to see some screenshots of your results posted below if you wish to share.  

    I got to 1000 grains in just half an hour, and I was't even fully focused. 

    Good luck, peeps! 🍀
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    dhiarahmouni got a reaction from bibots in A stop button for the wheel.   
    Thats a good idea for sure it can make the game more funny and less boring personly i dont like wheel that much but i think it would be enjoyable if they add this idea but you can say it have some disadvantages people will find the way to abuse it.
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    dhiarahmouni reacted to bibots in How to win big (legit)   
    I'm gonna try it but it's hard to profit if stack using it
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    dhiarahmouni reacted to bibots in Best casino game to play?   
    Hey I'm new to this platform and I'm playing keno it's so good and Im making some profit   which one of the other games do u recommend for me ? and give me some tips or strategy
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