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  1. LachlanReid

    Which drug makes you the best "Gambler"?

  2. Hey guys, I noticed there was the "drugs" topic here so out of my curiosity I wanted to ask you all, What drugs have you taken or have not taken? Psychedelic and Non-Psychedelic. I guess I am what would be called a 'beginner psychonaut', I love exploring the depths of my own consciousness with the use of psychedelics and other substances. I'm always on the look-out for new substances to try! Below is a list of substances I have tried, followed by substances I'd like to try but haven't yet been able to. I have tried- -LSD (150ug x 1, 250ug x4, 380ug x1) - My favourite out of all of these, the 380ug was very recent, 04/01/19 to be exact and I had a crazy time, even experienced a full blown 'ego death'. (might write a trip report and put it here on the forum) -2C-B (Nexus) - I have done this with a dose of 30mg about 4 times (in pill form). A 50mg dose one time (bombed in a capsule). snorted 100mg of 2C-B HCl powder at once one time, the pain of snorting that shit is unbareable, it's like the devil is fucking your nostril with a red-hot iron dick. The come-up and body-load is really intense and uncomfortable, the trip was absolutely crazy, probably the first time I felt like I was genuinely going crazy, I thought I wasn't going to return to normal. It was super fun though, wouldn't do as high of a dose of 2C-B again, that was just too mad. -Ketamine - I've done this quite a few times, it's one of those drugs that you just can't go wrong with. The K-hole is very fucking weird but really interesting, I found that I had a lot of introspective thoughts with this. In high doses I've experienced complete disassociation and had a couple 'outer body' experiences. -Cannabis - Who hasn't?. -Cocaine - Again, who hasn't? totally overrated substance. -MDMA - Done this many times, lost interest in it now, it's fun the first couple times but it does more bad than good. -Shrooms- Only one time, took a gram and a half, didn't have much of a trip. Will be having a proper shroom trip next picking season. -Nutmeg - yeah I did this one time (20grams), totally not fucking worth it, I tripped some balls but nothing major, the hangover was fucking horrible, 3 fucking days!, and the long 6 hour wait for the effects was just grueling and not nice at all. -Benadryl - Not fun. This is a deliriant, does what it says, makes you delirious for a whole day, seeing shadow people and creepy crawlies all over my skin and talking to dead people just isn't my cup of tea, but I did it, and it was an experience, not a good one, but still an experience. -Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - Did this one time, but didn't do it properly. From what I experienced it definitely packs a punch. A breakthrough dose is definitely on my to-do list. -Speed (Methamphetamine) - Done this several times, fuck not sleeping. Don't really like stimulants... There is more I can add to this list, but that's for another day. I'd like to try - -Heroic doses of shrooms (8 grams+) and LSD (500ug+) -Salvia -25I-NBOMe (Fake LSD) -Mescaline -MXE -Breakthrough dose of DMT -Ayahuasca (I want to do this the proper ceremonial way) -2C-I and 2C-E ( they seem really interesting) -DXM -AL-LAD (LSD analog). Those are all I can think of at this time, if I can think of any more to add to this list, I will. I'm really open about my recreational drug-use as I'm not ashamed in anyway about it. I only have one life so I want to experience everything before I die. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with any of these substances. Also, while you're at it, why not give me a few recommendations of things NOT on my 'To try' list. Peace x Lachlan (resident tripper) lol
  3. LachlanReid

    Real Life Pictures

    Update Smile bro
  4. Nah, that's just low... screw you
  5. Respect for coming forward with that, warns others who she may have loans from!
  6. LachlanReid

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Nah... I should win
  7. LachlanReid

    A Share Of My Profits 2 [Giveaway]

    I really appreciate this giveaway like everybody else. I respect you for being so generous, possibly aiding to the reason I still pop by. Best of luck to all participants. I am rather hopeful as I believe you're going to make lots of profit and we'll be here to watch! Keep winning, stay cool peace
  8. LachlanReid

    5$ Giveaway Monday (Read Steps)

    Thanks for the giveaway! Done all steps, 100th sub as well
  9. LachlanReid

    [Closed] Stake Lottery! #4

    Sent!! good luck all
  10. LachlanReid

    [Closed] Christmas Spirit Giveaway!

    @chrisconn63 should win $30 because he's a really sound guy @Brunkey should win $20 he gave me really good tips the other day, killed a lot of my boredom @Etude should win $10 because he;s been around since near the beginning, and whenever I did pop back from my many hiatuses, he always seemed to be there, that's a dedicated staker there
  11. LachlanReid

    Who/What makes you stay

    The reason I keep coming back to play on stake, is simply down to my extreme boredom, I kill my boredom by playing on Stake.
  12. LachlanReid

    Who/What makes you stay

  13. LachlanReid

    Real Life Pictures

  14. LachlanReid

    Kuleguten Stream #67! Giveaways!

    Stake name: LachlanReid Will follow on twitch... btw is that Ken Kaneki in your profile pic?
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    Real Life Pictures

    This is me