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  1. my unexpected victory when I was playing plinko when my eth balance was only 200k etosi the result of rain I tried playing plinko with a small initial basebet and it could be 0.005 because I was sleepy I nekin balanc became 0001 etosi and my bomb was po 130x and I could it has a withdrawal of 0.135 eth
  2. that would be btc. before anything.. that's was the the first coin i played with once i got here.. then eth. bch ltc and doge. but now i play with bch because is second in the value and seems to be a great currency to play with. and plus i can get up to .1 in probably 20 mins from .001. always get my way playing with bch,,
  3. As you said, stake 2 is a lot faster which is great, thats it, no more to talk about. Device/computer: Samsung S8 Browser: Chrome Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: No
  4. Listening to a Punjabi song Lamberghini by The Doorbeen [feat. Ragini] on Amazon Music https://music.amazon.in/albums/B07RZJRPQ8?trackAsin=B07S1MF9M6&ref=dm_sh_MKjBm5mAlNBBNughH4HsyyEu
  5. think that there is going to be an obscene amount of high rollers on this race, because they are all gunning for that juicy 10k+ first place which is going to be insane. If anything, this race shows how much stake really makes, that they are able to do a 20 thousand dollar race to begin with haha!
  6. Lotary

    Favorite song?

    my favorite song is eminem lost you self listen the best off all
  7. Rock and metal are my favourites love them
  8. best off all is breakingbed and vikings i love them sow mutch look it
  9. i em sow happy wish i win somthing gl all gg
  10. I can see all the nerds (developers) right now trying to figure out how to do this implementation as could be a good idea no matter the complexity to solve it. Complexity is the nick name of all crazy developers around the globe.
  11. n my experience, PC Is the most easiest and most fun. It is fun because I can type, see chat, and tip a lot easier. And most importantly It doesn't lag and you can click easier!Well, mobile are making their move. Just think about it. I would say 2/3 of the population use mobiles over PCs. Today, when you are creating a website, you are making it look good for a mobile version over pc version. Also, this(https://pokiesportal.com/mobile-casinos/) states that mobile casinos are the futures. They are making the like live games (almost). Graphics can be much better on a mobile also. This is just the evolution. So if you are missing a modern smartphone, better buy one!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAKE !!! ❤️
  12. good luck bro stake name lotary wish i win if i em not in twitch xd
  13. Yes but you can lose allso ef you wan t always to win more that sucks sow bad i wish no one lose big here only a little gl all wish you luck
  14. Yes i think stake can make me ritch because is 100 % Fare i trust in eddie i wish stake realise slots i love slots gl all happy stake birthday love mods end all players gg
  15. Hello all Today i will talk about eddie.Eddie for me is like a frend a brother he is sow kind he is giving sow mutch i love this men for real.I wined sow mutch from his cupons one time i maked 100 usd one time 200 usd i watch his stream always i see his post in twitter.i Want to now what other people think for eddie leave a comment plz also Stake Birthday is close I em sow happy !!!!! wish stake will live 100 years!!!