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  1. I want a good strategy for limbo to get slow easy profit without taking too much risk Send a screenshot for ur strategy and thanks
  2. Good lucky guys <3 I will be watching the streamers <3
  3. i don't have a chance in the races so i'm gonna watch the streamers i'm not sure who
  4. I think the best way to save your profit is to make a goal or a limit. if i have 10$ i would say like okey today i'm gonnna try to double my money and stop there.
  5. This is a mathematics strategy that can help u check it : https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/blackjack-strategy-charts/
  6. Happy birthday <3 <3 I hope everyone win something from the MegaRace
  7. I actually started betting for fun but by time it tunes out to be an addiction. I still do it for fun tho
  8. Happy birthday stake 🎂 <3 I think my best days in stake when i did a long run profit it was like 5 days
  9. This is a site for a mathematics strategy for blackjack https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/blackjack-strategy-charts/
  10. High risk and i go for 1 number with x75 % on lose
  11. bibots


    I used it 3 times and i got a profit
  12. I'm gonna try it but it's hard to profit if stack using it